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Water Pipe Repair and Classifications

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

Technician cleaning up a drywall after a water loss Cleaning up drywall after a water loss in Southwest Anaheim, CA

A broken pipe at your Southwest Anaheim, CA, business can cause major damage. However, water pipe repair and water damage restoration can have your commercial building back to normal in no time. Luckily, water from pipes is generally not as dangerous as water from other sources. Knowing the three classifications of water can help keep you, your employees, and customers safe.

Water Classifications

Water is divided into three classifications, based on the presumed level of contamination:

  • Clean water (category 1) comes from broken pipes, rainwater, etc. This water is not contaminated and does not pose a threat.
  • Gray water (category 2) is slightly contaminated. This type of water comes from appliances, aquariums, bathwater, etc. The potential threat is determined by the type of contaminants in the water.
  • Black water (category 3) is highly contaminated. Category 3 water comes from sewage, flood waters and other dirty sources. This water should be treated with extreme caution, as it is assumed to be dangerous.

Additionally, water should not be allowed to sit for extended periods. After 24 hours, category 1 water degrades into category 2 water, and category 2 water degrades into category 3 water. Also, when clean water travels downward through a building, such as from a broken pipe on the second floor down to the first floor, it gathers contaminants from the building material and should be treated as category 2 water.

Safety Precautions

When doing water pipe repair or other work in a flooded area, there are several things to remember in order to stay safe:

Turn off the power in the area before beginning work if any electrical equipment has gotten wet. If you have to walk through standing water to do so, hire an electrician.
Do not turn on any water-damaged appliances until they have been cleared by an electrician.
Make sure to keep any cuts or sores you may have from coming into contact with category 1 or 2 water. Wear waterproof bandages, gloves or protective clothing to cover any wounds.

After the water pipe repair, you may need help with water damage restoration. A professional restoration company can help you get your business back to normal quickly and safely.

Storm Preparation: Steps To Take To Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

Home Generator Invest in a generator in your Anaheim, CA home
Storm Preparation: Steps To Take To Protect Your Home From Storm Damage

With storm season well under way, you need to take active measures to protect your home from flooding and storm damage, if you have not already done so. Depending on where you live, preparation measures may look slightly different. That said, there are certain measures that all homeowners across the country can take to reduce their risk of excessive damage and the need for costly repairs. Those include the following:

  • Clean out the gutters.
  • Trim trees and overhanging branches.
  • Install a sump pump.
  • Install storm shutters.
  • Invest in a generator.
  • Invest in flood damage insurance.
  • Prepare an emergency preparedness kit.

By doing each of the above, you can protect both your home and yourself in the event of a bad storm.

There Are Some Storms For Which You Just Cannot Prepare

By taking many of the above measures, such as cleaning out your gutters, trimming branches that overhang your home and installing storm shutters, you can keep the worst of wind, rain, snow and hail damage at bay. However, there are some types of damage, such as flooding, that you cannot fully protect against. Though sump pumps and other anti-flood measures help to an extent, they're not always 100 percent effective. If your home does flood, you want to act as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Some things you can do include the following:

  • Elevate any furniture in the affected area.
  • Turn off power to the affected area.
  • Remove any valuables from the affected area.
  • Take pictures of the damage and contact your insurance company.
  • Reach out to your Anaheim, CA, flood damage remediation team for immediate assistance.

A restoration team can help dry out your home, clean your household items and perform mold remediation, if necessary. It is important that you contact your flooding team ASAP, as the longer you wait to remediate the damage, the worse the secondary damage, such as mold and rot, will become.

Flood Safety Before, During and After the Flood

6/15/2022 (Permalink)

Emergency Kit Maintain a well-stocked emergency kit at all times.

Flood Preparedness Prior to, During, and After the Flood

Flood safety is largely a matter of preparation and staying calm. If a storm surge or other weather event strikes Disneyland Park, CA, here's a quick rundown of useful safety tips to keep in mind.

What To Do Before the Flood

If you have the opportunity to be ready for rising water, use that to your advantage. Deploy any sandbags or other barriers you have.

At a minimum, keep a well-stocked emergency kit ready that includes the following:

  • Enough food and water for at least three days
  • Medicine for at least three days
  • Flashlights
  • First-aid kit
  • Blankets
  • Radio
  • Batteries
  • Pet food, toys, and medicine

Be advised that homeowners insurance doesn't include flood insurance, either. Knowing your flood risk in Disneyland Park, CA, and talking with your insurance agent are two simple ways to protect your home as well.

Flood Safety During the Event Itself
Move to the highest ground possible. If local government tells you to leave, leave.
If you're at home during a flood, stay inside and away from the water. The NWS reports that as few as 6 inches of water is enough to topple an adult. Inside the home, if the water in a room rises above the electrical outlets, stay out of that room.

It's important to remain up to date on what's happening, too. Use that radio in your emergency kit, as well as social media and local TV if you still have access.

Handling the Aftermath

Many of the same tips hold true after a flood: Most importantly, stay away from the water and keep yourself informed. Call a flood damage mitigation company to start the restoration process right away, and leave the handling of all soggy materials to the experts. Flood water is typically contaminated. Remember that flood waters can affect the structural elements of your home, too, so proceed with caution, especially if you've been away.

Flood safety is an area of knowledge most people hope they never have to call on. Being prepared, however, is one of your best defenses against Mother Nature.

The First 4 Things To Do After a Flood Strikes

6/10/2022 (Permalink)

Lightning storm over city in purple light It’s crucial to make sure your workplace is safe to enter following a storm.

The First Four Steps to Take After a Flood

Storm damage is likely a reality for your business in Southwest Anaheim, CA. When your workplace is struck by a flood, it’s important to have a plan for content cleaning. Nobody wants to think about damage and the potential for devastation, but thinking ahead could alleviate some of the destruction caused by water.

1. Remember That Employee Safety Is Key

It’s crucial to make sure your workplace is safe to enter following a storm. If any electrical boxes were impacted by water, you need to have an inspector make sure the building is free from danger. Also, be mindful that wet floors could cause workers to slip and fall.

2. Start Removing Excess Water

When it is safe to enter your business, start dealing with water by mopping it up. Inspect your things to see what can be restored. It’s much cheaper if you can do content cleaning on items rather than replacing them.

3. Deal With Wet Furniture and Accessories

After removing items from tables, start wiping the excess water away. Take cushions off couches and chairs; prop them up against a wall for faster drying. Remove photos or art from walls, and store them in a dry place.

4. Know What To Save and What To Discard

Certain items in your office may be able to be saved after being touched by storm waters. Non-porous materials like stainless steel are constructed to withstand water and have the best chance of survival. Porous objects like terry cloth towels may have to be discarded. These items allow water to pass through them freely and are more susceptible to damage.

Acting quickly following a storm gives you the best opportunity to save many of your office items. If you’re overwhelmed by the amount of work created by water damage, you could seek professional help for content cleaning. You’ll definitely need help if your business is ever impacted by black water. Find a company that provides storm damage restoration before a storm hits. That way, you’ll have a company to turn to if severe weather wreaks havoc on your office.

3 Reasons Not To Wait for an Adjuster After a Flood

6/1/2022 (Permalink)

Flood Insurance form If your home in Anaheim, CA has been damaged by a storm, you should file a flood insurance claim as soon as possible.

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Wait for a Flood Adjuster

If your home has been damaged during a storm in Anaheim, CA, then it is important to make a flood insurance claim as soon as you can. During the claims process, an adjuster will need to inspect your home to determine how much damage was done.

You do not, however, need to leave your house in its present state while you wait for an adjuster. There are a few reasons why it is better to begin cleanup before the inspection.

1. Adjusters Are Probably Busy
If you have flood damage after a storm, many others in your area likely do as well. Adjusters will need to inspect several homes, and it might take a while to get to yours. Rather than allowing the damage to worsen, you can contact a professional restoration company to begin cleanup and repairs. You can take pictures before the work begins to show the extent of the damage to your insurance adjuster.

2. Mold Damage Occurs Quickly
Excessive moisture in any environment can contribute to mold growth. When given the right conditions, this fungus can grow very quickly. You could potentially have an infestation in as little as a day. If you wait to start repairs until after an adjuster looks at your home, you could end up with a large amount of damage.

3. Preparing Can Speed Up the Process
Making a flood insurance claim can be a lengthy process. You can make it go more quickly by preparing for the adjuster’s visit ahead of time. Take pictures, make note of damaged items and go over your insurance policy while you wait. Do what you can to minimize damage as well.

While you might think you need to wait for your flood insurance adjuster to begin work on your home, this is not the case. While you are waiting for the visit, you can begin mitigation and repairs. You can also start gathering information that the adjuster might need and familiarize yourself with the terms of your insurance policy.

Is Security Fencing Really Necessary?

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

A fire destroyed five stores in a commercial building Begin developing a fire plan today to ensure a safer tomorrow.

Is It Really Necessary To Install Security Fencing?

When fire ravages your commercial building in Disneyland Park, CA, the last thing you need is additional stress. This is why installing a security fence around your property's perimeter is not only beneficial but vital to the salvation of your business. You should initiate basic mitigation strategies as soon as possible after the flames have been extinguished. 

A fence serves several purposes to protect the building, its contents, people, animals, and your company's future as you:

1. Comply With Insurance Requirements

Insurance policies typically require claimants to do whatever they can to prevent more damage. This can include putting up a temporary fence, tarping the roof or boarding up windows. These actions will assist in keeping things under control until the insurance adjuster and fire damage restoration experts arrive on the scene. 

2. Prevent Injury to Unauthorized People

Intruders may have no bad intentions when entering your damaged building; they may simply be motivated by curiosity. However, disaster areas are more unsafe than many people (especially children) realize. A security fence can help you avoid a disastrous situation and even a resulting liability lawsuit.

3. Decrease Additional Damage and Theft

Vacant buildings, particularly ones offering easy access, are often targets for trespassers. Some people see it as an opportunity to cause additional damage by painting graffiti, breaking windows or performing other types of vandalism. It is also a convenient moment for stealing property.

4. Block Animals

Wild animals are always looking for shelter or food, so they will take the liberty to explore a vacant building. A fence may not be able to keep all animals out (e.g., birds and bats), but it can keep out a lot of land-dwellers like raccoons and stray cats and dogs. 

No one wants to consider the possibility of a fire destroying their business. However, it's helpful to know beforehand about options like a security fence to protect what's left. Begin creating a fire plan today for a more secure tomorrow.

Top 3 Tips on How To Prepare for a Business Fire

5/18/2022 (Permalink)

Warehouse Fire Inside Following a well-structured fire safety plan is the most effective way to prevent an incident. Depending on your operations, the contents may differ.

Top 3 Business Fire Preparation Tips

A business fire can strike at any time, damaging your Anaheim, CA, establishment and everything you worked hard to create. The unpredictability of this potential disaster should inspire you to generate preventative measures and appropriate responses. Protect your staff and your property by practicing the following fire preparation tips. 

1. Create a Fire Safety Plan 

The most effective way to prevent an incident is by following a well-structured fire safety plan. The contents can vary depending on your operations, but it should include information such as possible fire hazards, proper procedures for handling each one and location of available safety equipment. Each employee should have a clear, contributing role. Ensure this safety plan is communicated orally, as well as written down, so new and veteran personnel can access it.

2. Maintain Emergency Exits in Case of a Business Fire

A fast and organized evacuation during a commercial building fire can keep people safe. The building's emergency exits help facilitate it as long as they are maintained. Provide enough signage on the emergency exit doors and the paths leading up to them so people can quickly identify them. The doors should also be sufficiently lit to draw attention and increase safe use. Finally, keep the doors unlocked and clear from any obstructions. 

3. Handle Dangerous Materials Properly 

If your business uses flammable liquids or combustible objects, you and your staff should handle them carefully. Each item might require a different set of instructions, but they should all be kept at a reasonable distance from heat sources or other hot environments. Train your employees on preventative tactics such as the correct storage of gas cylinders, immediate disposal of faulty electronics and regular trash removal from all rooms. 

No matter the size or nature of your establishment, there are many factors that can start and boost a business fire. Use preparation strategies to prevent or minimize fire damage and work with your insurance agency and a fire restoration company to resolve the aftermath. 

3 Tips for Fire Prevention

5/2/2022 (Permalink)

A fire destroyed five stores in a commercial building A fire damage and restoration company can assist you with risk assessment reports and point out potential problems that may lead to a serious fire.

3 Fire Prevention Tips

Your Southwest Anaheim, CA, commercial property is likely a major investment and you want to do all you can to protect it. One incident that can cause thousands of dollars in damage to a property and its contents is a fire, which often causes structural issues and work shutdowns that may affect your profits and the livelihoods of your employees. Fortunately, learning a few fire prevention tips can reduce the risk and help you protect your business.

1. Avoid Clutter Buildup

One common cause of business fires is clutter near heat sources and electrical outlets. When items such as empty supply boxes, furniture or trash cans build up near appliances or machinery, the risk of fire increases. Keeping your building clean and free of clutter and allowing a few inches of space between walls and electrical items to reduce the risk of them overheating can prevent sudden fires.

2. Offer Business Fire Prevention Training

Teaching your employees a few simple fire prevention rules can allow everyone to become involved when it comes to spotting potential fire risks. Discuss safety procedures such as evacuation plans and what each department can do to prevent fires and offer prevention training for managers and your safety officers. When your employees understand what might cause fires in the building, they can all take steps to prevent them.

3. Call for Regular Building Inspections

Having your commercial building inspected at least once a year can help uncover issues that may cause a fire. A fire damage and restoration company can assist you with risk assessment reports and point out potential problems that may lead to a serious fire. Have your local fire company or building contractor inspect your company's electrical systems and wiring, as these types of fires are common in commercial buildings.

Practicing fire prevention in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, commercial building can involve your employees as well as professional inspectors. When everyone watches for possible fire risks, it can prevent damage costs and protect the people and property you value as a business owner.

How Can I Prevent a Lint Fire?

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

Hand cleaning accumulated clothing lint from trap in clothes dryer. If you have experienced a dryer fire, contact your local fire damage restoration service to help get your property back to normal.

What Can I Do To Avoid A Lint Fire?

Lint fires are common occurrences in Southwest Anaheim, CA, and cause heavy fire damage leading to costly repairs. You can prevent a house fire by keeping flammable substances away from your home.

To prepare in case of a fire:

  • Have a fire plan in place
  • Keep a fire extinguisher easily accessible
  • Create a list of emergency contacts

Lint from dryers is often used in campsites to light the campfire because of how highly combustible it is. Here are some ways you can prevent a dryer fire.

Properly Clean Your Dryer

Experts recommend that you hire a professional to service your dryer at least once a year. You can also take steps throughout the year to clean around your dryer and prevent accumulating lint. Check behind the dryer to ensure no lint is hidden.

Clean the Lint Filter Housing

The dryer filter is the most obvious place where lint accumulates. Its housing can also become filled with lint if it is not cleaned regularly. When you lift the filter from its housing, you will often find the lint trapped under it. This buildup can easily start a lint fire inside of the dryer. It is best to use a small brush inside the housing to reveal any hidden lint and use a vacuum to remove it.

Notice the Signs

When your dryer begins to function abnormally, it can be an indication that your dryer vents are clogged. Knowing the signs of a malfunctioning appliance can prevent a dryer fire. If you notice that the dryer is no longer drying effectively or your clothes are coming out hotter than usual, contact a professional to clean your vents before purchasing a new one.

A lint fire is preventable in your home if you take the appropriate steps to maintain your dryer. If you have experienced a dryer fire, contact your local fire damage restoration service to help get your property back to normal.

A Quick Guide To Fixing Leaking Toilets

4/6/2022 (Permalink)

Plumber replacing broken toilet in a washroom SERVPRO is highly trained and experienced in water damage cleanup and restoration and we are always here to help, no matter the day or hour.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Repairing Leaking Toilets

If you experience a leaking toilet in your home, you can either fix the problem yourself or hire a plumber to handle the task for you. Whichever you choose, the matter needs to be rectified fast before sewage seeps out and ruins your floor, walls or cabinetry, thus requiring the rebuilding services of a water damage restoration expert. The following guide can help prevent this scenario from unfolding in your restroom.

Leaky Toilet Causes

A number of concerns are known triggers for bathroom leak disasters. Some of the most common include:

  • Worn out flappers
  • Loose base seals
  • Cracks in the tank or bowl
  • Rusty pipes

Those fearful of fixing a leaking toilet on their own must immediately seek professional assistance.

Leaky Toilet Fixes

If rusty pipes or a crack in the bowl or tank is not the cause of your leak, grab a wrench and use it to disconnect the shutoff valve from the supply tube. Drain the toilet before removing the caps that cover the closet bolts and taking off the hex nuts. Instead of grabbing your toilet by the tank, hold it firmly around the bowl as you carry it onto a sheet of cardboard or blanket you feel comfortable discarding.

Your following mission is to scrape off the old gasket from the closet flange. Once the screws securing it have been loosened, hook on the repair strap underneath. Next comes replacing the wax gasket, which has to be centered precisely on top of the flange.

Connect the water supply tube to the fill-valve shank located at the base of the tank. Compress the gasket by pressing down on the bowl. Repeat this action after replacing the bolts. With a hacksaw built for close-quarter usage, trim the bolts and then tighten them. After replacing the caps, you only need to reconnect the supply tube to the shutoff valve and then reopen it.

Whenever you discover a leaking toilet in Anaheim, CA, urgent attention becomes necessary. Hiring a plumber or closely following the preceding steps means you should have a properly functioning commode in no time.

4 Steps to Expect in a Storm Damage Restoration

4/1/2022 (Permalink)

Restoration machines are cleaning water damage in an office SERVPRO can respond immediately to your home or business after a severe storm. This room suffered from water damage.

Storm Damage Restoration In Four Steps

If your business in Anaheim, CA, experiences severe storm damage, there are a few things you may be able to expect in the restoration process. These steps include everything from a tear out of damage materials, to the removal of flood water. Here are four of the steps a chosen restoration expert may take.

1. Remove the Water

The first thing a professional restoration company may choose to do is remove any standing water or flooding the storm may have left behind. The quick removal of flood water is an important step to help prevent mold growth as well as any further water related damages. This process usually involves the use of dehumidifiers and water pumps.

2. Remove Damaged Materials

Another step many restoration experts employ, is to tear out and replace any materials that may be beyond repair. These may include soaked drywall or carpet, materials that may experience mold growth, or areas that may have experienced structural damage.

3. Dry the Flooded Area

To help prevent further water damage the restoration team will thoroughly dry the area before repairs can begin. This helps ensure that no water damage has been left behind which could otherwise lead to potential rot or mold growth. In many cases dehumidifiers may be used help keep moisture out of the air.

4. Begin Restoration

After these steps have been completed storm restoration efforts can begin. This process may include repairing of walls and flooring, mold prevention efforts, and working with the insurance company to figure out the cost of any replacement items covered under the policy.

In most cases the restoration team will remove the water, tear out any materials that are beyond repair, dry and decontaminate the affected area, and then began restoration efforts. Knowing that these are expected steps in the process, you can feel confident that that your business can be restored to pre-storm conditions.

3 Important Elements of an Office Fire Evacuation Plan

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

Escape plan. The people who use your commercial building on a regular basis need to know how to leave it during a fire.

Three Important Elements Of A Fire Evacuation Plan For An Office

Do you have a fire escape plan in place for your Anaheim, CA commercial building? Preparing your employees for a worst-case scenario can help ensure everyone stays safe even during a fire. Keep these tips in mind as you create your own evacuation plan.

1. Chain of Command

Who is in charge during an emergency if you are not present? Establishing a chain of command ensures someone will take charge if a fire breaks out. You can also assign people with important tasks, such as the following:

  • Calling emergency responders.
  • Getting in touch with the fire restoration professionals.
  • Starting the evacuation procedures.
  • Handing out protective equipment.

When everyone knows their role during a fire, it is more likely the whole group will make it out safely.

2. Meeting Spot

Your entire staff may not make it out of the building at the same time. Because you need to know who is out to determine who may still be in the flames, you need to create a meeting spot outside of the building as part of your emergency escape plan. Make sure your spot is a safe distance from the commercial space. An ideal meeting spot would be easy for everyone to get to, well-lit and safe.

3. Evacuation Routes

The people who use your commercial building on a regular basis need to know how to leave it during a fire. You can achieve this goal by training your employees on a fire escape plan. You should also mark emergency exits with lights and signs that would be visible even during a fire. You can even post evacuation signs to make sure those unfamiliar with the building know where the nearest emergency exit is.

You can never know when or if your commercial building is going to be engulfed in flames. Creating a fire escape plan before an emergency can help ensure anyone inside the space is able to make it out safely.

3 Useful Tips for Flushing Your Water Heater

3/6/2022 (Permalink)

Man's hands unscrewing a screw-nut on a water heater with a wrench on a boiler If you find a leak or mishap with your home water heater, contact experienced water repair specialists to fix the problem before it gets worse.

3 Proven Methods For Flushing A Water Heater

Keeping up with the maintenance of your Anaheim, CA, residence can seem like a nuisance. However, there are some quick and painless chores you should do around the house to prevent far more expensive repairs down the road. One of these chores is completing a water heater, which only requires a small number of tools and an even smaller amount of your time. Here are three useful steps to help you commit to flushing your heater, saving yourself stress and costly expenses in the future.

1. Shut off your heater and set up a necessary drainage area.

To start, it’s important that you begin by shutting off your heater, whether through extinguishing the pilot light on your gas heater or flipping the line on your circuit breaker for an electric heater. Following this, you should then connect a garden hose to your heater’s drain valve and direct the loose end towards an area that won’t be affected by any sediment buildup or warm water that’s about to be flushed out.

2. Drain your water heater thoroughly.

Once you’re ready to start the process, open the drain valve and let the water within the machine flow out. Next, turn your kitchen faucet to hot water to help guide the heater’s water out smoothly and effectively. Finally, you should continuously shut the water valve off and on, leaving a few minutes in between to thoroughly clean and drain the heater.

3. After completing the cleanse, firmly close the valves and turn the water supply back on.

Keep an eye on your kitchen faucet to determine when all of the air pockets have been pushed through and the flow of water is streamlined again. After the tank is full, you can return power or reignite the pilot light, turn off the kitchen faucet and the process is complete.

If you should come across any leaks or mishaps with your Anaheim, CA, home’s water heater, be sure to contact experienced water repair specialists to come to fix the issue before it becomes worse.

How the High Standards of Preferred Vendors Qualify Them To Handle Your Emergencies

3/3/2022 (Permalink)

Specialist is cleaning water damage in a business SERVPRO Franchise specialists are subject to 21 guidelines they must adhere to in order to give clients the best service possible.

How Preferred Vendors' High Standards Qualify Them To Handle Your Emergencies

If you have recently undergone a disaster like a flood or fire that left property damage in its wake, one of the first steps you take may be to contact your policy provider for help. An insurance agent from the company may refer you to a professional cleanup and restoration business in Anaheim, CA, from their preferred vendor program.

Those establishments that fall under the umbrella of trusted provider have close relationships with insurance firms and supply high-quality work at reasonable, economical prices. How do you know that you can place your confidence in them though? Well, besides the fact that they have been carefully vetted, preferred vendors like SERVPRO possess qualifications that put them among the cream of the crop in the restoration industry.

They Generally Have Intensive Performance Guidelines

Usually, such enterprises will set and follow strict guidelines to ensure their performance is up to snuff. These may encompass anything from employee background checks to insurance. SERVPRO Franchise specialists are subject to 21 guidelines they must adhere to in order to give clients the best service possible.

They Are Fast and Affordable

Preferred vendors establish the budget they must stay within ahead of time with your carrier and stick to it. This keeps costs from soaring to astronomical levels. They also complete their tasks in a speedy manner due to a few reasons:

Many, like SERVPRO, are open to receive requests 24 hours a day, allowing them to respond quickly.

All the background and preparatory details have been hashed out between the insurer and them, eliminating the need for long negotiations with an insurance agent.

There is often an existing drying time limit.

They employ experienced and trained individuals who know what they're doing when it comes to assessing the situation and finishing the job.

They Validate Through Industry Standards

Through the use of manuals and handbooks, teams can offer industry standard validation. This and the utilization of proper equipment lead to high caliber work.

When a force of nature wreaks havoc on your structure, your insurance agent may recommend operations from their preferred vendor list. These are proficient and thoroughly screened in advance.

The Claims Information Center: Helping Streamline the Insurance Process

2/18/2022 (Permalink)

Blue ballpoint pen, two antique brass keys and a home insurance claim from on a plywood clipboard. SERVPRO has created a claims system that will likely reduce research and approval time.

Streamlining The Insurance Process With The Claims Information Center

While the insurance claim process in the Anaheim, CA, area is no cakewalk for homeowners, insurance agents don’t necessarily have it any easier. The job of an agent or an adjuster is to verify the information provided on a claim and to ensure that all information is reliable and accurate. Thankfully, a disaster restoration expert has created a solution for all your claim woes. SERVPRO has created a claims system that will likely reduce research and approval time.

1. What Is the CIC?

The CIC stands for the Claims Information Center, and it is a culmination of claims organized by type, cause and response times. Additionally, the system provides an insurance agent with insight into the performance of the company against other national performers.

2. How Is It Useful?

The CIC allows agents to research a similar insurance claim to the one they are working on and to track its progress. This tool essentially operates as both an encyclopedia and a project manager, allowing insurers both accuracy and dependability.

3. What Is ReportER?

ReportER is SERVPRO’s corporate database and is, through the Management Dashboard, essentially the access point to the CIC. This is the area where agents can research and check on any current projects. The database is routinely updated, providing insurers with accurate and timely information regarding their current outstanding claims.

It is true that the insurance claim process is no cakewalk, and that insurance agents take on the brunt of the work. However, the CIC system allows an agent to research and verify information in a more accurate and reliable way.

Through an innovative dashboard design, they are able to access information in the ReportER database and answer questions about project completion and corporate efficiency. Agents can now understand the whole picture by visiting one comprehensive and straightforward site. The Claims Information Center has truly streamlined the insurance process.

What You Need To Know About Business Interruption Insurance

2/2/2022 (Permalink)

Financial concept meaning Business Interruption Insurance with sign on the piece of paper. You have to consider that Incidents such as a fire or storms can cause damage to the building in which you do your business.

Business Interruption Insurance: What You Should Know?

When there is bad weather in Anaheim, CA, it can sometimes affect your business for a while after the storm has passed. If your place of business suffers damage, you might not be able to operate as usual while you rebuild. If this happens, it can be helpful to have business interruption insurance. Here are a few questions you can ask to see if this type of insurance is something that would benefit you.

1. When Do You Need It?

There are situations when you might need to temporarily close your business, which can result in loss of income. Incidents such as a fire or big storms can cause damage to the building in which you do your business, and you will likely be unable to use this location while it is undergoing emergency restoration. You won’t always be able to prepare for these types of incidents and having insurance can help you with the financial losses you could suffer.

2. What Does It Cover?

While property insurance usually covers physical damages, it cannot help you with any income that might be lost while you rebuild your business. That is where interruption insurance comes in. With this type of insurance, you can expect to be compensated for expenses such as rent and moving costs incurred by temporarily relocating your business, operating expenses and profits that you would have earned if you were able to operate as usual.

3. What Is Not Covered?

This type of insurance can be helpful, but it does have some limits. There are a few things that it won’t cover. These include closures caused by power outages, utilities and unaccounted income. You will also be unqualified for coverage if you have only a partially closed operation where access is limited, but you are still able to conduct business.

When you are considering the type of insurance you need, you probably won’t think twice about getting property insurance, but don’t forget about what happens after the property has been damaged. Business interruption insurance can help keep your company from suffering financially while you rebuild.

Prevent a Lint Fire With These 4 Tips

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

Someone is cleaning a lint trap If you want to avoid a fire, at least twice a year, unscrew the back panel on your dryer and vacuum out any lint you find.

These 4 Tips Can Help You Avoid a Lint Fire

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to clean out the dryer lint every time you start a new load, but this task can be easily forgotten. While you may already be aware that cleaning out lint helps to dry your clothes faster and preserve your dryer, letting dryer lint build up can lead to a dangerous home fire. Prevent a lint fire in Anaheim, CA, by following these four tips!

1. Wipe Off the Lint Screen After Every Load

The simplest step to prevent a dryer fire is to remove the lint screen from the dryer and wipe it off every time you take out a load. Extremely flammable lint paired with a dryer that gets extremely hot makes for a dangerous combination!

2. Wash the Lint Screen

Your lint screen can get clogged and dirtied over time due to the products used to clean and freshen your clothes. Every few weeks, use hot water, dishwashing soap, and a soft brush to remove gunk from the screen.

3. Occasionally Deep Clean Dryer Vents

Your lint screen isn’t the only place that lint gathers. The exhaust hose on your dryer and wall vent connected to your dryer collect lint over time which can easily lead to a lint fire if not cleaned periodically. This process will require removing the exhaust hose from your dryer and getting ahold of a special vent cleaning kit.

4. Clean Inside Your Dryer

The last place you want lint to build up is inside the interior of your dryer. At least twice a year, unscrew the back panel on your dryer and vacuum out any lint you find. A microfiber cloth is useful for wiping off metal bits. Avoid needing to call in fire damage specialists by performing this step and clearing away lint blockages before they occur.

It is important to remember that flammable lint and hot dryers don’t mix well! Prevent a lint fire in your home by keeping these four tips in mind.

5 Steps for Avoiding Mold and Sewage Contamination After Flooding

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Restoration machines are cleaning a house after a flood After a flood, you need to move quickly to clean up your home and prevent mold growth.

After A Flood, Here Are 5 Steps To Avoid Mold And Sewage Contamination.

Restoring your home and salvaging your property after a flood requires a lot of time and effort. This is especially true if your Anaheim, CA, property has been affected by black water or sewage. When this is the case, you'll want to take steps to correct the unsanitary conditions, avoiding mold growth by disinfecting any areas that were contaminated.

1. Keep Everyone Safe

The very first step in this process is to establish safety for anyone who participates in the cleanup. Your efforts to maintain safety should include the following:

  • Shut off the electricity to the flooded spaces.
  • Do not operate electrical equipment in flooded areas.
  • Use protection for your eyes, mouth, and hands.
  • Assess the type of flood water in the home.
  • Don't attempt to work in black water (anything contaminated by sewage).

Once you have taken the above steps, you can continue to clean up your home.

2. Take Pictures and Write Descriptions

Your next step for recovering from flooding is to document the damage. Take a lot of pictures of the rooms in your home and all of the damage, both inside and outside. This information will help you work with your insurance company.

3. Prevent Further Water Damage

Next, focus on repairs in places where water could still get into your home. For example, cover broken windows or complete repairs on damaged roofing.

4. Act Fast To Dry Out Your Home

One of the most important steps to safeguard against mold growth is to circulate air through the home, making sure you can dry out every corner and hard-to-reach area. If the weather is appropriate, open windows, and if it's safe to use electricity, start fans.

5. Contact Professionals

Sewage loss carries serious risks associated with the rising flood water. The contaminants in sewage may include E. coli and cryptosporidiosis. After flooding, put a stop to further contamination with the help of trained flood remediation professionals.

After a flood, you need to move quickly to clean up your home and prevent mold growth. Ensure the property is safe, then take steps to sanitize and restore the home with the help of trained professionals.

Apartment Fires: Responsibility Versus Ownership

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businessman present insurance concept with house on fire Fire damage for residential owners is straightforward, but when it comes to investment properties and renters, it can get confusing.

Responsibility VS. Ownership In Apartment Fires

An apartment fire can create many victims, leaving not only property owners but tenants scavenging for salvageable items and wondering how they are going to rectify the situation. Fire damage for residential owners is straightforward, but when it comes to investment properties and renters, it can get confusing. Who is responsible for what?

1. Structure

The property owner is likely responsible for the structure, meaning that tenants do not need to worry about rebuilding their dwellings. Unfortunately, restoration work can take a while which means that renters are responsible for finding another place to live.

2. Electrical and Plumbing

An apartment fire can cause significant damage to the electrical and plumbing systems, which again is the responsibility of the owner and not the tenants. As the owner of the property, both the structure and the habitability of that structure are your responsibility. However, this may be challenged if it is found that the fire was intentional or due to renter negligence.

3. Personal Property

The property owner is not responsible for a tenant’s personal belongings. Most renters will have or should have renter’s insurance which should cover personal property loss. These policies will either cover the cost to replace the items or the true value of the items.

4. Restoration

Again, as the property is the responsibility of the owner, the restoration expense is also their responsibility. Their insurance policy should cover the cost to hire a disaster restoration specialist in the Anaheim, CA, area. However, this does depend on whether the fire was caused by accident, neglect or criminal intent.

While it is often difficult to understand who should pay for what after an apartment fire, it primarily comes down to ownership; the property owner or landlord is responsible for the building, and the renter is responsible for their personal property. However, all of this depends on the cause of the fire and whether it is deemed criminal or accidental.

What To Do When a Pipe Breaks in Your Home

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Plumber working on pipes. If you are experiencing water problems from broken pipes, it is a good idea to contact a SERVPRO water damage restoration service.

What To Do If A Pipe In Your House Bursts

When a pipe breaks leading to a flood in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, home you may wonder what the best course of action is. Fortunately, there are a few steps many experts recommend that you can follow. Here are a few things you can take do to get any flooding cleaning up and your home restored.

1. Start Clean Up As Soon As Possible

As soon as you find flooding or water damage it’s best to start the cleanup process as soon as you can. A water damage restoration service can help with this process. Water should be removed completely and the area fully dried. If the damage was from grey or back water then the area will need to be sanitized as well. Once the area is dry then damage assessment can begin.

2. Assess the Damage

After the flood water is removed and the area dried, it will be easier to properly assess the damage. Depending on the type and duration of the flooding, you may want to test the area for mold growth. It’s also important to look for areas where the water could have caused structural damage, and wall as any place it could have seeped into. If you have questions a professional can help.

3. Begin the Restoration Process

Once you know what parts of the damaged area can be repaired and which need to be replaced, the restoration process can begin. In many cases insurance coverage will include the cost of repairs, so long as the water damage resulted from nature, or a sudden accident. Typically, water damage from neglect will not be covered.

When dealing with a flood in your home it’s important to get the water cleaned up as quickly as possible. Remember, a professional can help fix broken pipe issues if needed, and a restoration service can take care of repairs. If dealt with quickly you can help save your home from further water damage.

Small Business Claims: Knowing Your Coverage

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Restoration machines are cleaning water damage in an office Water can cause significant damage in your office. This office suffered from water after a pipe break in the ceiling.

Claims For Small Businesses: Are You Covered?

Your commercial property in Anaheim, CA, must be insured for many reasons. The building could sustain damage, or someone could get hurt when they visit. Something as simple as a pipe break could become a major expense without the right coverage. It’s important to understand your insurance package so that you know when you have the right to file a business claim.


One thing you want to pay particular attention to is what your property insurance doesn’t cover. Water damage can happen as the result of many different situations:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Inclement weather
  • Flooding
  • Sewer damage

The problems caused by some of these incidents and the water remediation services required to fix them are likely to be covered by your standard property policy. However, flooding or secondary damage such as mold may need a separate add-on to keep you fully insured. Your business claim may also be denied if the damage is the result of neglect or improper maintenance.


Avoiding water damage in your building often comes down to how well you take care of your property. You can minimize your risk of leaks due to weather by keeping gutters and downspouts clean throughout the year. Don’t put off roof repairs. Have your roof inspected regularly so that you can fix problems that lead to leaks. As the weather gets colder, make sure your pipes are well-insulated, particularly if they are near exterior walls. Keep your building’s temperature at 55 degrees or higher to keep pipes in the walls and under sinks from freezing and cracking. Keeping up with these tasks allows you to safeguard against damage due to broken pipes or heavy rains.

Your commercial insurance is there just in case you need it. If you take preventative measures and keep up with your maintenance schedule, however, you are less likely to need to file a business claim.

How Much Can a Leak Cost You?

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Business impact analysis (BIA) on a office desk. SERVPRO has trained restoration technicians ready to help you with any leak or water damage in your commercial property.

How Much Can a Leak Affect Your Budget?

A dripping faucet can be annoying, but even a steady drip isn’t going to make that much difference in your water bill. A water leak due to a damaged pipe, however, can send your monthly utility cost skyrocketing, especially if it goes undetected for a while. The spike in the water bill for your commercial property in Southwest Anaheim, CA, while potentially significant, may be the least of your financial worries, though.

1. Wasted Water

No business owner likes waste, particularly when it is expensive. Depending on how much water gushes out after a pipe break, you can spend $200 or more a day in added water costs. This relatively small amount adds up quickly the longer it takes you to find and repair the leak. Always be on the lookout for damage, such as ceiling tiles with water spots, particularly if they start dripping onto the floor below.

2. Structural Repairs

If a water leak intensifies or gets larger, your building is likely to sustain some water damage. This is where the problem starts getting more expensive. In addition to the extra utility costs, you may also have to cover repairs. Even if the water is clean, once the water saturates parts of the structure such as the drywall or floorboards, water restoration specialists will likely need to be called to tear out and replace the ruined materials.

3. Secondary Damage

When you have a leak, time is not on your side. You are on a race against the clock to turn off the source of the water, call the experts and get repairs underway before mold starts to grow. Fungus can infest the surfaces where it finds adequate food and water in as little as 24 hours. Because mold growth is preventable with quick action, your insurance company may not cover mold remediation under your standard property policy, which means you could have to pay for the cleanup yourself.

A water leak is not something you want to ignore. It can end up costing you thousands of dollars in utilities and repairs.

Will Renters Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

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A Home suffered from Fire Damage The best renters insurance policies will cover fire restoration or replacement costs.

Will Fire Damage Be Covered by Renters Insurance?

Renters insurance can cover several expenses associated with a fire in a rented apartment or house. Most policies provide at least some property, liability and loss of use coverage. The amount of coverage may vary. Learn more about what this type of insurance may cover before reviewing the terms of your policy.

Renter's Property

A renter's policy should cover any losses a renter suffers due to a fire. This coverage is limited to the contents inside of an apartment or home and does not extend to the building materials or structure. There are several factors to consider:

  • Does the policy cover replacement cost?
  • Does the policy cover actual cash value?
  • What are the limits?

The best renters insurance policies will cover fire restoration or replacement costs. The actual cash value of electronics or furniture may not be sufficient to restore or replace damaged items.


Most policies also include a limited amount of liability coverage. This coverage may extend to:

  • Negligence resulting in an accidental fire
  • Injuries to third parties
  • Third-party property damage

In addition to these types of liability coverage, some coverage for medical payments to others may also be available. This is usually a small amount of no-fault coverage.

Loss of Use

Most policies also provide coverage for loss of use. This coverage will kick in if a rental property is uninhabitable, and may be used to offset:

  • Additional living expenses
  • Temporary relocation costs
  • Other necessities

Be sure to review the terms of a renters insurance policy to determine how much coverage will be available in each of these areas. The property owner will need to assess damage and arrange for fire damage mitigation and restoration. If a fire breaks out in a rental property in Anaheim, CA, contact the fire department as soon as possible and notify both the property owner and your insurance provider.

Flooded Crawl Space: The 4 Most Common Causes

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Trucks from a restoration company When your home requires water damage repair and restoration, our crew is here to help! We're standing by 24/7 to respond to your emergency.

The 4 Most Common Reasons For Flooded Crawl Space

Several factors can cause a flooded or wet crawl space, and not all the potential issues are expensive to fix. Before going to the expense of calling in specialists, you may want to review the most common causes of crawl space flooding.

1. Incorrect or Inadequate Grading

Incorrect or inadequate grading of landscaping is one of the leading causes of crawlspace floods. If the ground is not appropriately sloped, then groundwater, sinking to the lowest point, may collect under your home. Ideally, you should have a 5 percent grade away from your home.

2. Clogged Downspouts and/or Gutters

Another common cause of a wet crawl space is a clogged downspout or gutter. When either of these items is clogged, they do not adequately direct rainwater away from your home. Instead, the water overflows and runs down walls, collecting in the crawl space. The general rule is that people living near trees should clean their gutters at least five times per year, with the focus on spring, summer and Fall.

3. Overwatered Landscaping

Overwatering your landscaping can be another cause of a crawl space flood, primarily if the lawn is not graded properly. While bushes, shrubs and flowers can be beautiful, they can lead to issues if not properly planted and maintained. Some plants, like certain trees and bushes, can even cause foundational problems, like cracks, which can also lead to the buildup of moisture in the crawlspace.

4. Broken or Leaking Water Lines

Water line damage is not always apparent, especially if there is only a small leak, but one leak can produce thousands of lost gallons in a single year. If you are experiencing persistent flooding in your crawl space, and if grading and routine maintenance are not resolving the issue, then it may be time to call professionals from the Anaheim, CA, area.

A wet crawl space can be a frustrating problem, especially if you don’t know the cause. Typically, the cause can trace back to simple issues with grading or gutter maintenance, but if these common causes are not the culprit, seek professional assistance to inspect your water lines.

What Does Fire Cleanup Involve?

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Home suffered from Fire Damage This home suffered from a fire loss, but SERVPRO responded immediately to clean the damage and restore the home back to pre-fire conditions.

What Is Involved In Fire Cleanup?

Fire cleanup starts with a thorough inspection and continues through mitigation and restoration phases. Depending on the extent of a fire, eliminating soot and smoke damage may take a long time. It is important to start the cleaning and restoration process as soon as possible after a fire to limit the extent of damage to a residence located in Anaheim, CA.

Inspection and Protection

A fire damage restoration company should inspect the extent of fire damage. These experts can provide several services such as

• Helping a homeowner obtain documentation to file a fire insurance claim
• Boarding up broken windows or covering roof holes with tarp
• Putting up security fencing to prevent unauthorized access to the residence

It is important to limit exposure and access to keep out debris and keep soot from getting ground into flooring material.

Removal of Contents

Contents exposed to fire or smoke damage will need to be cleaned or replaced. A cleanup service may provide

• Off-site smoke cleaning
• Soot damage restoration
• Storage options

It is a good idea to keep contents away from the site of a fire until the restoration process is complete.


The cleaning process may start with the removal of any standing water resulting from fire suppression efforts. A cleanup service will then work to remove smoke and soot from porous and nonporous materials and surfaces using specialized methods.


The restoration phase may involve purifying the air with one of the following methods:

  • Air scrubber
  • Air duct cleaning and filter replacement
  • Hydroxyl or ozone machine
  • Thermal fogging
  • Vapor modification

Portions of a residence may need to be rebuilt depending on the extent of the fire damage. Reintroduce or replace contents only after restoration is complete.

Residential fire cleanup can be a very extensive process. For the best results, rely on experienced fire and smoke damage restoration specialists based in Anaheim, CA.

4 Times You Should Replace the Supply Lines in Your Bathroom

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Bathroom supply line SERVPRO of Anaheim West is here to help with all your water damage cleanup and restoration needs.

Four Reasons To Replace Your Bathroom Supply Lines

Supply line damage is one of the most expensive claims made by homeowners. This kind of bathroom leak can remain hidden until it has done extensive damage, and if the supply line fails completely, it will spew around 50 psi of water into your home until you can locate the main shut-off valve. So how often should you replace your bathroom supply lines to avoid a supply line leak? Here are four times you should consider calling a professional in Anaheim, CA, to replace your bathroom supply lines.

1. Your House Is Over 65 Years Old

If you live in an older home, you probably have the original rigid copper, brass or galvanized steel pipe supply lines installed when it was built. The good news is these lines typically last a long time: 70 to 80 years for copper and 80 to 100 years for brass or galvanized steel. If you’re restoring an older home or replacing bathroom fixtures anyway, it may be a good time to update your supply lines.

2. You Have Rigid Plastic or Vinyl Supply Lines

These are the cheapest type of supply lines and they tend to fail faster than other types, sometimes in just five years. If you aren’t sure when they were installed, you’re better off upgrading before you develop supply line damage.

3. Your Washing Machine Is in Your Bathroom

If your bathroom supply lines include the line to your washing machine, you’ll want to keep it updated. Experts in Anaheim, CA, recommend washing machine supply lines be changed every three years because of how hard they work and how much damage they can cause if they leak.

4. You Notice Corrosion on Your Supply Lines

Flexible braided steel supply lines are one of the best types available and most come with a lifetime warranty, but they aren’t immune to corrosion. If your municipal water supply contains a lot of chlorine or you store bleach under your bathroom sink, you may be at risk for supply line damage due to corrosion. If you notice pits or holes in the steel, it’s time to replace them no matter how old they are.

Ensure Continued Operation Post-Flooding With a Business Continuity Plan

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Lightning thunderstorm flash over the sky. If you need help with storm damage in your business, SERVPRO is ready to help you to clean and restore your business, call us!

With A Business Continuity Plan, You Can Ensure That Your Business Can Continue To Operate After A Flood.

If you own a business in Anaheim, CA, you know that even a day of closed doors can mean hundreds to thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Unfortunately, Mother Nature does not care about income, and she can send an intense storm your way that will close your business for days, weeks or even months. To prevent the financial loss that is bound to result from such a closure, you need to have a business continuity plan in place. Here are a few good reasons why:

  • Some storm damage is not easily fixed, even with professionals on your side.
  • Insurance does not cover the loss of customers or market share, or compensate for the delayed release of a new product.
  • While a disaster recovery plan is reactive, business continuity is a proactive plan for recovering from disaster.

Whether your building is at risk for flooding, high winds or hurricane, you need a plan in place to protect against loss. If you’re not sure how to develop such a plan, follow this basic guide.

Conduct a Business Impact Analysis

The first section of your continuity plan should identify the personnel and resources needed to maintain each department within your organization. Have each department manager list the systems, business activities and processes the department oversees and what is needed to continue operations.

Establish a Business Continuity Leadership Team

Even the best plans require a strong leader or leaders. Appoint a person or a team of people to oversee disaster recovery and response efforts. The employees selected should be extremely organized, adept at their jobs, great communicators and able to respond efficiently in urgent situations. You may consider appointing department heads, managers, officers or directors to assume roles on the disaster continuity team.

Implement Disaster Training

Finally, help your employees gain the skills and knowledge necessary to help you help your company when the need arises. You should conduct disaster recovery exercises periodically just to ensure that everyone is prepared.

Make sure you and your company are prepared. A continuity plan is essential for keeping your business up and running when disaster strikes.

3 Reasons Your Toilet May Leak When Flushed

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A leak on one toilet If your home suffers any water damage by a leak or anything else, you can count on SERVPRO, we can help you immediately

When You Flush Your Toilet, There Are Three Reasons Why It Could Leak.

A leaking toilet in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, home can be troublesome, especially if it leaks each time you flush. Over time, your bathroom floor can suffer water damage or mold may start to grow around the tank if the area is constantly wet. There may be several reasons for the leak; however, some may be surprisingly simple to fix on your own.

1. Failed Seal

If the base of your toilet is consistently damp or if new puddles form when you flush it, this is usually the result of a failed wax seal at the bottom of the unit. This can be a common cause of leaks in older toilets, but you may be able to fix it by using a wrench to tighten the bolts at the base of your bowl. If the toilet leaks again when you perform a test flush, the wax gasket may need to be replaced.

2. Broken Flange

A bathroom leak can be caused by a broken flange underneath your toilet. This repair can be challenging, as you will have to remove the entire toilet to change the flange, but careful preparation can simplify it. The flange is located underneath the wax ring, which you will have to remove as well. A new flange and ring can be purchased at your local plumbing or home hardware outlet.

3. Loose Unit

Sometimes the fix for a leaking toilet can be quite simple. For example, if the bolts that hold the toilet to the floor have loosened over the years, it may leak when flushed. To repair this issue, loosen the bolts the rest of the way, press down on the unit to make a tighter seal with the wax gasket, then bolt the unit down securely. You may want to call in a flood cleanup and mold remediation company to have your bathroom checked and treated for mold.

A leaking toilet in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, home is cause for concern. However, the problem may not be as severe as you think, and knowing why these leaks are happening can help you repair them as quickly as possible.

3 Common Causes of House Fires and How To Prevent Them

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A Home that suffered Fire Damage SERVPRO is always ready to respond when you need it, we can clean the damage and restore the home back to pre fire conditions.

House Fires: Three Common Causes And How to Avoid Them

Practicing fire prevention can be an effective way to keep your Anaheim, CA, house safe. However, before you can prevent a home fire, it is important that you understand what causes one. There are several common reasons fires start inside a home, and you may be surprised at how activities you perform every day might contribute to a dangerous and costly blaze.

1. Careless Cooking

Careless cooking is a common cause of house fires, especially when pots and pans are left forgotten on the stove top. You may get distracted by phone calls, bickering kids or a television show in another room. Make it a habit to never leave cooking food unattended, and always carefully monitor simmering stovetop foods, such as rice or soup.

2. Arson

Arson often tops the list of common home fire causes, but not all cases are intentional. Many are caused by curious preschoolers playing with matches or mischievous older children burning items with lighters. You can prevent this by keeping matches, lighters and lighter fluid locked up and away from little hands.

3. Unattended Candles

Candles can cause fires when they are left too close to curtains or tablecloths or if you forget to blow them out before you leave the house or go to bed. It is wise to burn candles in enclosed containers or use wax melting devices, which are typically safer than an open flame in your home. There are also many candle alternatives that provide the same glow without the flame. Candles can leave soot marks on your walls and ceilings that often require the services of a fire cleaning company to remove completely.

You can be more confident about protecting your Anaheim, CA, property once you have the facts about what commonly causes a home fire. The more you know about the possible dangers, the more effectively you can protect your home and family.

Smoke Damage: What You Need To Know

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Emergency exit - fire in the building SERVPRO can help you in any fire damage in your business, call us!

What You Should Know About Smoke Damage

If your business has a fire, you have a lot to do. Not only do you have to get a Southwest Anaheim, CA, fire cleanup crew to your building, but you also have to worry about smoke damage. This byproduct of fire is made up of the following:

  • Carbon dioxide
  • Soot
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Harmful chemical from burning objects

With so much in the haze, it's not surprising that this smoke can do serious damage to anything it settles on. After a fire, you need to employ smoke cleaning services to save your building, equipment and other belongings.

Where It's Found

You may notice signs of soot on the ceiling directly above the fire, which isn't surprising. Walls, doors and windows could also be affected by the smoke. Any furniture, equipment, wall decorations and drapes may also have smoke and soot clinging to them.

This fire-related damage can be found in odd places on your property, too. The smoke may have found its way into filing cabinets and ductwork. Closed drawers and closets draw in the haze because of the temperature difference.

How To Clean It

Once you and your professional helpers have located all of the smoke, you need to start cleaning the walls and belongings. If you wait too long, the smoke odor may be embedded too deep into the fibers to come out. There are a lot of smoke cleaning techniques that can be used. The exact method you need depends on what's getting cleaned. Walls, for example, may use a spray and wipe method. Furniture may be cleaned with a foam cleaner. Documents, electronics and photographs may require the help of a specialist. You can rid the air of the odor by using ozone machines, air filtration devices and thermal foggers.

Fire can do a lot of damage to your commercial building thanks to the flames and smoke produced. No matter how much damage you have to deal with, you want to address the problems as soon as possible through fire restoration and smoke cleaning.

What Is Black Mold

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A professional in coveralls processes the walls full of black mold. If you find mold growing in your home, you can call SERVPRO.

What Exactly Is Black Mold?

With so many articles about toxic black mold in the news, you may be wondering exactly what it is and if you should be worried about it. You may even be in a panic because you’ve found mold growing in your home. The good news is that the mold in your home is probably not the type of mold that’s toxic. The bad news is that if you have any type of mold growth in your home, you may want to call a mold remediation specialist in Anaheim, CA, to begin cleanup. Whether it’s a species toxic to human health or not, mold can do extensive damage to your house.

The Low Down on Mold

Mold is a type of fungus, which means it’s a distant cousin to yeast and mushrooms. There are over 100,000 species of mold, and many of them are black. Of course, not all of these are likely to grow in your home. However, of the four most common types of mold to be found inside your house, half of them (species of Alternaria and Cladosporium) are likely to be black. The highly toxic species of black mold, Stachybotrys chartarum, isn’t rare, but it is less common than other household molds.

Why It Thrives

Stachybotrys chartarum, like all mold, thrives in places that are damp. Mold spores are found everywhere, so if you have areas in your home that are consistently moist, spores can land there and grow into a visible colony. This can be a damp corner of a poorly ventilated bathroom, the wall below a leaky window or a basement where groundwater is seeping through the concrete. To keep your home free of mold, follow the following tips to prevent excess moisture.

• Repair leaks
• Do regular maintenance on plumbing
• Keep indoor humidity below 50%
• Ventilate rooms

What To Do If You Have Mold

If you find mold growing in your home, don’t attempt to clean it up yourself. If it is Stachybotrys chartarum a mold removal service in Anaheim, CA, can ensure that the cleanup is done quickly and efficiently while keeping your family safe.

3 Drying Tips You Should Know When Dealing With Water Damage

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Air mover on floor drying a wall. With these damage tips, you can correctly dry out your building in Anaheim, CA, and finish the restoration process.

Whether it’s a pipe burst or a severe storm, you might have to deal with water damage in your commercial building. While this can be frightening or stressful, the damage can be restored by professionals. An important part of the restoration process includes drying all affected parts, which can be time-consuming and tenacious. With these helpful damage tips, you can develop a better idea of what it will take to dry out your building.

1. Water Conducts Electricity
When your building first floods, there may be several inches of water in the building. One of the first things you should do before removing the water is to completely turn off the electricity. This can prevent you from getting electrocuted while dealing with the problem.

Along with these damage tips, another thing to keep in mind is that any technology or appliances with electricity can get damaged after being exposed to water. Document everything that gets destroyed so that you can replace them after restoring the building.

2. Proper Ventilation is Key
After water damage has occurred, it’s important to act fast and start drying out the building. While it may be tempting to use heated air or air conditioning to dry out all affected areas, natural ventilation is the best option to avoid further damage. To completely dry the building, open windows and turn on fans for natural ventilation. Heated air can be used if there is a good amount of ventilation going on.

3. It Takes Time
Properly drying out your commercial building is an important step in the restoration process. With all the moisture completely absorbed, you can avoid further damage and mold problems. It will take time, but it will be well worth it.

With these damage tips, you can correctly dry out your building in Anaheim, CA, and finish the restoration process. With the help of cleaning tips, professionals, and time, your business can get back to normal in no time.

How To Contain Mold During Remediation

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Mold growth on wall in bathroom. Mold spores are everywhere, so it's not as easy to contain mold as it might initially seem to be.

Mold growth in your home is not something you want to ignore. Mold contamination can easily spread throughout your home in Anaheim if it is not properly contained. One of the first things mold remediation professionals will do when they come to take care of your mold problem is set up barriers that prevent the mold from spreading. By creating physical barriers and blocking airflow to other parts of the house, experts can fix the problem without causing it to manifest elsewhere.

Plastic Sheeting

The use of polyethylene sheeting to contain mold can be very effective if set up properly. In order for plastic sheets to prevent the spread of mold, several factors must be accounted for:

• Entryway into the area that does not allow mold spores to escape
• Effective sealing between gaps in sheets
• Blocked air vents to prevent spores from leaving the area

Plastic barriers around smaller areas can simply be a single layer of the sheeting. If the mold contamination area is over 100 square feet, however, experts may have to bring in a containment chamber.

HVAC System

If the mold problem entered your home as a result of secondary water damage after a flood, it may seem counterintuitive to turn off airflow that would allow your home to dry out more quickly. A mold problem, however, trumps a humidity problem. Until the mold is gone, increased airflow only means the increased spread of mold spores. It is best to turn off your HVAC system until the experts have gotten the mold problem under control. Then you can worry about the water damage.

Mold spores are everywhere, so it's not as easy to contain mold as it might initially seem to be. If experts can seal off the area affected by mold contamination and slow the flow of air that may transport mold from one place to another, the problem is easier to fix.

How To Protect Your Business From Storm Damage

9/3/2021 (Permalink)

flooding car in basement carpark at condominium Call SERVPRO to help you remove moisture, dry materials and get your property ready to do business again.

How Can You Prevent Storm Damage To Your Business?

A flooded building can wreak havoc on your business operations. If flood water is a real concern in Anaheim, CA, it is important to do what you can now so that your business property is better protected later. Here's how you can protect your property from water damage.

Preparing Your Building

Before a flood even occurs, you can take steps to seal your building from water. Start by applying a waterproof coating to the exterior walls. Several other steps are also important.

  • Install waterproof shields over windows and doors where possible.
  • Strengthen walls to stand against the pressure of flood water or flood debris.
  • Seal all areas where utilities enter the building.
  • Anchor the building if necessary.

Protecting the Lower Levels

Inspect your basement and first floor to ensure there are no areas where flood water can easily enter the premises. Regrade any land that slopes into your property, extend or redirect gutter spouts and repair any cracks in the walls. Move any valuable equipment or furniture to higher ground and create digital backups of any important paper documentation.

Taking Other Safety Measures

Water damage is not the only thing to worry about during flooding. It is also important to properly anchor any fuel tanks to prevent the water from sweeping them away, which can cause the lines to break and fires or explosions to happen. Sewer backflow valves are also important.

Preparing for Restoration

No matter how well you prepare your building for a flood, at least some damage is still likely to occur. Call a well-respected restoration company to help you remove moisture, dry materials and get your property ready to do business again.

Being 100 percent prepared for a natural disaster is practically impossible, but preparing now for a later storm means getting back into the swing of things as quickly as possible after any damage happens.

The Cause of Mold Odor and Its Implications

7/22/2021 (Permalink)

drywall and floor removal, mold has been found due to a leaky pipe. Leaky pipes lead to mold growth.

What Is Mold Odor?

One does not simply walk into mold odor pervading a room without wondering why the scent exists. The fungus spreads its musty odor as it reproduces itself over whatever nearby environments suit it. You are likely smelling a mycotoxin compound creating that strange scent. Understanding what mold odor is helps with understanding the need for treatment of any outbreaks in Anaheim, CA.

Mold Varies in Scent and Style

By releasing microbial volatile organic compounds (MVOCs), mold creates a plethora of scents. These vary based on the type of mold or interactions with the surrounding environment. The mold odor is modified by a few external variables:

  • Source of water that the mold is growing from
  • Humidity
  • Exposure to sunlight or artificial light
  • Temperature

Each mold species carries a unique scent. Some smell like wet socks while others smell like dying wood. A strange odor lurking in areas where water passes through likely means mold. Mold can even be hiding in the walls if they have been damaged by water.

How Mold Spreads Its Smell

Only while growing, mold emits MVOCs. They are the waste of mold created alongside mycotoxin byproducts. The scent of mold means that it is actively growing and spreading. This is problematic to your business since cleanup becomes more costly and time-consuming as the mold latches onto anything moist.

Treatment of Mold Scent

A HEPA air filtration device filters out spores from the air to stop the spread of the fungus. The device also filters out MVOCs. By filtering the particles, the mold smell can be contained to a single area and potentially mitigated until the mold itself can be treated.

Treatment of the Actual Mold

Mold remediation will clear the environment of any mycotoxin or MVOC causing strange scents. A professional mold cleanup crew utilizes machines to clean and dehumidify all of the areas where mold resides. The musty odor is a problem beyond just the smell, and your business depends on its immediate treatment to stop the infestation from becoming overwhelming.

Remediating Smoke Damage in a Home

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Residential fire loss. Soot stains are significant o walls. Our fire restoration experts at SERVPRO of Anaheim West are able to help to make the damage "Like it never even happened."

Smoke Damage Cleanup In A Home

Thoroughly smoke cleaning your house in Anaheim, CA after a fire event may seem like an impossible dream. Ozone machines are generally not effective because they do not remove particles from the air. Air filtration machines can be helpful in homes or workshops for general air cleanliness but are not powerful enough to handle the aftermath of a fire. However, reclaiming a fresh-smelling home is possible with the help of trained professionals with the proper equipment and know-how.

How Smoke Remediation Works

Demystifying the process of professional remediation will go a long way in helping homeowners feel reassured that full recovery from smoke damage in the home is attainable. Here is how smoke remediation works:

  • Any building material that has been charred must be replaced.
  • Furnaces, ducts, and HVAC systems will need to be thoroughly cleaned
  • Porous structural materials that will not be replaced will be sealed with shellac.
  • All surfaces will be HEPA vacuumed.
  • Thermal fogging will be the final step in removing smoke odor.

How Thermal Fogging Works

Thermal fogging for smoke cleaning is effective for a number of reasons. One reason is that the environmentally-safe chemicals that are used are very close in size to the particles of smoke and can penetrate items in a very similar fashion. Thermal fogging involves masking and pairing agents. Pairing agents are designed to chemically alter the molecules that create odor. Masking agents introduce a desired odor into the home and restore a fresh smell to the home’s environment. After a thermal fogging treatment, the area will need to be left undisturbed for approximately one hour.

A house fire can be a devastating event, but with today’s highly developed equipment and revolutionary chemical intervention for smoke cleaning, recovery is definitely achievable.
The time invested in getting the job done right will be time well-spent. Memories of a fire may linger, but odors do not have to.

How To Handle Broken or Bursting Pipes

7/14/2021 (Permalink)

two air movers placed on affected area by water, flood cut performed on drywall. Water cleanup specialists in Southwest Anaheim, CA.

Dealing with water damage in Southwest Anaheim, CA is never fun. Bursting pipes can lead to flooding, which can cause a lot of problems in your home. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to fix a broken pipe quickly so that the damage is lessened.

Keep Pipes in Good Condition

The best way to handle flooding is to keep it from ever happening in the first place. While there’s not always a way to prevent bursting pipes, there are measures you can take to help keep pipes in good condition and lower their chances of breaking:

  • Keeping pipes from freezing
  • Checking pipes regularly
  • Turning off water while on vacation

Act Fast When Things Go Wrong

Even though you may take good care of your pipes, things can still occasionally go wrong. If flooding occurs, one of the most important things is to act fast. The more water that floods into your home, the more damage there is to be fixed and cleaned up. A damage restoration company can help you handle bursting pipes and the aftermath of flooding. The faster everything is dried out, the fewer risks there are of unpleasant aftereffects such as mold and odors.

Identify What’s Happening

There are several things to be identified when flooding occurs. You not only need to figure out where the water is physically coming from but also decide if it is clean water, such as water from a tap, or black water, such as sewage. A restoration company can help you handle all types of water and hopefully get the problem taken care of quickly.

Bursting pipes can cause a lot of problems, but you can get them fixed without too much trouble by keeping pipes in good condition, acting fast, and hiring a professional company to help you. If repairs are done quickly and well, you should be able to avoid other problems, such as mold, later on.

How to Clean Your Content After a Home Fire

7/14/2021 (Permalink)

tea cup and plate covered with smoke damage These are some of the things you can do to clean your content after a home fire.

How to Clean Your Belongings

A home fire in Anaheim, CA can be devastating. The most important aspect is that you made it out of your home safely and are now able to return to it. You might ask yourself if some of your belongings can be saved. Fire restoration companies, experts in content cleaning, know that most smoke-damaged belongings can be cleaned. One of the things they recommend is dry cleaning. Here are some tips on how to clean your belongings.

Get Rid of the Water

The first thing you will have to do is get rid of the water and moisture. Not doing so will cause further damage and give mold a chance to grow. The way to do this is with a powerful water pump and press extractor. Dry wet carpets and furniture and hang clothes, draperies and pillows outside to dry. For non-damaged items, content storage is recommended so nothing can cause harm to them.

Dry Clean Clothes

For clothes, most restoration professionals recommend dry cleaning. Don’t attempt to clean clothes, draperies and any other textile items yourself as this can cause permanent damage to them. A restoration expert can remove the soot from your damaged items.

Remove the Smoke Smell

After you get rid of the soot, you will want to get rid of the smoke smell in textiles and throughout the home. Thoroughly vent your house and get box fans and dehumidifiers to help expedite the process. The experts use specialized procedures such as ozone treatment and thermal fogging to effectively remove the smell.

Clean Non-porous Items

Non-porous items are generally easier to clean than porous items. Ultrasonic treatment and high-pressure water are some of the procedures restoration companies are utilizing. Their equipment can successfully remove contamination from your belongings and restore them to pre-fire condition.

These are some of the things you can do to clean your content after a home fire. Local restoration professionals have the proper expertise, tools and equipment to get the job done right and can help with dry cleaning, content cleaning and content storage.

What You Need To Know To Safely and Effectively Remove 2 Feet of Water From a Basement

7/14/2021 (Permalink)

Replacing the old sump pump in a basement Have your sump pump ready to clear out the basement of your company.

What You Need To Know To Safely and Effectively Remove 2 Feet of Water From a Basement

Flooding in Southwest Anaheim, CA, can have a serious impact on almost every area of your commercial building, but one area that is most vulnerable is your basement or garage. Your commercial garage is essentially a giant basin, and if water inundates it, the problem can be extensive and costly to fix—not to mention difficult to drain, especially if you don't have the necessary equipment to do so. If your commercial garage becomes flooded, the best thing you can do is contact a flood cleanup crew. The right team will have the gear necessary to drain your basement and dry it out to prevent secondary damage. Below are three machines that your cleanup crew might use:

  • Sump Pump
  • Trash Pump
  • Pump Truck

Each of these machines helps to quickly and effectively drain large amounts of water from manmade basins.

Sump Pumps

These submersible pumps can be placed directly into the flooded area and used to pump large amounts of water into a tank or other container. This equipment is mobile, which means you can move it around to different levels to more effectively drain multi-level garages.

Trash Pumps

When the water flooding your building contains debris, sludge, rocks, silt, or other solids, a sump pump may not be effective for draining your basement or garage. In these instances, you would want to use a trash pump, a machine that is specifically designed to remove large amounts of solid waste.

Pump Trucks

Depending on the source of the water, your cleanup crew may bring a pump truck. These trucks can help clear below-ground levels of water without putting any crew members in danger of contamination. Typically, these trucks are used to clear spills from local bodies of water that may contain human or animal waste. Water is pumped directly into a large tank, which is then delivered to a safe disposal area.

Unless you have the necessary equipment to clear your commercial basement yourself, the best thing you can do when your garage is flooded with water is to contact a Southwest Anaheim, CA, flood restoration team. The right team has the machines necessary to quickly and effectively dry out your building and prevent secondary damage.

How to Avoid Puffbacks

7/5/2021 (Permalink)

soot webs on ceiling. Concept puffback damage A puff back is an explosion in the burner chamber of the furnace or boiler.

Prevent Fire In Your Home

Of all the potential disasters that can befall your home, perhaps none are more devastating than a fire. Even small fires can bring extensive damage and require costly repair and cleanup. Home heating systems are a usual place for fires to start, so if you have one, it’s important to be aware of proper maintenance and the potential hazards found there. Puff backs are common culprits of fires in chimneys. A puff back is an explosion in the burner chamber of the furnace or boiler. If you can learn to avoid these occurrences, you can help eliminate the potential for fire in your home.

1. Perform maintenance on your system. Any experienced, qualified HVAC professional in Anaheim, CA will tell you how important it is to regularly service your furnace and heating system. Not only will this help your system run smoothly, but it will also help reduce the risk of a puff back. It will ensure that your system has updated parts and that every component is in working order. A competent expert should assess your furnace or boiler at least once a year. This may not solve every issue each time, but it should give you some peace of mind.

2. Visually inspect your furnace or boiler between professional maintenance. In between visits from an HVAC professional, it’s important to inspect your heating unit by yourself from time to time. You don’t need to do this daily, but every several weeks or few months, take a look at the nozzle or electrodes, as they are often the causes of the explosions.

The more you know about puff back, the better off you and your home will be in Anaheim, CA. Don’t neglect the signs of this potentially disastrous occurrence. As you give priority to maintaining and checking on your heating system, you shouldn’t have worries about fires starting in your furnace or boiler.

Do Tenants Need To Worry About Flood Damage?

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

Entrance of a building flooded Flood damage in Southwest Anaheim, CA.

Do Tenants Need To Worry About Flood Damage?

Handling flood damage anywhere can be stressful, but trying to mitigate it in Southwest Anaheim, CA, can be a massive stressor for anyone. If you're renting your property, you may be wondering if you even need to worry about whether renter's insurance covers professional flooding restoration. Here's a quick look at what you need to know.

Tenant Responsibilities
As a tenant, you are not responsible for any structural damage done to the property in the event of a flood. What you are responsible for is damage to the contents of the property, namely your own belongings.
Renter's insurance can be a lifesaver in situations like these, helping you deal with fixing or replacing anything you own that was damaged in the flood. This can include:

  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Appliances

As a side note, you are also responsible for any damage to your personal vehicle if a flood occurs on the property.

Landlord Responsibilities
It is the job of landlords to make sure anyone renting their property has a safe, hospitable living environment. They are the ones responsible for any structural damage to the property, as well as making sure the building has insurance coverage if need be. Broken pipes, mold outbreaks, damaged walls and any other physical damage to the building itself are all the responsibility of the property owner, and tenants actually have the right to withhold rent and move out if they feel their landlord has not provided them with and maintained a safe household.
Dealing with the damage from a flood in Southwest Anaheim, CA, can be stressful, but knowing what you're responsible for can make all the difference. If you're worried about the losses of a potential flood, consider investing in renter's insurance now before the damage is done. You can also speak with your landlord to find about more about specific plans if a flood happens on the property.

3 Steps for Finding Out if You Have Mold in Your Home

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

Worker preparing living room for mold containment Calling in mold cleanup and removal specialist is sometimes the best course of action.

Signs Of Mold Growth

Has your home in Anaheim, CA, shown signs of mold lately? There are a few steps to take to find any pesky mold growth.

1. Observe
The easiest way to determine if you have mold in your home is to look for it. If you see that your drywall is warped, peeled, or cracked anywhere, that is a big sign of possible spore growth. This is especially true if there are any water stains visible.
If you've had water leaks, start by checking these areas first. As an indoor environmental specialist can tell you, mold loves to grow in dark, moist areas. Anywhere that doesn't get a lot of light is a perfect place for mold to grow.

2. Self-test
Self-testing is one way to identify any mold spores in the air. Not only do most tests detect these spores, but some are able to identify what specific mold is growing. These tests are designed for areas like your basement or other dark, damp areas. They also look where your eyes can't see.
Conducting a mold test is quite simple. Usually, you are provided with a Petri-like dish. Setting this out for 24-48 hours in the open air encourages mold spores to settle and grow on it. There are spores in the air all around, but mold only grows in the dish in this short time if you have an unusually high concentration of spores nearby. If you have more questions about mold, there's always the option to call in an indoor environmental specialist.

3. Call in a Professional
Sometimes, mold is hidden behind walls or in ceilings where you can't see it. In some cases, the concentrations aren't right for a test to find it, either. Calling in a mold cleanup and removal specialist is sometimes the best course of action. These professionals have special equipment to help detect even the most hidden of growths.
With some knowledge and the expertise of an indoor environmental specialist, mold doesn't stand a chance.

3 Home Fire Hazards You Should Know

6/8/2021 (Permalink)

Electricity short circuit / Electrical failure resulting in electricity wire burnt Check appliances for any repair or replacement needs.

Here Are Three Common Sources For House Fires

After a home fire in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, residence, you may contact a local restoration service for help with fire cleaning. However, the source of the fire may still need to be found. Additionally, knowing what may cause a fire could help you prevent one in the first place. Here are three common sources for house fires you may want to know about.

1. Lit Candles

Lit candles may be one of the most common fire causes. Candles can burn down until they light the surface under them on fire, be tipped over, or clutter can be knocked into the flame. Always keep the area around the candle clear of clutter such as paper, tissues, or other flammable items. Place it on a candle holder, and never leave a lit candle unattended.

2. Unattended Stoves

It’s very important to never leave a lit stove unattended. Food can begin to burn or grease may splatter and lead to a home fire. It’s also a good idea to keep the cooking area clear of any items that may be flammable, such a food packaging or dish towels. Also, keep young children or pets out of the kitchen while cooking is in progress to prevent distraction.

3. Damaged Appliances

Another thing on the list of possible fire causes is damaged appliances. This can occur in a number of ways including a damaged heating element or a frayed power cord. Issues like that can spark and cause a fire if not properly repaired by a professional. Alternatively, you may wish to replace the appliance altogether.

Understanding how a home fire may start could help you protect your residence. Remember to keep an eye on any lit candles or stoves, and to check appliances for any repair or replacement needs. If a fire does occur a restoration service may be able to help with cleanup and repairs.

Effective Ways To Clean Up After a Flood

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

Water spilled in the keyboard of a computer. Professionals companies can clean your electronics if they have suffered from water damage.

Content Cleaning After Flood Damage

Working in Southwest Anaheim, CA, means you may be at risk of experiencing a flood in your building. The consequences of having a flood on the property can be disastrous. Not only will you worry about your building itself, but you have many personal belongings and office items to care for. The good news is that with the right help, you can salvage many of these things with proper content cleaning.

Using the Pros
For minor water problems at work, you can probably clean up well and not stress out about whether your contents are safe. However, when the flood is more widespread, you'll need a professional water removal team to help. Experienced technicians offer the following:

  • Quick response, even after hours or on the weekends
  • The right equipment for even the biggest jobs
  • Experience and expertise in handling all types of flooding

Cleaning Carpets
Flooring, especially carpet, can suffer a heavy toll after a storm and other sources of flooding. Getting carpet back to normal is one of the most common types of content cleaning that professionals handle. The technicians will first pull up the carpet and padding to assess the damage underneath. After extracting the water and sanitizing the area, the techs will thoroughly dry it. If necessary, the team will replace the carpet.

Drying Out Electronics
Never try to clean heavily wet electronics by yourself. Professionals have the tools and skills to safely clean water-damaged computers, printers, monitors, and other devices. The team will first clean the outside of the electronics before removing any moisture from the inside.

Restoring Documents
Any type of water, particularly black water, can spell big trouble in your office. You may think that documents such as books, files, maps, and photographs don't stand a chance against flooding. Cleanup crews have the training to handle documents delicately and use freeze-drying techniques to clean these materials properly.
Content cleaning is vital after water damage in the office. Professionals companies can clean flooring, electronics, documents and more. This can give you peace of mind amid a disaster.

Electronics in the Aftermath of a Fire

3/25/2021 (Permalink)

Prise multiple Unplug any electronics and appliances.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, 2019 saw firefighters responding to approximately 1.3 million fires, resulting in an estimated 14.8 billion dollars of damage. About 26% of these took place in home structures. Such events can be devastating, wreaking havoc. They can also be milder, depending on severity and response time. The contents of impacted buildings may suffer smoke damage along with scorching or burning. This may lead to a need for the services of a professional cleanup and restoration company in Anaheim, CA. One category of possessions that may be of especial concern during fire cleanup is electronics, which are generally rather pricy and often more difficult financially to replace.

What Should You Do With Electronics After a Fire?

In order to minimize damage to devices like smartphones, laptops and hard drives, there are some tips you may want to follow during fire cleanup:

  • Unplug any electronics and appliances
  • Do not turn any of them on to avoid shorting out from water or too much soot
  • Wipe residue off of the devices' surfaces
  • Consult a professional for an assessment of any damage done

What Effects Does Smoke Have on Electronics?
When soot covers electronic gadgets, it can cause overheating, which can, in turn, lead to premature failure. The acidity in this substance may also corrode metal parts, leading to discoloration and a shortened lifespan. Smoke may also cause circuit shortages.

Can Electronics Be Saved After Smoke Exposure?
This depends on the severity of the harm done. In many situations, they can be preserved, but they need to be fully dry first. Swift action raises the likelihood of their survival. Even if one appears to be okay, the inner parts may still have sustained harm, so it is important not to simply assume they are fine because there are no outward signs of negative impact.
During fire cleanup, it is important to be cautious with electronics. Professionals know how to and have the equipment to properly clean your devices without causing further damage.

The Best Steps for Cleaning Category 3 Water Damage

3/11/2021 (Permalink)

worker on his knees with a moisture meter  on the floor, two air movers placed on the floor Water damage in Southwest Anaheim, CA.

If there is any good news associated with a water leak in your home, it is that the experience is likely to be educational. In short order, you will probably learn a lot, especially if this is your first time dealing with water damage. One of the things you might discover is that not all water leaks are created equal. A water event that contains black water is an emergency situation that requires a high degree of urgency. Less critical though still serious is a category 1 leak, which involves clean water that can be used for drinking or cleaning. Category 2 water is sometimes known as gray water and usually includes water that is mildly used and contains some impurities.

Category 3 Water Damage

This type of water is grossly unsanitary and poses a danger to anyone in your home in Southwest Anaheim, CA. It should be avoided if at all possible. The steps for cleaning this serious event include the following actions:

  • Stop the water flow if possible
  • Keep everyone in the home away from the black water
  • Call in an emergency water damage franchise
  • Allow the crew to restore the home

A professional team will arrive at your home within a matter of hours. They will begin an inspection and assessment of the property and then work on water removal and extraction. This is followed by drying and dehumidification and then cleaning and sanitizing.

Sewage Cleanup
If you experience a sewage backup into your home or water from a flood, it is best to rely on professionals. They have the training and the equipment to take care of the situation, saving you time and money with a fast restoration. They will also do the job safely, wearing PPE as they clean up and keeping your family away from the black water. They have a proven process to follow during all types of water damage, no matter what level of seriousness.

What To Know About IICRC Classes

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

Group of people receiving training, IICRC logo. You can trust the technicians highly qualified.

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification, also known as the IICRC, is responsible for establishing the standards and certification courses that disaster remediation professionals adhere to. When technicians have a cleaning, inspection, restoration, or mitigation certificate from this organization, they are recognized as having endured rigorous training, examinations, and experience. These professionals are available everywhere, even to help with your business in Anaheim, CA. Here is some basic information about the classes these professionals attend.

Why Take These Classes?

IICRC certification classes offer a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Hands-on experience
  • Customized training
  • Thorough information
  • Relevant techniques

What Are the Popular Classes?
Although the IICRC offers many different classes, there are a few that are particularly popular. These include water restoration, microbial remediation, fire and smoke restoration, structural drying, and carpet cleaning classes.

How Do You Become Certified?
To become a certified technician, individuals must take an endorsed course. At the end of the class, they must pass a comprehensive examination.

How Do You Maintain Your Certification?
To maintain their certifications, technicians must take more courses for continuing education credits. Inspectors are required to earn a certain number of credits every two years. Technicians are required to earn a certain number of continuing education credits every four years. Master technicians must earn these credits every two years to maintain their status.

Why Should You Be Certified?
Getting one of these certifications proves to customers and peers that a technician and the company they work for have a thorough understanding of the industry's most advanced practices. This means they have the tools and experience needed to provide clients with the highest quality restoration work available.
Certifications offered by this organization show that a technician is properly trained and capable of performing remediation work. To become certified, individuals are expected to take specific classes and continue working to maintain their designation.

Here’s the Top 3 Most Common Sewage and Water Problems for Commercial Properties

2/11/2021 (Permalink)

Split drainage pipe caused by ingress of tree roots Another common cause of a blocked sewer line is tree root infiltration.

Three Most Common Water And Sewer Problems On Commercial Properties

Commercial properties tend to be more susceptible to sewer and water problems than residential ones. They get more use and usually get more abuse. A blocked sewer in Southwest Anaheim, CA, is probably the most common issue encountered, but it certainly isn’t the only one.
Often, the first sign of a sewer problem is a toilet overflow. However, there are other telltale signs to watch for, including

Foundation cracking, shifting, or damage
Toilet gurgling or bubbles
Black mold growing
Slow draining

Another thing to look for is a patch of grass that’s discolored. If you catch the warning signs early, you may avoid many issues. Here are the three most common water and sewer problems on commercial properties in Southwest Anaheim, CA.

Pipe Breaks Are Common in Businesses

With lots of both pedestrian and vehicle activity, most businesses will deal with a water pipe breaking eventually. If it’s an obvious break, that’s very much to your advantage. It’s the hidden leaks that cause the most damage.
The water from the leak has to go somewhere. If it’s absorbed by wood, it’ll attract wood-boring insects. If it flows under the building, it can undermine the foundation. It must be fixed as soon as discovered.

A Blocked Sewer Can Have Many Causes

Sewer problems are common on commercial properties. Careless employees and customers love to flush all sorts of odd items. Apartment renters are even worse. All it takes is for one person to flush a can of grease!
Another common cause of a blocked sewer line is tree root infiltration. An early sign of a tree root or a blocked vent is toilet gurgling. You’ll need a professional sewer damage restoration company to clean up the septic residue and repair the damage.

Landscape Changes May Cause Flooding

Landscaping has to be engineered carefully to take into account water drainage. Altering the flow by any means – even a rut from a vehicle – may have a large impact on where the water goes.
If you act quickly when you see a sign, you’ll save yourself a lot of cost and trouble. Holding residents and businesses accountable is also critical to avoiding a blocked sewer.

Filing a Mold Claim

2/2/2021 (Permalink)

Mold specialist with a moisture meter on a drywall Mold can grow anywhere

Savvy business owners in Anaheim, CA, know the importance of having commercial insurance. While it is essential, it is also important to thoroughly understand what the policy covers. That is especially vital when faced with a mold problem. Although you can rely on a mold remediation and restoration company to take care of the problem, filing a mold insurance claim may not always go smoothly or be accepted.

Typical Coverage

Damage from fungi seems to be an ever-changing part of insurance coverage. In most cases, commercial insurance will not accept claims for damage caused by neglect, such as avoiding a lingering water leak or persistent high humidity issues. If a pipe burst or other unexpected water infiltration causes mold growth, coverage for a claim may include:

  • Direct loss of covered property due to fungi
  • Mold removal
  • Replacement of materials to access hidden growth
  • Testing after remediation

Prevention Tips
Although spores are everywhere, they need the right conditions to grow. If they have moisture, warm temperatures and nutrients, which include drywall and wood, they will flourish. Mold damage may not always be something that is completely avoidable but taking a few preventive steps may minimize the chances of that happening.

Immediately address any water issues. Even a slow leak may lead to the right conditions for a colony to grown.
Regularly inspect the roof, vents, seals and drainage to ensure moisture isn’t collecting. If a wet spot is found, make a prompt repair.
If faced with high humidity, boost indoor ventilation and install a dehumidifier.
Schedule an annual HVAC inspection. Air ducts are a prime location for mold to thrive. It is also important to check any condensation pans for excessive buildup.

Maintaining commercial insurance is important, but it does not always equal the acceptance of the claim. Understanding your policy and taking preventive measures are ways to make the process smoother.

4 Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

1/14/2021 (Permalink)

Solar panel on a red roof Solar panel in a Southwest Anaheim, CA

4 Things To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Your roof is your primary protection during a storm. Before installing anything on your roof that could impact its effectiveness, it is wise to take a close look at the situation. Solar polar has many positive attributes such as a clean source of energy and the potential for reducing utility bills. The possibility of panel damage is one thing that should be looked at before deciding on a solar installation on your roof, as well as the possibility of creating more access points for water to enter the home. If you are interested in solar panels for your home in Southwest Anaheim, CA, consider the following factors.

1. Durability. Many organizations and agencies have worked over the years to develop durable solar modules. Engineers look at the materials the panels are made of and seek out better alternatives as new technologies are developed. The results show that panel damage is a rare event even after heavy wind and hail storms.

2. Installation. Photovoltaic panels must be installed into the roof with a variety of hardware that penetrates into the roofing system. Heavy winds could potentially cause rips or tears in shingles and other support structures of the roofing system. The best bet here is to do your research and talk with the installer about the possibility of causing roof damage. If your roof does leak, it might be a good idea to call a storm mitigation company that is trained in dealing with water damage.

3. Architecture. Another way engineers are working to limit damage to solar equipment is by improving the design of the panels. These advances both enhance the reliability of the equipment and also reduce costs.

4. Longevity. As with any large investment, you want your equipment to last a long time. If panel damage frequently occurs, this will impact the value of any solar installation. Ongoing testing shows that modern solar devices can withstand the stresses of high temperatures, powerful storms, humidity, and ultraviolet radiation.

3 Things To Avoid When Handling Category 3 Water Damage

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drying equipment on affected area after water damage It is best to contact a professional cleanup and restoration service in Southwest Anaheim, CA

3 Things To Avoid When Handling Category 3 Water Damage

Water damage is classified as one of three categories by professionals based on the type of water that caused it. Category 1 damage, caused by clean water, is the least severe kind of damage. Clean water is uncontaminated by anything that might pose a significant threat to humans. Category 2 damage is the result of greywater, which does carry some risk in the form of contaminants capable of causing illness or discomfort to those exposed to it. The worst is Category 3 damage, the aftereffect of water filled with dangerous microbes, chemicals, and/or substances. This black water possesses the potential to inflict severe sickness or even death upon individuals that come into contact with it. There are certain actions you should not do when confronted with the latter kind of damage.

1. Try To Handle It Yourself
It is best to contact a professional cleanup and restoration service in Southwest Anaheim, CA, if your home has been invaded by Category 3 water. It comes from unsanitary sources such as garbage-filled runoff, sewage, groundwater, and polluted rising water. Standing water, sewage cleanup, and other steps associated with its cleanup can be hazardous and may lead to contracting diseases, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • hepatitis
  • giardiasis
  • gastroenteritis
  • leptospirosis

2. Use Anything That Has Been Exposed
Items that have come into contact with black water are no longer safe for use. While some objects may be salvageable with proper treatment, they should not be utilized until they have been assessed, disinfected, and approved for use by a professional. Food and sanitation products are lost and should absolutely not be used after contamination.

3. Turn On HVAC Systems or Fans
One goal is to prevent the microbial agents in the water from becoming airborne. HVAC systems that have been touched by the dirty water and fans can spread contaminants further, so turning them on without a professional's approval should be avoided, at least in the early cleanup stages.
The best course of action if your home is flooded with black water is to consult a professional. Vulnerable individuals, like those with asthma, should leave the building as soon as possible.

How to Turn Your Fence Into a Security Fence

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Private property in the forest angle shot If you want to protect your commercial property, you need a security fence

Without a security fence around your business, you are a prime target for criminals. This is especially true for buildings that need the help of restoration professionals. Fortunately, if you have a fence around your lot already, you can easily turn it into a deterrent for vandals and burglars.

Add Anti-Climb Features

Adding anti-climb features will make your fence in Anaheim, CA impenetrable. Materials that make for great anti-climb fences include:

  • Chain link
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

You should choose the best material for your business based on how much privacy you want and your climate. If you already have a different fencing material, you can likely make it into a protective barrier. However, sticking with these materials will give you a sturdy security fence that can easily be decorated. This can add to the visual appeal of your business. Other materials may not be able to maintain their curbside appeal if they are altered.
At the top of your fence, you will want to add anti-climb toppers. This includes anti-climb spikes and barbed wire. Just make sure that you install a warning sign if you put one of these on your fence. Also, discuss anti-climb toppers with your legal team to cover all your bases.

Go for a Tall Fence
How high you want your fence depends on the natural features of each location. However, there are standards guidelines for fences that are designed to protect properties. The Department of Defense lays these out. Chain link fences should be at least 6 feet. You can go higher, but it is generally not necessary. Vinyl fences should be at least 7 feet. If you have an existing fence, you can build on to the top or raise it off the ground with concrete.
If you want to protect your commercial property, you need a security fence. Fortunately, adding height and anti-climb features is a great way to transform an existing fence into a protective barrier.

How Long Does It Take Mold To Grow?

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worker with protective gear, moisture meter on a drywall, drywall has been removed Commercial mold damage in Southwest Anaheim, CA

If your commercial building in Southwest Anaheim, CA, has experienced some kind of water damage such as a flood or plumbing issue, one of your main concerns may be the growth of mold. It's important to know how long it takes mold to grow and what preventative measures to take to avoid lasting issues. Use this information to aid you in your mold remediation process after a flood or plumbing problem.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a fungus that grows in places with a lot of moisture, such as a building that has had a water leak or high humidity. There are many events that may trigger mold growth, such as:

  • Leaking roofs
  • Improper ventilation
  • Plumbing issues
  • Flooding from storms or rain
  • Sitting spills or puddles

How Long Does It Take Mold To Grow?
With enough moisture to survive, mold can grow within 24 to 48 hours. In your commercial building, any type of water damage may lead to mold, so it's important to take mitigation steps as soon as possible. These mitigation steps may include calling a restoration company, cleaning up any excess water, and starting to dry what you can. It's important to dry any building materials or furniture, as these places may be especially prone to mold if left damp.

What Prevention Methods To Take
Within the first 24 hours and beyond, mold prevention is imperative. After calling restoration specialists and limiting damages, your work may not be complete. On the second day, the mitigation company may need to take more preventative measures, such as pumping outstanding water, cleaning and disinfecting any affected areas, and taking care of damaged building materials. A mitigation company may also begin to dry out the area, as it must be completely dried before any restoration processes can begin.
Following any type of water damage, your commercial building in Southwest Anaheim, CA, should take preventative measures to prevent mold and mitigate damages.

Troubleshooting Your Commercial Irrigation System

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watering lawn with sprinklers A commercial irrigation system lets you easily water an entire grassy landscape

A commercial irrigation system lets you easily water an entire grassy landscape. However, a broken sprinkler pipe can send this water flying into the air. Once it lands, the standing water could build up next to the property. It could then seep into the foundation or flood the basement. Therefore, if you suspect that your Anaheim, CA, building has irrigation problems, you should troubleshoot the system right away.

Signs of Trouble

A malfunctioning sprinkler system is not always obvious. You thus need to inspect each sprinkler and zone for evidence of a defect. Some possible warning signs include:

  • Water gushing from a broken sprinkler head
  • Electrical issues with a valve, wire, or solenoid
  • Timer failure due to poor connections or wire corrosion

If you notice any of these irrigation system issues, contact a plumbing professional right away. Otherwise, the minor problem may cause an uncontrollable flood that necessitates water damage cleanup services.

Supply Lines
Supply lines are another frequent source of problems with the sprinkler system. They can easily crack or burst.
There are two main causes of cracked supply lines. Roots from nearby trees can grow into the plastic coating of pipes. The water may then escape through the holes created by the roots.
Excessive traffic from bicycles, strollers, or feet can damage pipes, as well. Over time, the weight from these and other similar sources can compress the soil on top of the pipes. The soil could then crush the pipes or split the joints that make up the sprinkler system.
A trained professional will be able to inspect the supply lines for signs of cracks. The expert can then repair the hole before the sprinkler pipe completely breaks.
A defective irrigation system can flood your property and damage your commercial building. By understanding signs of problems and correcting any issues quickly, you can limit the harm to the premises.

3 Types of Contaminated Water

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Refrigerator with the phrase Category 1 Category 1 water damage comes from a clean water source

Different Types Of Contaminated Water

Water damage can wreck havoc on your Anaheim, CA, home. That being said, not every home flood is the same. Flood water is categorized by the types of contaminants present. Understanding the differences among the different types of contaminated water can help you remediate the damage more effectively.

1. Clean Water Floods
Like their name implies, Category 1, or clean water floods, are categorized by an absence of contaminants. As the least dangerous types of floods, they typically originate from a supply line burst, a shower leak or some other type of clean water source. Just because these floods aren't as dangerous doesn't mean that they shouldn't still be taken seriously. A clean water flood can transform into a Category 2 flood if left untreated for too long.

2. Gray Water Floods
Gray water floods are also known as Category 2 floods. This flood contains mildly contaminated water, but nothing that could pose a biohazard risk. These floods are often caused when household appliances malfunction and flood, such as dishwashers and laundry machines. If left untreated for longer than 48 hours, a Category 2 flood will quickly become a dangerous Category 3 flood.

3. Black Water Floods
Category 3 floods, or black water floods, are the most dangerous of all. They are categorized by the presence of biohazards, such as human or animal fecal matter, raw sewage and dangerous chemicals or pesticides. You should never attempt to resolve a Category 3 flood by yourself, due to the possible health risks. Instead, you should contact water damage professionals as soon as you can. These floods are usually caused by toilet overflow, sewage back flow or a a flooding riverbank.
All types of floods are capable of inflicting serious amounts of damage. That being said, it's still important for you to learn the differences between the various types of contaminated water. Make sure to contact flood remediation experts for assistance, no matter which type of flood you're currently dealing with.

5 Tips for Commercial Roof Maintenance

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Construction engineer wearing safety uniform inspection metal roofing work for roof industrial Inspect your roof after severe storm

Tips To Prevent Unwanted Roof Damage

Business owners have plenty of issues to worry about without having to add a leaky roof into the mix. Proper roof maintenance can help extend your roof's lifespan and save you hundreds in unnecessary repair expenses. Take a look at some of the following tips to help prevent unwanted roof damage for your building in Southwest Anaheim, CA.

1. Hire a High-Quality Contractor.
Take the time to hire a great contractor and build a strong relationship with them. Damage can occur at any time, so you want to make sure that you have someone on standby that you can count on to help mitigate the issue.

2. Have Your Roof Professionally Inspected Bi-Annually.
In some cases, you might not even realize that you have roof damage until the problem spirals out of control. Having a licensed contractor inspect your roof at least twice each year can help you catch these small repairs before they evolve into larger expenses.

3. Inspect Your Roof After Severe Storms.
You should take the time to personally inspect your roof if your building has recently weathered a severe storm. Check for rain and wind damage in the form of broken or missing shingles, cracks or water spots.

4. Clean Your Gutters Regularly.
Your building's gutters are supposed to collect water that runs off of the roof and redirect it away from your building. When they become obstructed, that water can build up and run down the side of your building, resulting in water damage. In extreme cases, it can even begin to pool on the roof itself, weighing down the structure.

5. Avoid Pressure Washing.
Pressure washing seems like a good idea in theory, but it actually has the same effect as a severe storm. The heavy bursts of water can damage and tear away roofing materials. Additionally, it can push debris and water underneath the shingles, resulting in unwanted mold growth.
Taking the time to perform necessary maintenance checks can help you avoid having to deal with unnecessary roof damage in the future, and possibly even a complete roof rebuild. For more information or assistance, contact storm remediation professionals.

2 Unexpected Costs You Need to Plan for After a Fire

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Fire and strong smoke covered building. Dangerous situation Fire and water damage in Anaheim, CA

2 Unexpected Costs You Need to Plan for After a Fire

Fire damage can financially devastate a business. Fortunately, understanding what costs you will have to deal with after a fire can make you a little more prepared for the situation. After putting out a fire, you will need someone to perform a few tasks to get your business open again.

1. Water Damage
Extinguishing a fire requires either water or chemicals and can lead to additional damage to your building. A typical estimate for water damage cleanup after putting out a fire is in the thousands. If your fire was only put out with a chemical mixture, you might be spared a little. Either method is preferable from letting the fire consume your entire building, although they have unique costs.
One of the highest costs of using water to put out a commercial fire is replacing the floors. Additionally, water can soak into and damage your walls. To fix this, you will need the excess moisture removed from the building as soon as possible.
On the other hand, chemicals can leave toxic particles behind. These particles will need to be removed or sealed to prevent any damage to employees and customers. This needs to be done by a licensed team.

2. Soot Cleanup
After the water or chemical damage has been cleaned, you will find soot from the fire. It results from items that were only partially burned by the fire and needs to be removed as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will penetrate and damage your curtains, carpets, and walls. Typically, a professional restoration company will charge you a few thousand dollars to remove the soot. This needs to be performed quickly, or the soot will cause excess damage. Be sure to add this cost to your estimate.
There are many costs you are going to have to pay after a fire hits your business in Southwest Anaheim, CA. These are just some of the expenses that will factor into your estimate.

After a Pipe Burst, 4 Steps to Minimize Damage

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Dehumidifiers placed in a commercial hallway, water damage in hallway Commercial water loss in Anaheim, CA

Below Are Four Steps To Take Immediately After The Event

Water damage should never be taken likely. Keeping a business successively running in Anaheim, CA, means avoiding downtime due to extensive repairs by a water remediation and restoration company. From burst pipes to flash flooding, it can mean gallons of water in your building. The faster it is cleaned, the less likely the chance of secondary damage, such as mold growth. 

1. Shut Off Water
The faster you can stop the gallons of water from infiltrating your property the better. Immediately locate the main shutoff and valve and turn the water off. After the water is off, open faucets to ensure remaining water drains and pressure is reduced on pipes. It is also recommended to turn off the electricity to the affected area.

2. Document Damage
Once the water is no longer flowing, call your insurance company and a plumber to fix broken pipe. The next step is to take photos and videos of everything affected by the bursting pipes. This may help speed up the claim process and provide documentation that it was accidental.

3. Extract Water
In most cases, an insurance company will request that you mitigate damage. That means getting standing water out of the property. It may also entail moving waterlogged items, such as rugs and furniture. If there is minimal water, rags, mops and towels may be enough. For larger amounts, buckets and a wet/dry vacuum will be needed.

4. Start Drying Process
The most vital part of salvaging structural components and personal belongings is getting everything dried. Although ceiling, box and window fans may not be industrial strength, they will greatly help get the drying process started while you wait for professional help. If possible, place fans in or near windows to blow the air out. If possible, run a dehumidifier. Even if the water loss seemed minimal, mold thrives in high-humidity conditions with porous material nearby as sustenance.
Bursting pipes may be unavoidable, but minimizing the damage they can cause is possible by taking swift action.

What You Should Do After a Major Flood

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stair of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the river Flooded home in Anaheim, CA

Cleaning Up After A Home Flood

Viewing storm damage for the first time can be very intimidating, particularly when your home is flooded. You may be wondering what to with everything that has not been swept away by the water. You may also be concerned about your foundation and the water's effects on your home's health and stability. Fortunately, cleaning up after a home flood is relatively painless as long as you know what you are doing.

Take Stock of the Damage
After you make sure there is no standing water inside your home and make sure that the electricity is off, you will want to take an inventory of the damage when it is safe to do so. Be sure to make a note of:

  • Watermarks on the floor, walls, or ceilings
  • Damage to furniture
  • Damage to electronics
  • Damage to appliances
  • Black or dark brown spots anywhere

You may also want to take a look under your house for crawl space damage. Once you've noted your home's damaged areas, you should find an experienced flood remediation and restoration company in Anaheim, CA.
Many times after a flood, the water will recede, but the crawl space remains damp. This can cause a lot of problems with mold later on. When you speak to the remediation company, mention that you've had your home flood and make sure they are equipped to handle foundation and crawlspace damage and drying.

Contact The Appropriate Agencies
After you note everything that is damaged, you will need to contact the appropriate agencies. This includes your insurance company, federal disaster agencies, and a remediation company. Each of these agencies can help you with the next steps and ease your mind.
Federal disaster agencies can offer financial help and advice, insurance may cover the damage, and a remediation company is necessary for clean up particularly in cases of severe or long-term flooding.
Having your home flood doesn't have to be a painful experience. Simply try to remain calm, take notes, and call the professionals who have experience repairing storm damage.

Top 5 Hidden Places to Find Mold

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Moldy drywall Moldy drywall

Protect Your Home From Hidden Mold

Mold is a pesky invader that can appear almost anywhere in your home. Checking each and every hidden corner in your home is vital when it comes to performing a thorough mold inspection; you can't just gloss over the primary spots and assume you're safe. Consider adding the following hidden spots to your next mold inspection in order to protect your home in Anaheim, CA.

1. Washing Machine
Many homeowners naturally assume that their washing machines are self-cleaning, and thus forget to check them for mold. Neglecting to properly air out and dry the excess moisture after each wash cycle only serves to attract unwanted mold.

2. House Plants
Overwatering your house plants is a great way to invite mold into your home. Prevent unwanted mold by only watering your plants at the base (not from the top) and proportioning out an appropriate amount of water.

3. Window Sills
It's likely to find mold on wood, such as your wooden window sills. This is especially likely after large amounts of rain, or if your indoor humidity levels are too high. Check for excessive condensation on your window panes that can lead to unwanted mold.

4. Walls and Wallpaper
Moldy drywall can be harder to spot, so you need to make sure you're keeping an eye out for other types of signs. Peeling, browning or otherwise aging wallpaper is a good indication that mold is growing underneath the wallpaper. Also, check for a musty odor.

5. Refrigerator and its Contents
Any food spills that go uncleaned just serve to invite mold. You also need to make sure you regularly clear out any food items that have gone bad or are otherwise spoiled.
Mold can appear anywhere moisture is present, so it's vital that you take the time to search each hidden corner in your house during every mold inspection. Contact mold remediation experts as soon as you can if you do discover mold growth in your home.

Everything You Need to Know About Secondary Damage

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Warped walls and wooden floor damaged Water damage in Southwest Anaheim, CA

It's important to act quickly if your home in Southwest Anaheim, CA, has been affected by water damage. Failing to properly remediate water damage in a timely manner can result in various different kinds of subsequent issues, such as black mold, warped flooring, and other types of structural problems.

What is Secondary Damage?

It's not uncommon for small floods or leaks to go unnoticed for long periods of time, and subsequent damage can occur days, weeks or even months following the initial incident. Some common examples of the damage that can follow include:

  • Black mold growth
  • Cracking plaster and sheetrock
  • Warped walls, floors and ceilings
  • Water stains

Standing water eventually evaporates on its own if the damage isn't properly addressed in a timely manner. Eventually, the air becomes saturated with moisture from the standing water, resulting in dangerously high humidity levels. Once the air becomes oversaturated, the moisture is driven into the drywall, ceiling tiles, furniture and other places in your home.

How Can You Prevent Secondary Damage?
The key to preventing subsequent moisture damage is catching and reacting to the initial flood as quickly as possible. The following strategies can also help you reduce your chances of experiencing moisture damage:

  • Mop up any standing puddles.
  • Ventilate wet areas by opening windows, using floor fans or the AC unit.
  • Open furniture drawers to allow them to air out.
  • Move electronic devices and sentimental possessions to dry, elevated areas.
  • Hang blankets, furniture skirts and curtains up to dry.
  • Elevate furniture on aluminum foil to prevent stains.

Because water damage can go unnoticed for long periods of time, it's important that you also perform regular home inspections to check for signs of leaks or flooding.
Reacting to accidents in a timely manner is the best way to prevent secondary damage, such as black mold, cracked plaster, warped flooring and much more. If your residential property has recently experienced any type of water damage, it's vital that you contact flood remediation experts as soon as you can.

4 Tips For Creating a Fire Escape Plan

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evacuation. stairs, door traveling people Be sure that you have a fire escape place and practice it often

Keeping These Tips In Mind Can Help

While it may not be fun to think about experiencing a fire in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, home, being prepared can help keep you and your family safe during an emergency. Creating a fire escape plan is one way to do this.

1. Locate All Doors and Windows
When you are forming an emergency escape plan, you should make sure you know where all the doors and windows are in your home. Windows on lower floors can be used to escape during a fire if you are unable to make it to the doors safely. Drawing a map of your home with clearly marked exits may be a good idea for families with children.

2. Create Multiple Exit Routes
Because you cannot know where a fire will start or how it will spread, it is possible that you won’t be able to use your preferred route to leave the home. Create at least two routes to each exit, so you have an alternative ready.

3. Designate a Meeting Area
Particularly if you have a larger family, it may be difficult to know if everyone has made it out of the home safely. Add a meeting spot to your fire escape plan, so that all members of the family know where to find each other once they have gotten outside. This will make it easier to see if someone is still inside the house.

4. Practice Regularly
The plan won’t do any good if you don’t remember it. To keep it fresh in everyone’s minds, you should have a practice fire drill at least every six months. To make these more effective, the drills should be as realistic as possible.
If you do end up needing to use your fire escape plan and your home is damaged during the emergency, you can count on a fire damage remediation company to return it to its prior state. They can perform cleanup and repairs on both the building and various affected belongings.

3 Tips for Restoring a Business After Fire Damage

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Consider The Following Tips When Faced With The Aftermath of A Fire

Businesses in Anaheim, CA, may find fire cleanup frustrating and stressful. Utilizing the following tips can make the transition from disaster to recovery an easier path. Consider the following when faced with the aftermath of a crippling fire:

1. Thoroughly Inspect Internal Components

A crucial first step is to have the electricity and plumbing inspected by local professionals to verify wires and pipes are in working order. This serves two purposes. The first is to ensure safety for all entering the building. The second is to troubleshoot and repair any damages incurred from the flames. It may also be the perfect opportunity to upgrade materials that have sustained wear and tear.

2. Guard Against Trespassing

Unfortunately, some people see a building undergoing fire cleanup as an opportunity to steal or deface. Protect your interests by installing a security fence or temporary barriers. Secure building entrances to prevent theft and vandalism. Having a heightened awareness of criminal activity may stop an already bad situation from getting worse.

3. Hire Professionals To Handle Cleanup

Knowledgeable fire remediation experts are able to assist immediately after a catastrophe. Some offer tarp services to patch windows or other openings caused by a fire. It is critical to cover all gaps and holes to avoid further water damage due to rain.
In addition to covering damages on wall surfaces, specialists may also offer roof repair services. If the roof needs to be restored, be sure to check in with your insurance agent prior to repairs. Once on site, the adjuster can record accurate data and help you to receive the monetary relief you deserve. After the most significant damages are taken care of, the company you hire can also handle smoke damage to furniture and return the interior of the building to the way it was before the fire.
After a disaster, fire cleanup can be necessary. Take appropriate action to get back in business as soon as possible.

The Basics of Insurance for Mold Damage

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worker with moisture meter on dry wall Mold damage in Anaheim, CA

The Basics of Insurance for Mold Damage

If your business property is beset with a mold infestation, you will want to check with your insurance agent to see if you are covered for damages and expenses. In general, a commercial insurance policy provides very limited coverage for damages caused by a fungal outbreak. Complicating matters, some exclusions to this also exist, and these exclusions have only grown broader in the past twenty years. The fungus exclusion is now incorporated into most business policies and states that loss or damage caused by any fungus (defined quite broadly as mold, mildew, and its collateral effects), wet or dry rot or bacteria will not be covered. This might lead you to conclude that you have no coverage; however, an important exception to this exclusion does exist.

The Fungus Exception
When a cause of the fungus growth is part of your commercial insurance policy, the damages caused by mold and the expenses for cleanup might be covered. Some of these specific perils might include the following situations:

  • Windstorms
  • Sinkholes
  • Riots or civil commotion
  • Vandalism
  • Sinkhole collapse

If a named peril in your policy causes mold damage, your policy could cover the cleanup and repair associated with a mold outbreak. This mold insurance is often referred to as limited fungus coverage.

The Mold Solution
If you do discover a mold problem in your building in Anaheim, CA, it is best to call in a professional mold remediation franchise as quickly as possible. Waiting only gives the mold time to spread and colonize new areas of the property. A team of highly-trained technicians will engage in identifying the problem. They will work quickly to kill the mold and clean all impacted surfaces with effective disinfectants. If the mold has caused any structural damage, the technicians will repair and restore those areas. An experienced cleanup company can also help you work with your commercial insurance carrier to determine if you have insurance coverage.

Avoiding Water Damage During Construction

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Group of construction engineer team in standard safety uniform work planning in construction site Construction project in Southwest Anaheim, CA

Prepare for The What-ifs

During construction, whether a small renovation to your Southwest Anaheim, CA, property or new build, presents a scenario for potential water damage. Using a trusted general contractor is the first step ensuring a water pipe repair or lingering structural issues aren’t a worry once the work is done. To enjoy your new space instead of having to call a water damage and restoration expert means planning ahead and preparing for the what-ifs.

Common Culprits
Construction is a complex project with many facets that involve water or preventing water. As the work is being done, some of the many causes of damage during and after may include:

Plumbing – Improper connections can easily lead to a broken pipe. If the temperatures dip, there is also the potential for them to freeze.
Weather – Severe storms can lead to a flooded site.
Materials – While some materials are weather-resistant, any porous ones needed to be properly stored and protected from rain.
Drainage – Even during the process, an improper grade slope can create unwanted pools.
Foundation – Cracks, fissures or improper sealing can lead to major isuses.

Prevent Issues by Being Prepared
While the unexpected can happen, recognizing that fact can prevent damage from happening. When working with the contractor, ensure a plan is in place to mitigate the common sources of unwanted water. Once the piping is in, a thorough inspection and run-thru should be conducted to make a water pipe repair before the walls are put in, as well as a 24-hour monitoring plan once the system is first up. A waterproofing plan is also needed to ensure unsecured openings are covered and protected from Mother Nature and that sensitive materials are properly stored or delivered only when needed.
Staying involved and open communication with contractors is vital during a project. By doing so, you can avoid water pipe repair or unexpected damage rearing its ugly head after project completion.

Alternatives to Sandbagging Your Business to Prevent Flooding

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Alternatives To Sandbagging

For business owners in Anaheim, CA, it's common practice to keep a supply of sandbags handy for when possible flooding is in the forecast. Sandbags are meant to protect your property from flood damage, and they're great in a pinch. However, if you've ever had to place a sandbag you know they aren't easy to move around, especially when you need to utilize 20 or more of them. Other issues with sandbags include:

  • They aren't easy to store.
  • They break and leak sand.
  • Disposal is difficult.

Thankfully, there are alternatives to sandbagging. Here are a few that might save you some of the hassle you face when trying to protect your business.

1. HydraBarrier and AquaDam
The HydraBarrier and AquaDam products can protect your business from up to three feet of water. Unlike a sandbag, it's easy to store and it's lightweight. Simply place the product in the area you need to protect and fill it with water. Once the threat has passed, rinse it, empty it, and pack it up for storage.

2. QuickDam
Build your own flood dams with QuickDam. This product works by absorbing water and expanding. It expands to 3.5 inches high but can be stacked. When the water is gone, it shrinks. These little dams can also be left in place year-round.

3. Water-Gate
This dam comes as a PVC roll. When you place it in the area it needs to protect, it unrolls and swells as the water rises. It is also reusable and easy to store.
No system is perfect. Not even sandbags. There may be times that the flood water does breach the protective barrier and you end up with a serious cleanup job. Always remember, flood water contains contaminants and bacteria, so never try to perform cleanup yourself. There are restoration specialists who are trained for these types of cleanups.
When it comes to protecting your business during flooding, there are alternatives to sandbagging. Try one and you'll never have to deal with messy storage and cleanup again.

What To Know About Content Cleaning After a Flood

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The Process Of Content Cleaning After a Flood

After a storm at your place of business in Southwest Anaheim, CA, getting the property back into working order may include the process of content cleaning. Your local storm damage restoration service may have a variety of options available for the proper restoration of any damaged items. These may include processes for cleaning

1. Furniture

Because flood water falls under the black water category you will want to clean any furniture, such as desks or filing cabinets, that may have been touched by the flooding. These items can be washed with a cleaning solution designed for sanitation to help remove any bacteria the water may have carried. Items comprised of wood and metal respond well to this treatment. For upholstery items you may want to look at a dry cleaning method. Any items that cannot be cleaned properly may need to be replaced.

2. Electronics

Another common issue after storm caused flooding are damaged electronics. Part of the content cleaning process includes having a professional go over these items. Electronics will need to be cleaned carefully to ensure they maintain their functionality. Any damaged parts or corroded joints will need to be replaced during this time. Fortunately, many professionals are trained to perform this process.

3. Documentation

One thing that many people worry about losing after a flood is any documentation important to the company. Fortunately, your restoration company may have methods they can use to salvage the paperwork. Depending on the type of document and the amount of damage there are several methods from thermal drying to dehumidification. If you have document restoration needs it's best to talk to a professional.

The process of content cleaning your company items may depend on the items hype. Items such as furniture may require a wipe off with the proper solution, while electronics may need a professional cleaning. Fortunately, even damage documentation can be restored as well. If you have questions about this process it's best to talk to your restoration service.

The High Standards of a Flood Cleanup

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stair of a House fully flooded during the flooding of the river Flood damage in Southwest Anaheim, CA

The High Standards of a Flood Cleanup

When bad times visit homeowners and renters, they often face difficult decisions. After a destructive storm, a professional cleanup is often called for. When that storm brings in floodwaters to a residential property, the cleaning requirements are especially high. That's largely because floodwaters can be contaminated with an unpleasant mix of dirt, grime, chemicals, microscopic pathogens, and sewage. Normal cleaning measures will not be enough to get the house clean again and protect those who live there. A professional storm remediation team in Southwest Anaheim, CA, will have the needed training and equipment to clean the home according to the highest industry standards.

Extensive Damage
Every flood situation is different, but even a relatively small flood that brings in an inch or so of water can cause enormous damage. A larger flood will create damage throughout the property. Here are some of the elements of a home that may need to be cleaned:

  • Carpeting
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Drywall
  • HVAC system
  • Personal items

Drywall and insulation should be removed at least a foot above the flood line. A flood cut removes these materials and replaces them with clean wood and insulation. Professional cleaning requirements demand that all impacted surfaces be scrubbed and cleaned with an approved flood disinfectant.

Professional Cleanup
A quality flood clean process involves a lot of technical know-how and experience. Technicians that come into the home will wear gloves and protective eye coverings to make sure water does not harm the skin or eyes. Vacuums and air dryers will be used to suck out the water and dry out the home. If the damage is extensive, workers may have to clean electrical equipment, air ducts, and furniture. The cleaning requirements will be a little different for each job. Trained workers will also keep a close lookout for water damage that could result in mold growth. A flooded home will be restored "Like it never even happened."

How To Manage Houseplant Mildew

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photo shows some leaves of roses infected by blackspot fungus Finding plant mildew in your Anaheim, CA, home can be a frustrating experience

Action Steps To Remediate The Issue

Finding plant mildew in your Anaheim, CA, home can be a frustrating experience. Even so, it's important to take it seriously. While, at surface level, mildew doesn't seem to be a big threat, it can be indicative of a more urgent issue in your home. There's a lot of misinformation circulating about this growth, so to clarify, mildew:

  • Is a type of mold
  • Shows up only on plants
  • Presents as white and patchy

When you see mildew, there are a few action steps you need to know to remediate the issue.

Caring for Your Plants
Keep in mind that mildew on a houseplant can interfere with the plant's life cycle, eventually killing it. If the mildew has taken over, covering the greenery, the houseplant may already be a goner.
However, if the mildew is localized to a specific area, get the plant outside and cut off the affected part. Do this with any of your greenery that's plagued with mildew growth. After the fact, ensure that plant gets plenty of sunlight and consider employing a mildewcide solution to prevent further issues.

Caring for Your Home
However, the job's not done just because you've removed the plant mildew. That mildew is indicative of an environment that welcomes mold, and such funguses can affect everything else in that space. You'll want to get an indoor environmental specialist involved who can check things like airflow, humidity levels, potential water issues, and more to prevent any mold issues from getting out of hand.
Remember also that mold can reproduce within a matter of hours, so it's important to get the environment examined quickly. Involving a mold professional gives you access to the tools and technology needed to truly eradicate a mildew problem.
Plant mildew is a common issue that signals a growth environment encouraging to funguses. However, with prevention measures and precautions, you can mitigate mold- and mildew-associated worries in your home.

How To Clean Your House After a Flood

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Cleanup Process After A Flood

If your house in Southwest Anaheim, CA was hit by a home flood, the cleanup may seem endless. You may thus be wondering how much of your house you actually have to clean. Some people may specifically want to skip scrubbing crawl spaces or other areas underneath the home.
However, cleaning under the house is a vital part of the restoration process. In fact, you need to dry and disinfect the entire home to prevent the growth of mold. Mildew and mold can thrive in numerous locations after a flood, including:

  • Basements
  • Crawl spaces
  • Attics
  • Carpeting
  • Upholstered or wood furniture

In fact, many materials can develop mold if they remain damp for extended periods of time. A professional restoration company can come in and make your house feel like a home again. While you wait for the pros to show up, however, you should disinfect and dry your home to prevent the spread of mold.

What To Discard

Certain belongings may need to be thrown out after a home flood. Specifically, porous materials such as furniture can trap mold spores, so you might want to get rid of these items. Carpet may also need to be discarded since drying it off won't eliminate mold spores.

How To Clean and Disinfect

Objects made of nonporous or hard materials, including plastic, glass and metal, can typically be reused after a flood as long as they are disinfected and cleaned first. Make sure to use soap or detergent without ammonia to wipe down all surfaces.
To make disinfectant, mix a gallon of water with 1.5 cups of bleach. After cleaning, you should let the wet items dry for several days, though you can use a dehumidifier or fan to dry areas more quickly.
Cleaning your house after a home flood is a complicated process. While you can take some initial steps to disinfect certain areas and prevent the growth of mold, you should also contact a storm damage restoration company to get your residence back to normal.

The Benefits and Limitations of Commercial Property Insurance

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Afro american businessman signing commercial insurance document Every business owner should be familiar with his or her commercial insurance policy

One of the costs of doing business is paying for commercial insurance. This type of insurance covers the damage from disasters such as fire, theft, and powerful storms. Manufacturers, restaurants, retail companies, and offices find it beneficial to carry commercial property insurance. A company that owns a significant amount of property, equipment, and inventory would find it difficult to recover after a disaster. For example, fire damage could easily result in hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage. With the right policy, a company would receive payments that allow it to rebuild and to stay in business.

The Benefits

A strong policy protects a company from the unexpected. Each commercial insurance document is a unique item; however, most policies will pay for some or most of the following expenses:

  • Property damage caused by a covered peril
  • Cleanup expenses
  • Replacement of lost inventory
  • Replacement of business equipment
  • Reconstruction of destroyed documents

After a fire, the services of a professional fire remediation franchise in Southwest Anaheim, CA, will likely be needed to treat soot and smoke damage. These services are typically covered by a robust insurance policy. While the premiums for business insurance can be high, especially for a company that owns a lot of assets, they are usually claimed as a tax write off.

The Limitations
Every business owner should be familiar with his or her commercial insurance policy. A number of items may be excluded from coverage. For example, floods and earthquakes often need to be covered through additional insurance products. Also, a company has a responsibility to act in ways that limit the severity of catastrophic damage. If a company has failed to adequately maintain a property, the company might not be covered for certain damages. Also, the coverage for business insurance could be more expensive in a region that is susceptible to certain disasters. All in all, though, insurance is a necessity in today's business world.

What To Do After a Toilet Overflow

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Overflowing broken toilet Toilet overflow in Anaheim

Steps To Take After A Sewage Problem 

When sewer damage strikes your building in Anaheim, CA, you may find yourself wondering what to do. You might wonder if you should begin by calling your insurance agent, tackling the problem yourself, or hiring a remediation company to do the dirty work. If the problem is small, you may wish to take care of it yourself. Otherwise, your best bet is to call your insurance agent and work with an emergency restoration company. These professionals are trained to clean, sanitize, and restore your property to its previous condition. There are several steps you can take after a sewage problem.

1. Determine the Extent of the Damage
The type of water damage you have will likely determine the next course of action. Sewer damage usually leads to water that is considered unsafe. This water may contain viruses, bacteria, or other contaminants that make it unfit for human contact. If you are dealing with sewage water, you will need a professional to clean and disinfect. This is especially important if it has run into areas that are not easily accessible, such as subfloors, inside walls, carpets, or other porous materials.

2. Get Someone Onsite as Quickly as Possible
When you work with a sewage company that is faster to any size disaster, you can avoid having further damage occur. When water is left to sit, it can cause more damage and it gives bacteria time to multiply. The sooner you can begin the extraction and sanitation process, the better.

3. Repair and Restore
Whether your problem was caused by a broken pipe or flooded toilet, a professional remediation company should be able to identify what caused the problem. They may make repairs or replace any damaged items, like flooring and structural materials.
After experiencing sewer damage, you may wonder if your business will ever get back to normal. When you have a team of professionals working on your behalf, you should soon have things back to business as usual.

3 Things To Know About Category Three Water

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Stormwater Stormwater falls into category 3

What Does Black Water Mean?

Flood water is often classified into three parts, category 1, category 2, and category 3. This third category is often referred to as black water. Understanding what this term means can be important if your Anaheim, CA, home ever experiences flooding. Here’s what you should know.

1. What It Is

Water is classified in the third category when it is possibly contaminated with bacteria, chemicals, or other materials that could be harmful. Most often this is water that could have come in contact with sewage. Flooding in this category needs to be cleaned up with proper safety equipment and the area sanitized afterward. This is why it’s highly recommended to contact a professional for help.

2. Where It Comes From

In most cases black water comes from sewage overflow. Stormwater also falls into this category as it can be difficult to tell from the water flow where it has been. Other sources include irrigation water, and drainage ditches for the same reason. In most cases if the water source can’t be identified it should be treated as category 3 just to be safe.

3. How To Remove It

It’s important to note that any time a sewage cleanup is needed that a water damage restoration service should be contacted. These professionals have the tools needed for the cleanup, the necessary safety gear, the correct cleaning solutions, and the training needed to complete the job thoroughly. Often the process starts with water removal, and then cleaning and drying the area. Once this is done repairs can be made.

It’s important to know that all floodwater is black water because there’s a chance it may have been contaminated by sewage material. If you have this type of flooding in your home it’s important to contact a restoration professional for help with clean up and repairs. They can safely sanitize your home as well.

Anaheim Smoke, Soot and Fire Cleanup

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Home damaged by fire and smoke Fire and smoke damage

Smoke and soot is very invasive and can penetrate various cavities within your home, causing hidden damage and odor. Our smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.  

Smoke and soot facts:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.
  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go from floor to floor.
  • The type of smoke may greatly affect the restoration process.

Different Types of Smoke

There are two different types of smoke–wet and dry. As a result, there are different types of soot residue after a fire. Before restoration begins, SERVPRO of Anaheim West will test the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. The cleaning procedures will then be based on the information identified during pretesting.

Here is some additional information:

Wet Smoke – Plastic and Rubber

  • Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky, smeary. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean.

Dry Smoke – Paper and Wood

  • Fast burning, high temperatures, heat rises therefore smoke rises.

Protein Fire Residue – Produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire

  • Virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes, extreme pungent odor.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions.  We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage. We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care. For further information on our services, feel free to visit us here.

Have Questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?

Call Us Today – (714) 533-1989 Se Habla Español

3 Common Sewer and Plumbing Problems in Commercial Buildings

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Sewer cleaning. A plumber uses a sewer snake to clean blockage in a sewer line. Sewer cleaning in Southwest Anaheim, CA

Common Causes of Water and Sewage Issues

A blocked sewer can be a stinky problem for your Southwest Anaheim, CA, business. It could lead to a toilet overflow or other issues that can contaminate the building. That is because sewage often supports the growth of harmful microbes.
Damage to the property's plumbing system can cause major destruction, as well. Below are some common causes of water and sewage issues in commercial buildings.

1. Leaking or Broken Pipes
When a pipe breaks, the water sprays into your building quickly. Even if your property has durable copper pipes, they could still get damaged. In fact, low-quality water can cause pinhole leaks to develop just two years after the pipes are installed. You should thus have the pipes regularly maintained and inspected. Having a plumber check your pipes now could save you money on costly repairs down the line.

2. Worn Down Sewer Lines
Sewer lines made of cast iron are expected to last at least 25 years. However, they could wear down earlier than inspected, causing a blocked sewer and other similar issues. If you smell sewage gas in your building, you may have a problem with the sewer line. Indentations and deformations in the landscape are also signs of possible issues.
You should also check any appliances and drains for clogging. Recurrent blockages may be evidence of a larger sewer problem.

3. Foundation Issues
It is not just the pipes that can cause water damage in your building. Cracks or shifts in the foundation can harm the plumbing system while also affecting the structural integrity of the property. Root intrusion, poor drainage, and soil displacement are common causes of foundation problems.
You should regularly check your pipes and foundation for damage that could lead to a flood or blocked sewer. Have a plumber fix any leaks, breaks, or other signs of damage immediately. If your building develops a more severe issue, sewage cleanup experts can assist with repairs.

How Landlords Should Address Mold Issues

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mold on the wall of an apartment Mold on the wall of an apartment in Anaheim, CA

Follow The Below Steps

A moldy apartment is a nightmare for both tenants and landlords. After all, the mold cleanup process can be extensive. If a tenant in Anaheim, CA, contacts you about possible mold damage, follow the below steps.

1. Find Out Whether It Is Actually Mold
Just because your tenant believes mold is present in the apartment does not mean that is the case. The fungus in question could actually be mildew, which is much easier to remove. That’s because mildew only grows on the surfaces of items. You can thus apply a strong cleaning fluid and scrub it away.
Mold, however, embeds itself into surfaces. This makes mold contamination difficult for amateurs to handle on their own. Mold cleanup experts must be called in to address the problem.
How do you know if the fungus is mold or mildew? Ask your tenant what the apparent mold looks like. If it appears powdery or fluffy, it is likely mildew. Mold is typically slimy or fuzzy. Mildew is also usually yellow, white, or gray, while mold is black or green.

2. Determine the Scope of the Issue
Ask your tenant to send you pictures of the apparent mold contamination. This will help you confirm whether you are dealing with mold or mildew. You will also be able to see just how extensive the mold damage is.

3. Locate the Source
Set up a time for you and your tenant to search the apartment and find the cause of the mold growth. Since mold spores need moisture in order to grow, the mold could be evidence of a water leak or flood. Remediation experts will address any excess water first before the mold cleanup begins.

4. Consider Relocating Your Tenant
Either you or the tenant should contact the cleaning professionals right away. If possible, let your tenant stay in another apartment while the mold removal is taking place.
Property owners need to work with their tenants and remediation experts to address any mold problems. This should help your tenants feel confident that the mold won't return.

Don't Do These Three Things When Your Home Floods

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Neighborhood flooded A flooded neighborhood in Anaheim, CA

Avoid the Following Common Mistakes

With flood water everywhere, your residence in Anaheim, CA, no longer resembles your pleasant, well-put-together home. Rather, it's become a clammy, musty abode. In the midst of this surreal scene, you're not only trying to grasp the emotional loss, but you're also wondering about the recovery process. What should you do? What should you avoid? As you navigate through these trying times, avoid the following common mistakes.

1. Do Not Stay in the Location
When a deluge occurs, your flooded home becomes a hazard. Don't think it's okay to stay put in that spot, simply waiting for it to dry out. Instead, contact your insurance agent and gather information. Then, find a water restoration company in Anaheim, CA. These experts can sanitize and test. In the meantime, while you wait for results, find an alternate place to spend your time.

2. Do Not Leave Your Skin Exposed
While you aren't living in your house, you may visit it, looking for items that weren't harmed. Try to go with specialists, not on your own. The team may help you avoid danger zones. For example, the flood water likely brought in microorganisms. These little spores love dampness and darkness. Overexposure isn't good for anyone, so don't go for too long. Furthermore, wear protective clothing, such as long pants and rubber boots. Electrical currents carry through water, and sometimes potential danger hides. Wear items that keep you safe from protrusions, cuts, and burns.

3. Do Not Wait To Seek Aid
Standing liquid only enhances the water damage, allowing microbes to fester and spread extremely quickly. For this reason, act swiftly to collaborate with your team, airing out the ruined sections and discarding anything too waterlogged. Discuss any cleaning procedures, trash removals, and future purchases with your remediation and restoration crews. They can guide you in the decisions as well as advise you when it's best bring in replacement items. Doing so too soon could only ruin those valuables.
Avoid flood water as much as possible. The dirty fluid requires proper removal; therefore, remain distance and consult those with expertise.

How Many Fire Extinguishers Should a Commercial Building Have?

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Three fire extinguishers A fire extinguisher is critical safety equipment for every commercial structure in Southwest Anaheim, CA

The fire hazard level and size of a commercial building determine the appropriate fire extinguisher count. Consider the following factors to ensure that a commercial property in Southwest Anaheim, CA, has sufficient fire suppression equipment.

Fire Hazard Level

There are five fire hazard level classifications. Start by determining which of the following hazard levels applies to a structure:

  • Light Fire Hazard
  • Ordinary Fire Hazard I
  • Ordinary Fire Hazard II
  • Extra Fire Hazard
  • Commercial Kitchen

A Light Fire Hazard is a building in which most rooms do not contain combustible materials and contents should not support the rapid spread of fire. An Ordinary Fire Hazard I poses a slightly higher risk, while an Ordinary Fire Hazard II contains more flammable materials. A structure with flammable materials in close proximity is an Extra Fire Hazard. A commercial kitchen has the highest risk of fire damage due to the use of heat and combustible liquids.

Building Size
The furthest distance to a fire extinguisher in any commercial structure should be no more than 75 feet. The square footage of a building classified as a Light or Ordinary Fire Hazard I will determine the necessary number of extinguishers.
A commercial building classified as an Ordinary Fire Hazard II or Extra Fire Hazard should have fire extinguishers spaced 30 to 50 feet apart. Extinguishers should be installed within a 30-foot range to prevent a kitchen fire.

Fire Preparedness
The appropriate class of extinguisher should be available at each location in a commercial building and occupants must be trained in safe fire suppression. Fire safety training should cover the PASS method of pulling an extinguisher pin, aiming the nozzle, squeezing the trigger and sweeping the spray from side to side.
A fire extinguisher is critical safety equipment for every commercial structure in Southwest Anaheim, CA. Even if a blaze is successfully suppressed, any fire or water damage will require timely mitigation and restoration.

How To Prepare Your Business Before a Storm

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Weather forecast. A television anchorman at studio during live broadcasting Watch the news regularly for up-to-date information

Ways To Prepare Your Business Before A Storm

A storm in Anaheim, CA, can easily affect your business. Winds can damage your roof, flood water can fill lower floors and power outages can disrupt your workday. In this situation, it is best to be prepared ahead of time. The following are some ways that you can do that.

1. Stay Updated

When you are expecting severe weather, you should always make sure to watch the news regularly for up-to-date information. The weather can change quickly, and having the latest information will allow you to adjust plans as needed.

2. Check Your Insurance Policy

If you have water damage after a storm, you will likely need to have repairs done by a clean up and restoration company. Go over your insurance policy so you know what is included and what will be required of you when you are filing a claim. If you do not have a flood policy, you may want to purchase this.

3. Back Up Important Data

Your business probably keeps a lot of important information on computers and other electronic devices. If flood water enters the building, it can damage this equipment and result in lost data. To prevent this, back up any necessary files. You can make physical copies with an external hard drive or USB as well as by uploading items to cloud storage.

4. Move Furniture and Other Items

Another way to reduce damage in the case of a flooded building is to move anything you can to a safer location. If your building has multiple floors, move furniture and belongings to a higher level. This will protect these objects from any water that has gathered on the lower floors.
Because rain and flood water can cause costly damage to your building and equipment, it is important to make preparations when you are expecting a storm. Even if floods do not happen often in your area, it is best to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Doing so can limit the effect that severe weather can have on your business.

What’s That Brown Stain on Your Ceiling? Facts About Home Mold

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Stained ceiling with the words WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU FOUND If you have a black or brownish stain creeping across your ceiling, you may have household mold

If you have a black or brownish stain creeping across your ceiling, you may have household mold. It’s important to address mold as soon as you find it. It can mean a simple process of drying out and sanitizing the area, or it can be more serious. This discussion about household mold may help you choose the best course of action.

What is Mold?

Mold exists in abundance outdoors, especially in humid climates. It becomes a problem only when it finds its way indoors. Invisible, microscopic fungi are the cause of those irregular patches of green, orange, brown or black mold.

Where Does Mold Thrive?

Certain areas of your home are more susceptible to mold problems. High-humidity locations where you are more likely to discover mold include:

  • crawl spaces
  • bathrooms
  • refrigerators
  • water-damaged areas
  • laundry rooms

If you notice a discoloration or smell a musty odor in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, home, it’s essential you find out whether it is toxic mold. The color black is associated with toxic mold because dark green or black mold can be dangerous to pets and humans. Many types of mold are harmless, so it’s important to have the problem diagnosed.

What If You Suspected Mold?

When you discover a suspicious smell or a colored patch on your wall, it’s suggested you have your home evaluated before you try to address the problem yourself. Your local mold cleanup and restoration service can test and diagnose your problem and recommend ways to remove it.
If your home tests positive for toxic mold, it is essential you use a mold remediation specialist to address the problem. If your orange, green or black mold problem turns out to be non-toxic, mold experts can still perform the cleanup. They can also tell you how to prevent the problem from returning.
A splotchy area or musty smell in your home isn’t always a cause for alarm, but testing will offer you peace of mind or alert you to a problem. Toxic mold cleanup can be disruptive to your life. It’s best to catch the problem early, so you can return your home to normal in the short term.

Temporary Fixes for Leaks During the Storm

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Man Collecting Water In Bucket From Ceiling. Ceiling panels damaged huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage.Water damaged ce Quickly place a bucket under the leak to prevent further damage

In the midst of high winds or torrential rains, your business in Anaheim, CA, could suddenly spring a roof leak. When that happens, limiting water from seeping in can make a big difference after the storm. A damaged roof left unchecked can quickly lead to more extensive issues beyond the roof, including flooding, storm damage, and mold growth.

Temporary Fix

The moment a leak is noticed, action should be taken if it is safe to do so. Below are tips to address and temporarily patch the problem.

  • Quickly place a bucket under the leak to prevent further damage.
  • Unplug any nearby electronics.
  • If water is spreading but not coming through, it means water is pooling on your roof. You can poke a small hole in the ceiling to capture the water and gain more control of the size of the leak.
  • Locate the main source of the leak. Look for gaps and holes that could be the culprit. If the structure has a sloped roof, the hole may not be accessible.
  • Use a tarp to temporarily block water from coming in. Roofing tape and caulk can be used on smaller leaks.

Professional Fix

After the storm, a roof leak is not something that can continue to go without repair. Whether it was high winds that resulted in missing shingles, a branch that caused a hole or the age of the roof itself has allowed deterioration, get professional help is key to avoiding extensive water damage. They will fix the damage and repair weak spots to keep future leaks from happening. Once the repairs are done, staying on top of maintenance can help you avoid the same problem down the road. Key tips include keeping nearby trees trimmed, checking for damage after every storm, cleaning gutters, inspecting flashings around elements on the roof and checking ceilings for signs of water infiltration.
Whether the storm is still brewing or the calm has finally arrived, getting a roof leak properly fixed as soon as possible can prevent further damage and headaches.

How to Safely Use Candles in Your Home

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Bouquet of white flowers in a vase, candles on vintage copper tray, wedding home decor on a table Candles look pretty and they can add a warm ambiance to any room

Candles look pretty and they can add a warm ambiance to any room. Candles are especially popular during the holidays. Scented candles create an inviting fragrance for guests when they walk into your home in Southwest Anaheim, CA. A candle fire, however, can cause serious damage if the candle isn’t tended to properly.
Flameless candles are a safe alternative to burning traditional candles and many of them come with a pleasing scent as well. If you are determined to burn candles, however, there are some smart safety tips to ensure that your family and your home stay protected.

Safety Tips When Burning Candles

Make sure that when you leave a room you blow out any lit candles.
Never burn candles in your bedroom. If you fall asleep, an unattended candle can cause a fire. Over a third of all fires from candles occur in a bedroom.
Always keep candles at least a foot away from clutter and any other objects that can burn. More than half of all candle-related fires start when the flame gets too close to a flammable object.
To avoid a candle fire, it is important to set candles on a sturdy surface.
Never leave children unattended with a lit candle.

Additional Tips for Handling Candles

You should always make sure that the candle is placed in a substantial candle holder that can catch the wax drippings. A tipsy candle is a sure way to cause a fire. When lighting a candle, be careful to pull back long hair and keep the flame away from loose clothes. Never light a flame if someone in your home is using an oxygen tank.
Not only can a candle fire cause serious damage in your home but dealing with smoke cleanup can be difficult and costly. If you follow a few smart tips you can keep your family and your home safe.

Water Damage 101: How to Clean a Flooded House the Right Way

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Air movers drying kitchen floor Drying equipment in an Anaheim, CA kitchen floor

Some Common Causes of Flooding

Water damage is one of the leading causes of headaches for homeowners in Anaheim, CA. Whether it’s human-error or natural disaster, you instinctively want to get things back to normal as soon as possible. That’s when you start making rash decisions that may come back to haunt you.
Some of the common causes of flooding include:

  • Broken Pipes
  • Heavy downpour
  • Dam accidents

Switch Off the Electricity

There’s no doubt electricity and water don’t mix. For that reason, switch off the power at the mains to avoid any more disasters. Wear rubber boots and gloves before touching anything, then start evacuating electronics from the affected area. However, be very careful with appliances that come with inbuilt batteries.

Remove the Water

There are several ways to clean up after a flood. You can use a wet vacuum and a sump pump to make work easier or do it manually. The rug and bucket method is the second safest option considering all the risks that come with operating a flooded electrical system. The only time power tools work is when draining a plumbing accident that has no chance of getting to electrical sockets in other parts of the house.
Pour the water on the lawn or drain, then inspect the water damage to determine the next cause of action. If that is not an option, call the city and ask them to unclog the storm drains before starting the water cleanup process.

Dry and Disinfect

To avoid costly repairs, remove any remaining moisture from the drywall as fast as possible. Use a dehumidifier to speed up the drying process and also open the windows to help with air circulation. Once everything is nice and dry, disinfect all the lumber, insulation, drywall and furniture that touched contaminated floodwater.
Now you know what to do after a water damage incident. Just remember to avoiding any high-risk situations, as mentioned earlier.

3 First Steps When the Water Overflows

2/3/2020 (Permalink)

Overflowing toilet An overflowing toilet can cause a lot of water, property, and sewer damage

Three Example of ISO Standard Policies

A flooded toilet can result in thousands of dollars of damage to your Southwest Anaheim, CA, commercial property. Will your insurance policy cover it? The answer to that depends on the type of water and sewer damage, but even familiarity with your policy may not help you determine whether you're covered. Take a look at three examples of ISO standard policies:

  1. ISO HO 00 03 covers water and bacteria that back up through sewers or drains or overflows or is discharged from a sump or equipment related to a sump pump.
  2. ISO BP 00 03 (or a BOP policy) covers water that backs up, overflows, or in some other way comes from the sewer, drain, sump or similar type of equipment.
  3. ISO CP 10 30 Special Causes of Loss Form covers water that either backs up or overflows from the drain, sewer or sump.

The descriptions of the policies all sound the same, but there are important differences in the details.

What should you do?

1. Turn Off the Water and Electricity

Electricity and water are a dangerous combination. Shut off the electricity at the building's circuit breaker panel. Then turn off the main water shutoff valve for the building to prevent water from spreading any further.

2. Contact Professionals

Spend a few minutes making some vital phone calls. One of the first calls you make may be to the insurance company. This is the only way to be sure you have the ISO policy that covers the specific type of sewer damage to your property. Next, contact water damage professionals to promptly address any risk of sewage contamination.

3. Remove as Much Water as Possible

Working quickly and using mops, towels, wet/dry vacs, fans, and open windows, get your property as dry as possible. Work closely with cleanup professionals and representatives from the sewage company to be sure cleanup is handled appropriately.
A clogged sink or overflowing toilet can cause a lot of water, property and sewer damage. Make sure you discuss the specifics of coverage before your building is affected.

Hallmarks of a Good Emergency Cleanup Company

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Technician wearing protective gear while cleaning up pieces of a drywall Cleaning up drywall

Are you looking to purchase and own a disaster restoration company? Though there may be multiple options to choose from in the area, you need an organization you can trust. The best professional disaster cleanup companies not only exceed their clients' expectations, but they provide excellent support to their team members. Pay attention to the essential traits of the best organizations so you to make the right choice.

Examples of Disaster Responses

In some cases, businesses bring emergencies to themselves. Improper maintenance, laziness or lack of attention to details can lead to damage and devastation in the workplace. Other times, Mother Nature or other external factors lead to catastrophe. No matter what causes the incidents, businesses can feel good knowing that the best-certified cleanup crews have the expertise and experience to help with the following:

  • Flooding
  • Storm damage
  • Fires
  • Mold

Managed Locally

The most successful emergency cleanup companies have a widespread presence. You'll find franchises throughout the country to respond to the needs of people and businesses in all areas. Capable, skilled leaders own and operate these individual offices. This allows the company to quickly send the right resources to each situation. Because the companies are locally owned, you can depend on good communication throughout the cleanup and restoration process.

Support From the Home Office

While each SERVPRO franchise has a local presence, there is also influence from the corporate organization. When necessary, such as during large-scale incidents such as natural disasters, the corporate office will provide all the help the franchises need to respond appropriately to emergencies. The corporate team can deploy additional resources or provide more equipment to battle the challenges the technicians are facing. Every member of the crew has the skills and dedication you would want when your business is in peril.
It's easy to see why you would want to be a part of a SERVPRO franchise. Reach out to an office in your area and get involved.

What To Know About Category 3 Water Damage

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A neighborhood flooded Flood damage in Anaheim, CA
Water damage comes at different levels. Category 3 water damage is the highest possible. Sewage and river water are two examples of contaminated category 3 water. As far as categories go, category 1 is clean water. Category 2 is clean water that has sat for a short time or water that has some chemicals in it. Category 3 contains bacteria and pathogens. 

What Is Category 3 Water?

 This type is known as black water. Where does polluted water come from, though? Here are a few of the sources that lead to it:
  • Sewage
  • Flood water from rivers and streams
  • Groundwater
  • Standing water

Keep in mind that after a few days of standing, most water is contaminated.

What Is Secondary Damage?

One of the effects that black water can have on a home or business is the secondary damage. When it comes to contaminated flood water, secondary damage is due to what is left in the air afterward. The bacteria and water can evaporate and remain in the home for some time if not taken care of properly. This is why it is important to have a specialist to make sure that all of the water and mold are gone.

What Can You Do?

Most people want to know what they can do about black water in their home. The first line of defense is calling a professional who has the proper equipment to handle this type of flood. Once you have someone to help you extract the water, you can focus on the cleanup process. It is important to get this done right away. The longer that black water sits, the more dangerous it can become to you and your family.

Category 3 water damage sounds more intimidating than it is. With the right defense, you can save yourself the headache and expense of secondary damage caused by Anaheim, CA flood water. With any flood, you do not want to take on category 3 damage on your own.
Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on commercial water damage.

How To Prevent Mold in Your Rental Property

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Damaged rain gutter Mold prevention is the maintenance of roof gutters

Four Tasks To Prevent Mold Growth

Mold prevention should be a priority among any rental property owner. For one thing, mold leads to damage, which decreases property value, but beyond money, mold is not appealing and may not be safe for your tenants. Therefore, to reduce your risks, consider performing four tasks to prevent mold growth.

  • Ensure ventilation
  • Control humidity levels
  • Correctly grade landscaping
  • Maintain roof gutters

Ensure Ventilation

The first key to the prevention of mold is to ensure ventilation. Mold needs water and moisture to develop and grow. By installing vent hoods in kitchens and exhaust fans in other areas prone to high humidity, you can reduce the threat of mold development in your rental property. Also, with specific preventative measures, you may increase property value.

Control Humidity Levels

Mold prevention mainly comes down to moisture control. Humidity can be a problem in Anaheim, CA, but that doesn’t mean your property is automatically in danger of a mold infestation. You can install dehumidifiers around the property to ensure that humidity levels remain around 50% or less.

Correctly Grade Landscaping

Once moisture and humidity levels are under control inside the property, you can turn your focus to the exterior, specifically the landscaping. The lawn and landscaping around the property should be graded or slanted away from the foundation to prevent water damage. If it is not angled away from the building, then you may want to excavate the property or install additional drainage.

Maintain Roof Gutters

Last, an often-overlooked means of mold prevention is the maintenance of roof gutters. When gutter systems are allowed to clog, rainwater will overflow, running down the side of the building and into the foundation or seeping into windows and doors. The extra moisture can cause mold problems.
Therefore, mold prevention is about moisture control. Install proper ventilation systems, dehumidifiers and maintain the exterior. If mold still occurs, then contact a mold remediation specialist in Anaheim, CA, for assistance.

Creating an Emergency Plan for your Business

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evacuation plan - first floor There are a number of things to include in your company's fire escape plan

Here Are a Few Things to Include When Creating This Plan

It’s important for every Southwest Anaheim, CA, company to have a fire escape plan. Not only can this help keep your employees safe, but it may also be a good place to keep information for a local fire restoration service and other emergency numbers. Here are a few things to include when creating this plan.

1. Include Exit Possibilities

It’s often recommended to include information on how to exit the building in the case of an emergency. Many companies choose to use maps that can illustrate the various routes out. You may also want to include instructions for releasing emergency windows or fire escape stairs. There should be several exits available in the company property in case one ends up blocked by a fire.

2. Show Equipment Locations

Another thing often included in a fire escape plan is the location of emergency equipment. This often contains fire extinguisher locations, but can also include emergency alarm pulls, phone locations, fire escapes, eye washes, and first aid kits. If included on the emergency map be sure to also include a map key so that employees can easily recognize what each symbol means.

3. Share The Information

One of the most important things to do with an emergency escape plan is to ensure that everyone has access to it. In fact many states have regulations about the placement of emergency equipment and escape maps. You may also want to consider holding emergency drills for your employees to ensure that everyone knows what to do if a fire should occur.
There are a number of things to include in your company's fire escape plan. You will want to showcase the various exit routes from each part of the building and include the locations for fire alarms, extinguishers, and other safety equipment. You may also want to include emergency numbers. Be sure to place this information in a location where every employee has easy access to it.

3 Common Storm Types and Their Damage

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Snowstorm, poor visibility,slick roads and lots of traffic Top of mind when it comes to storm damage, snow storms can pose a litany of problems

From burst pipes to standing water, storm damage comes in many varied forms. In fact, there are about as many types of storm damage as there are types of storm. Knowing what to expect for each type can go a long way in helping you prepare your Anaheim, CA, home for storm season. Learn more about three common storm types and their typical damage.

About Storm Damage

Storm types can vary widely based on the area where you live. Regardless of the type of storm, there are a few elements that you can expect in just about any severe storm. Some of those include the following:

  • High winds
  • Heavy precipitation
  • Moderate to long duration

Those basics are almost guaranteed in any storm. More specific features - and damage risks - come down to the type of storm.

Snow Storms

Top of mind when it comes to storm damage, snow storms can pose a litany of problems. These storms often bring heavy snow that piles on roofs and causes them to collapse. Low temperatures, meanwhile, can lead to gutter ice dams or burst pipes caused by ice forming in frozen pipes and plumbing systems.

Thunder Storms

Common just about everywhere, thunderstorms tend to bring lightning, hail and high winds that can each cause their own type of damage. Gusts often knock down trees across your property and hail damages roofs. Lightning, meanwhile, can cause electrical problems or even fires in your home.

Tropical Storms

These storms are most common on the coast, though they can come surprisingly far inland. When they strike, they bring winds in excess of 70 mph, flinging projectiles that can shatter your home’s windows or even pierce your roof.
Whether it’s a burst pipe or a busted roof, the damage following a storm can spell major headaches for the average homeowner. Plan ahead. Talk to your local storm cleanup expert about ways you can prepare your home and get ahead of the weather.

6 Steps To Replace a Toilet

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Someone replacing a broken toilet Replacing a broken toilet

Follow This Six-Step Process For a Toilet Repair

Toilets are one of the most durable fixtures in most homes but eventually, most do need to be repaired or replaced. If you need to remove your leaking toilet for a toilet repair or you’re ready to upgrade to a new unit, you can follow this six-step process.

Drain the water. Start by turning off the water supply at the toilet valve or the main shutoff to your house. You can remove most of the water from the toilet by flushing it and then remove the remainder with a large sponge.

Remove the old toilet. First, disconnect the water supply tube. Next, remove the cover caps from the bolts that fasten your toilet to the floor so that you can remove the nuts. Then, with an assistant, lift the toilet off the bolts. Finally, remove any wax or putty that remains on the flange.

Test fit your new toilet. Place the base of your new toilet on the flange to make sure the bolts align with the holes in the base and that the toilet is level. If the toilet is not level, you can level it with shims.

Apply the wax ring to your new toilet. Make sure your room is at least 70 degrees before applying the wax ring to the bottom discharge outlet of your new toilet. Center the ring and press firmly until it is properly seated on the outlet. A proper seal can help you avoid a leaking toilet.

Place the new toilet. Lower the new toilet on to the flange bolts, applying gentle pressure until it is firmly seated against the floor. Then reconnect everything in reverse order of removal.

Make plumbing connections and test for leaks. Finish your plumbing connections and turn the water back on to check for leaks. If something is leaking, turn the water back off and inspect your connections and seals.

Replacing a toilet can seem like an intimidating process but following these steps should help you successfully complete the project. If your leaking toilet has left you with water damage, consider contacting a water damage cleanup specialist to ensure you don’t end up with a larger problem.

What You Can Do to Prevent a Lint Fire

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Cleaning the lint from the filter after drying a load of laundry. Clean the lint filter of your dryer

Steps To Minimize the Risk of a Dryer Fire in Your Home

Dryer maintenance is something that you may not give much thought to. However, by failing to take proper care of this appliance, you can put your home in danger. To prevent a lint fire from breaking out in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, home, it’s crucial to follow basic dryer safety guidelines. Here are some steps you can take to minimize the risk of a dryer fire in your living space.

Clean the Dryer Duct

When it’s in good condition, your dryer duct helps to vent moisture out of the dryer and remove lint from the inside of the appliance. If this duct is no longer working properly, it won’t be able to remove moisture and lint, which can create a fire. You can easily prevent this from happening by cleaning the dryer duct at least once a year. Be sure to do the following when cleaning the duct:

  • Remove duct from dryer
  • Vacuum duct and dryer thoroughly
  • Reattach duct to dryer (make sure duct joints are connected)
  • Put dryer back in place and turn on power

Carefully check for any traces of lint when cleaning your dryer and duct. The more thorough you are, the better chance you have of thwarting a lint fire.

Clean the Lint Filter

The other part of your dryer that needs careful attention is the lint filter. Allowing lint to build up in the filter may cause a dryer fire to break out. Unlike the dryer duct, which only requires an annual cleaning, your lint filter should be cleared of lint after each load. Not only does this decrease the risk of a fire, but it also helps you get into the habit of maintaining your lint filter. By regularly cleaning your filter, you can also allow your clothing to dry faster and spend less time doing laundry as a result.
If a lint fire causes harm in your Southwest Anaheim, CA, home, be sure to call fire damage professionals as soon as possible. In no time, your living space can return back to normal.

Can a Roof Leak Create Mold Issues?

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Girl found mold in the corner of her home Mold damage in an Anaheim,CA home

Can a Roof Leak Create Mold Issues?

Do you notice a musty smell that develops after a hard rain? Does the odor dissipate after a few days, only to return again with another storm? If so, you may have a roof leak causing water intrusion. Not only is this problematic for your roof structure, but it could also be developing black mold. Homeowners in Anaheim, CA, should seek immediate action to remedy the situation by having it inspected and repaired. Here are three things to consider if you suspect this condition affects your home.

Why Should You Call in the Experts?

When mold spores come in contact with water, they can multiply quickly, causing a major mold cleanup project. With a fast incubation period, the fungus spreads throughout porous areas such as ceiling tiles, drywall and carpet. Left too long, it can cause structural damage and rot. Admittedly, it can be tempting to try home remedies first, but that usually cleans only the surface. The impacted areas need removal; otherwise, the predicament could begin again. Therefore, you'll need the assistance of a mold remediation company, who can test the areas, identifying sections that are infected and require treatment.

How Will They Store My Property?

Once workers know where the black mold exists, they can begin restoration efforts. First, they need to repair the initial issue with the roof, fixing any trouble. Then, they'll tear out any impacted pieces. Don't worry. Anything removed is replaced. In addition, the company can apply an antimicrobial spray, limiting future regrowth. With that accomplished, spots are patched and painted, leaving the residence looking "Like it never even happened."

Can I Prevent It From Occurring Again?

If you would like to keep mold at bay, then consider minimizing your moisture problem. Take care of any water damage as soon as you notice it. Maintain dry spaces, and if you live in a humid area, run dehumidifiers frequently to pull excess liquid from the air.
If you suspect a roof leak, have it examined right away. If left alone, the water damage could create black mold, requiring the assistance of outside help and lots of work.

3 Tips To Prepare Your Company for Flooding

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External drive connected to a computer Keep computer files backed up on an external hard drive or cloud in case of fire damage

Protecting Your Company for Flooding

If you have a business in Anaheim, CA, then you may be concerned about the potential for flooding in the area. Fortunately, there are a few steps of preparation you can take to help protect your company. Here's what you may want to know.

1. Know the Weather in Your Location

One important step for avoiding possible flood damage is to know your local weather patterns. Keep track of storm advisories, cold temperatures, and especially any flood warnings. You should also check if your business property is located at the bottom of a watershed, as this can increase your chances for floods. Knowing what to expect can help you take precautionary measures ahead of time.

2. Back Up Your Files

It's recommended that you take steps to protect your business's files before flooding occurs. You likely want to back up any information that may cause loss to your company if damaged, or consider storing files offsite such as in a remote server or in the cloud. This will allow for any company files to be restored if damage does occur.

3. Take Protective Measures

Other steps you can take if you're expecting a flood are more permanent measures, such as the installation of storm shutters or sump pump in basement levels. Many water damage restoration services can offer recommendations for mitigation steps you can take, as well as repair services if damage occurs. It's also a good idea to inspect your property after a storm so that any necessary repairs can be conducted as quickly as possible.
When it comes to protecting your business from flooding, these three steps can help you mitigate potential storm damage before it happens. Staying aware of the local weather, backing up important data, and taking measures to protect the property are all important things to do before a storm hits to avoid and manage damage to your company.

3 Useful Ways To Respond To a Flooded Basement

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Completely flooded basement. It is visible line showing maximum water level higher than 7 feet. Flooded basement in Southwest Anaheim,CA

3 Useful Ways To Respond To a Flooded Basement

A basement flood can leave homeowners in a panic. Many homeowners in Southwest Anaheim, CA, are unsure of what to do if a flood occurs in their home's basement. However, there are various steps homeowners can take to keep themselves and their home safe in the event of a flooded basement.

1. Focus on Water Removal First

Once the flow of water has stopped, it's often important to first prioritize water removal. Removing water in a timely manner can result in less water damage to your home's basement. A sump pump can often help to remove water from your basement after a flood has occurred, though you can't place a sump pump in your basement after a flood. Wet vacuums can also be useful to remove small amounts of water.

2. Keep Your Basement Dry and Don't Attempt DIY Restoration

Keeping your basement dry is often useful after water has been removed, and opening windows is often one of the easiest, safest ways to improve the airflow in your basement. When the basement is dry, restoration is usually the next step. Although you may be tempted to try a DIY restoration, this can ultimately cause more damage to items that have been affected by a basement flood. In order to ensure that your home is restored in a safe manner, it can be helpful to contact water damage restoration experts.

3. Consider Preventative Maintenance

There are various common causes of floods in basements, such as pipe leaks, cracks in your home's foundation, sewer backups and more. If your basement has been flooded once, this does not necessarily mean that another flood won't occur, particularly if there are additional leaks or other issues that have not been resolved. To avoid another flood, it can be helpful to contact a plumber to perform preventative maintenance. Depending on your policy, insurance coverage may help cover the costs of preventative maintenance.

Regardless of the cause, a basement flood can be distressing. However, knowing what actions to take if this disaster occurs can help you to mitigate damage to your home and can quicken the process of restoration.

Tips for Safe Space Heater Use

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A space heater A space heater in an Anaheim,CA home

Tips For Safely Operating Your Space Heater

Your space heater may keep you warm and cozy during the long winter months, but it is also a major fire hazard. If you aren’t careful, you may find yourself dealing with a fire resulting from a burned space heater. It’s crucial to take basic safety precautions when using your heater to reduce the risk of fire damage in your Anaheim, CA, home. Here are some essential tips for safely operating your space heater.

Find a Safe Location

Your unit is much more likely to catch fire if you place it too close to combustible materials. Some examples of highly flammable objects in the home are:

  • Bedding
  • Curtains
  • Furniture
  • Carpets

Make sure that you place your unit at least three feet away from these combustible objects whenever you turn it on. For extra safety, remember to always unplug the heater after you’re done using it.

Look for Shut-Off Features

To avoid having a burned space heater, it’s also crucial to look for auto shut-off features before you purchase your unit. These features turn off the unit automatically if it ever overheats. Additionally, some heaters come with an auto tip-over switch that shuts off the unit immediately if it is accidentally knocked over. Remember that it’s well worth your time to seek out these essential safety features.

Check the Cord

Your heater should have an intact cord that is sturdy enough to prevent fires from occurring. To keep your home safe, it’s best to look for a unit that has a standard six-foot-long cord. Make sure you never use a power strip or extension cord with your heater, as this can lead to overheating. If you need your space heater to reach a longer distance, simply look for a unit that has a longer cord.
If your burned space heater has led to fire damage in your home, don’t hesitate to call for help. A skilled restoration professional can conduct a fire damage assessment and perform smoke cleanup services as needed.

Testing for Mold

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Close-up of person hand wearing gloves measuring wetness of a moldy wall Mold testing in Anaheim, CA

What Types of Test Are Used for Mold?

Discovering a significant amount of mold in your Anaheim, CA home can justifiably cause some concern. You may wonder where to start. Is this all the mold or is this only the tip of the iceberg? Mold can spread quickly and has, most likely, already spread to places you’ve not yet seen. One of the first steps in mold remediation is mold testing so that you know who the enemy is and how to deal with it. So what types of tests are typically used?

1. Bulk Sampling

Bulk tests involve taking a small piece (two to four square inches) of some of the suspect material for laboratory analysis. For example, a piece of drywall may be cut out (and bagged carefully so as to not to disturb the mold).

2. Tape Sampling

A piece of clear tape is placed on a suspect area then placed on a microscope slide. This is the most common method of mold testing since it’s easy, doesn’t do any damage and gives a lot of information.

3. Swab Sampling

Typically with swabbing, a dry swab will be used for wet surfaces and a wet swab will be used for dry surfaces. A swab test is usually used only if one of the other surface methods isn’t feasible (e.g., if the area is difficult to access).

4. Air Sampling

When testing the air quality in your home, two samples are collected: one from indoors, and a sample from outdoors to be used as a control. These samples are compared against one another to determine if there is mold in the house that is not naturally occurring outside the home.
When you suspect the presence of a significant amount of mold in your home, it’s time to act. One mold testing option is to purchase your own home mold kit. While a DIY mold kit can be convenient and inexpensive, it will only go so far in determining the extent of your mold problem. It’s best to be safe and get mold remediation experts to do a thorough inspection and mold cleanup.

How To Fix Damage to Your Roof

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Someone fixing the roof Roof repair in Southwest Anaheim, CA

Steps To Prevent Further Damage To Your Roof

A solid roof keeps out rain and debris, protecting your home in Southwest Anaheim, CA, from damage. Unfortunately, the first sign you need roof repair is when you notice the effects of the damage. If this happens, there are several steps you can take to prevent further problems.

Locate the Issue

Hail and strong winds can easily cause roof damage. Before you begin mitigation, you need to inspect your roof. There are several issues to look for:

  • Broken shingles
  • Worn out or damaged flashing
  • Clogged or dented gutters

Once you know where the damage is, you can make a more informed plan for taking care of it. This can also be helpful to water restoration specialists who fix your water damage so that they can board up the area or place a tarp over it until roofers can arrive.

Mitigate Inside Damage

Once your home has water damage from a leaking roof, you are on a time clock. Both damage remediation and roof repair have to happen fairly quickly. Timely mitigation of the waterlogged materials in your home helps to prevent secondary damage such as mold growth. Then, once the remediation process is finished, it is equally important to fix the roof so that the problem doesn't keep happening every time there is a storm in your area.

Fix the Roof

Professional contractors can assess the wind damage on your roof and give you an estimate of the cost of repairs. Broken shingles will probably need to be replaced. All joints may need to be reinforced, and any loose flashing needs to be reattached or replaced. Don't put off the repairs to your roof, or you may be revisiting the whole mitigation process all over again the next time a storm hits.
Wind and hail can tear up your roof in no time, leaving your home vulnerable. Fast roof repair and damage remediation are the keys to getting your home back to normal.

How To Fix Your Flooded Basement

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Flooded basement Flooded basement in Anaheim, CA

A basement flood in Anaheim, CA, isn’t just an inconvenience — it can be a dangerous and expensive emergency. Between the many potential risks, is there a safe way to handle a flooded basement? Following these steps can help to mitigate the damage and start making repairs immediately.

What Causes Basement Floods?

A basement flood can be triggered by a number of causes, including:

  • Inclement weather. From light rain showers to thunderstorms and hurricanes, severe weather is one of the leading causes of flooding in homes.

  • Damaged plumbing. As pipes age, they are more prone to cracks, holes, leaks and even bursting throughout the house.

  • Sewer backup. When sewage fixtures become clogged and can’t drain, water can begin building up and may backflow into the building.

What Should You Do If the Basement Floods?

When flooding occurs, the damage can be immense. Once it’s safe to enter the affected area, it’s important to assess the situation — determine where the most damage happened and what can or cannot be salvaged. Then, based on how much water has accumulated, decide how best to remove it from the basement. More often than not, it’s a good idea to call in a professional to help with this process; an experienced fieldworker can help assess damaged areas and recommend the best possible solutions.

How Can You Prepare Your Home for Future Emergencies?

The best way to combat water damage is to be ready for a flood. Consider installing a sump pump or other water removal system in the basement; once a flood begins, the pump will immediately start draining water from the area, thoroughly mitigating potential damage. Be sure to regularly inspect pipes, plumbing and roofing for signs of leakage. Also, ensure that any insurance coverage policies on the home will cover extensive flooding and water damage on the building.

Sometimes flooding can’t be anticipated, but a home can be properly prepared in the event of an emergency. With the right measures in place, mitigating the risk of flood damage is simple and effective. Be sure to contact a local professional to learn more about how best to prepare for in the event of a basement flood.

Cleaning Up the Black Stuff

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blue drying equipment Mold containment in Southwest Anaheim, CA

You’ve verified there is black mold in your office building. What do you do now? The purpose of mold removal is to clear out everything which can contain mold spores and to clean it well, so mold does not continue to grow. The following are procedures you and a specialist in Southwest Anaheim, CA, will take to remove mold from your workplace.

Black Mold Remediation Process

1. You need to contact a mold remediation specialist. They will ask questions concerning your specific needs and to verify that remediation is indeed necessary.

2. A professional will come to your business to do a damage assessment. Most of the time, mold can be easily spotted. It also puts off an odor which may smell like wet socks or rotten wood. Several pieces of technology can detect mold within the walls or flooring.
3. The specialist will then set up a containment area to keep mold spores from contaminating other areas while the cleanup is taking place. There are two types of containment. Limited containment includes areas that are between 10 and 100 square feet. A full containment covers spaces larger than 100 square feet.
4. All items containing mold are removed and disposed. Throwing out drywall and carpet will thoroughly eliminate any remaining mold spores. Include other things which are porous such as paper materials.
5. Check with the mold remediation specialist to verify which items are safe to keep. The professionals have specialized techniques and equipment to clean and sanitize your office belongings.
6. The final cleanup begins. Depending on the extent of the damage the mold has caused, a restoration specialist can remove everything contaminated. They then start on the minor repairs such as replacing drywall and carpet.
Black mold is dangerous to your employees and your business. Mold cleanup is the safest route to take to protect your investment. Speaking with a company that specializes in this type of removal will give you peace of mind that you can continue with your professional endeavors.

Candle Safety Tips

7/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fairy lights

Candles are popular home decor items. If they are not used safely, however, the relaxing ambiance in your home in Anaheim, CA, can quickly turn into fire damage. To avoid a candle fire, you must carefully adhere to the following tips.

Use Alternatives

The best way to avoid needing smoke cleanup services due to a candle mishap is not to use them in the first place. Look for alternatives:

  • Electric tea lights or fairy lights for softer lighting
  • Small lamps or book lights to concentrate light in one area of a room
  • Reed diffusers or wax warmers for homey scents

No matter why you want to use a candle, there is almost always a safer alternative to having an open flame in your home.

Place in Uncluttered Area

If you use a candle, you need to pay attention to its surroundings to avoid a candle fire. Make sure the candle is in a heatproof holder. Place the holder on a level, heat resistant surface so that it doesn't topple over. Remove any clutter around it, particularly if the objects are flammable. Keep children and pets away from it so that they don't get burned or knock it over.

Never Leave Unattended

Another key to candle safety is staying with it. Never leave a lit candle unattended. If you need to leave the room, extinguish the candle before you do so. Do not just assume the candle will burn down and go out eventually. It is just as likely to scorch the bottom of its holder and cause a fire as it is to go out on its own. You cannot predict what will happen while you are out of the room. It's important not to leave the safety of your home to chance.
Candles may be pretty, but they can cause some pretty serious damage. Use them safely or not at all in order to avoid a candle fire in your home.

Commercial Pipe Break in Anaheim, CA.

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8 Tips for Commercial Pipe Break

  1. Find out the source of the water leak and close the main water valve.
  2. In the case of significant water damage, the main electrical switch and gas lines should be shut immediately.
  3. The use of electrical appliances should be avoided by all means, especially when wet or standing on the wet surface.
  4. If there is a possibility, the fans can be switched on to circulate air that would accelerate the process of evaporation and dry the semi-wet areas. Faster air movement would help in making the area dry sooner. Air movement through other industrial tools can also be tried.
  5. As soon as the water loss damage is noticed, the movable property should be relocated to the drier area.
  6. Rugs that are wet should be removed.
  7. Be careful of the insects, rodents, snakes or other water triggering living beings in the surrounding, which can cause health risks.
  8. Wipe off the furniture clean and dry where possible.

How to be Confident in a Flood

7/16/2019 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience flood damage in your home or business.

It can be frightening to wake up in the middle of the night in Anaheim, CA and step into water as you put your feet on the floor. This can happen from indoor water sources such as a faulty toilet valve, a cracked water supply line, or a pinhole flaw in a copper water pipe. It can also happen due to external water sources such as storm damage, a failed dam, or an especially heavy rain. A home flood can be intimidating, but if you know how to deal with it and get the right restoration company, you can have peace of mind knowing that, in the end, your life can come back together again.

3 Tips to be Confident in a Flood

  1. Stop the Water

Your first priority is to stop the source of water if possible. For indoor water sources, this usually means shutting off the water using the house water valve. You may not be able to stop external water sources, but do your best. Sand bags can be used to prevent or redirect incoming flood waters.

  1. Call a Restoration Company

When you face a home flood, a quality cleanup and rebuild company can be your best friend. Contact it as soon as you can. One of the most helpful things these professionals can do is use specialized equipment to detect water in places behind walls that you can’t see unless you tear out the wall. 

Your restoration specialists may also be able to help minimize damage by using specialized equipment. This equipment can dry out areas behind walls, in crawlspaces, and under flooring without needing to do much cutting. 

  1. Dry Out

Even before your restoration company arrives, you can do some things to start the drying process. You may even be paid for your work, since many restoration companies offer reimbursement for the work you do to help them. Specific items to dry out as soon as possible include the following:

  • Carpet
  • Carpet padding
  • Electronics
  • Important papers
  • Fine furniture

Flooding from a broken pipe or storm doesn’t have to rock your world. These tips should increase your confidence in dealing with a home flood. 

How To File a Claim After a Fire

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

It's important to understand the claim process for your business survival.

If your business property in Anaheim, CA, suffers losses due to a fire, you will need to file a fire claim with your commercial property insurer. Preparing for the event and understanding the claims process are crucial to your business’ survival.

Filing a Claim after a Fire

Prepare for the Worst

Before fire damage ever occurs, document your property and income. Keep the records safely off-premises. Include photos of the following:

• Your building and property
• Furnishings and equipment
• Property specifically itemized in your policy
• Vehicles

Keep written documentation of your property, and for some cases, your income from normal business operations. The following will be helpful:

• Receipts for furnishings, equipment and property
• Business records pertaining to inventory, revenue and expenses
• Records of purchase for the property and its construction
• Copies of your policy documents

Report Your Claim

Your first step in starting a fire claim is to contact your insurer. Let them know how to reach you if you can’t safely remain at your business. Provide your policy number and the fire's location.

Your insurer might send you a “proof of loss” form to fill out yourself or send an adjuster to inspect the damage. Arrange to meet the adjuster at the property if it is safe to do so. He or she will evaluate the extent of the damage and loss.

Promptly make temporary repairs to prevent further property damage. Secure the premises from theft or intrusion. Keep all related receipts. If you suffer a loss of business revenue and/or profit, you might need financial documents to support a claim of business interruption.

Document Your Losses and the Expense of Recovery

Be prepared to provide photos of items damaged by fire, smoke, or water. Keep estimates and receipts for building restoration services. Document the cost of operation from a different location and any ongoing expenses while you’re out of operation.

A Property Damage Claim Is Ongoing

Your costs of fire restoration in Anaheim, CA, will evolve as you progress through your fire claim and the stages of rebuilding. The thoroughness of your preparation for a disaster and the care with which you document its aftermath can help to reduce the stress of your recovery.

How To Rid Your Business of Black Mold

6/20/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning regularly your gutter can protect your business

As a business owner or manager, simply having commercial insurance is not enough in the face of disaster. Stagnant water trapped in damp areas can result in dangerous black mold, which can spread exponentially if left untreated. Should your business’s property ever get damaged in a flood, swift action must be taken to prevent mold from getting out of hand.

Prevention Tips

It is impossible to prevent black mold entirely, but taking precautions can mitigate any damage in the future. Use the following tips to curtail mold and protect your business.

  • Properly ventilate all buildings
  • Invest in mold-resistant drywall, sheetrock and paints
  • Regularly have gutters cleaned
  • Clean facility daily
  • Mold thrives in high humidity, so maintain indoor levels at a reasonable level

Removing Mold From the Facility

Even if certain precautions are taken, stationary water left alone for too long can result in secondary damage, i.e., mold. Small amounts of nontoxic mold can be removed via bleach and a little elbow grease. However, for any serious contaminations, mold removal specialists will need to be contacted. Whether flooding caused the appearance of mold or not, you should contact the insurance provider for your business to determine if this removal is covered.

What a Professional Can Provide

To begin, professionals specializing in mold removal first inspect the property in order to understand what needs to be done. Then, contaminated areas are quarantined from the rest of the facility to prevent mold from spreading. Using heavy-duty cleaning tools, the professionals then work to rid the site and air of any mold. Items contaminated beyond repair, such as drywall or insulation, may need to be thrown away and replaced.

Mold can be dangerous and spread quickly. Should your business ever succumb to a severe case of black mold, contact local professionals in the Anaheim, CA, area to ensure that the problem is taken care of as quickly and as carefully as possible.

3 Important Steps To Help Fix Your Basement After a Flood

6/13/2019 (Permalink)

Basement flood in a Southwest Anaheim,CA home

Steps You Can Take to Fix The Basement Flood

Finding your basement filled with water can leave you feeling stressed, especially if you're unsure how to respond. However, there are several steps you can take to fix the basement flood in your home in Southwest Anaheim, CA.

1. Turn Off the Water and Power

When you see your flooded basement, you may be tempted to rush into the basement to examine the area. However, water can cause damage to your home's electrical system, and electrical hazards may be present. Turning off the power in your home can help to reduce the risk of a fire or other electrical issues. It's also often wise to turn off the water to your home in order to prevent additional flooding.

2. Remove the Water

Removing the water from your basement as soon as possible can help to prevent secondary damage, such as mold growth, from occurring. However, removing large amounts of water from an area can be difficult. Instead of attempting to handle the basement flood on your own, you may find it useful to contact emergency water damage restoration experts. Professionals can help to safely remove the water in your home and can also assist you when you are prepared to restore your home.

3. Make a Claim and Begin Restoration

Though different policies may offer varying coverage, the majority of home insurance policies will help to cover the costs of restoration to your basement. Making a claim as soon as possible can help to quicken the restoration process. If you have any questions about your insurance coverage, it can be helpful to contact your insurance provider. After you've made your claim, it's often wise to begin the restoration process quickly. In general, restoring a home soon after a flood can help to minimize the overall amount of damage that occurs.

Though a flood in your basement can be disruptive, your reaction can positively affect the restoration process. Reacting in an appropriate, timely manner to a basement flood can ultimately help to save you time, stress and money.

What Mold Is and Why it Grows

5/29/2019 (Permalink)

exposed wall with wet framing and man dressed in white protection suite is checking the moisture levels with a moisture meter Mold can grow anywhere

Like many homeowners in Anaheim, CA, you may be wondering what the difference is between bread mold and other molds commonly found in your home. Fortunately, understanding what mold is and how it grows can help you prevent spores creating a habitat in your residence.

It Grows Best in Certain Conditions

Understanding where mold is usually found can be the first step towards knowing what to do about it. Some of the conditions in which it grows best include

  • High humidity
  • Dark spaces
  • Areas of moisture
  • Organic surface material
  • Warm environments

Mold is a Fungi

While there are many species from bread mold and fridge mold to the kind that thrives best in the basement, all molds are fungi. They reproduce through sporing, and thrive by using other organic materials as a food source. They are also considered to be microbial which means they cannot be seen by the naked eye unless the spores form into a colony. Fortunately, there are several tests that can be performed to determine if mold is growing in a specific area.

Remediation is Possible

In the event you to find this type of fungus growth in your home, you may like to know that remediation is possible. Many mold remediation professionals have the tools and training to both keep the spores from spreading, and remove them from your home. Some common steps in this process may include quarantining the area, wearing protective gear, and sanitizing after clean up. They may also be able to provide you with some mitigation steps you can take to help prevent the problem in the future.

Mold in your home, like bread mold, is a fungus. It grows well in places of humidity and warmth. If you believe you may have mold in your home, then it's best to call a professional. They can conduct some tests to confirm its presence and if necessary, begin the remediation process.

How to Choose the Most Effective Fire Extinguisher

5/21/2019 (Permalink)

Every fire extinguisher is assigned a class

Every fire extinguisher is assigned a class. The suppressant in a Class A extinguisher differs from a Class B, C, D, or K extinguisher. Homeowners should consider where each piece of home fire safety equipment will be kept and choose the most effective suppressant for the fire risks in this area. The following fire preparedness measures can help homeowners purchase the right extinguishers.

Consider the Location

Certain extinguisher classes are better suited for different parts of a residence. Here are a few general guidelines:

  • Home extinguishers should be able to put out fires involving standard combustibles
  • It is a good idea to put an extinguisher rated for electrical equipment near appliances
  • Class B extinguishers can be used on flammable liquids in a garage or work space or kitchen grease fires

Some extinguishers, such as Class D or K, are less common for residential use. Even though a Class K extinguisher is designed to suppress grease fires, using this extinguisher improperly can cause grease to spatter and spread the fire.

Check the Suppressant Class

Each fire extinguisher class is determined by the suppressant. Here are the contents of each major class of extinguisher:

  • Class A uses monoammonium phosphate
  • Classes B and C combine monoammonium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate
  • Class D uses sodium chloride or copper powder
  • Class K uses potassium compounds

Multi-class extinguishers are also available. A-B-C extinguishers are popular for residential use.

Choose One-Time Use or Refillable

Homeowners can save money up front by purchasing a single-use extinguisher. A rechargeable extinguisher costs more, but refills are less expensive than buying a new extinguisher designed for one-time use.

All of these factors determine which class of fire extinguisher is the best choice for various areas of a residence in Southwest Anaheim, CA. If a fire is too large to suppress, home fire damage restoration specialists can rebuild structural damage and clean contents.

What Is Flood Insurance?

5/11/2019 (Permalink)

Flood insurance is a specific insurance policy that protects your home from losses due to flooding

Flood insurance is a specific insurance policy that protects your home from losses due to flooding. Flood insurance can include a commercial insurance policy for businesses and a private insurance policy for homes and other non-profit property. When water damages a structure by entering through areas like windows, doors, or holes in the roof, losses are generally not covered by flood insurance. Flood insurance usually covers overflow of inland, tidal, and run-off of surface water.

What Are Flood Zones?

Flood zones are defined by FEMA as land areas where flood water has a 1% chance of encroachment in any given year. Maps of these flood zones are available by doing the following:

  • Visiting the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Geo Platform website
  • Clicking on “flooding”
  • Selecting the national flood hazard layer
  • Zooming into your desired area of interest

There are some commercial and private insurance companies in Anaheim, CA. Most policies are written through the National Flood Insurance Program.

When Is a Flood Policy Required?

Any homes or businesses financed and along areas designated as special flood hazard areas, commonly referred to as flood zones, require private and commercial insurance respectively.

Businesses outside of established flood zones are not usually required to carry flood insurance, but the option is recommended at discounted premiums due to the lower inherent risk. Because flood zone maps are constantly being revised and changing due to climatic events and areas developed, it is possible that a property once outside of the designated flood hazard area may need emergency restoration services.

Should You Buy Flood Insurance?

Just because your home is above the special flood hazard elevation does not mean there is no risk of flooding. Remember, a flood zone is defined as an area with a more than 1% chance of flooding in any given year. You should get a private or commercial insurance policy for your property to protect your asset and give yourself some peace of mind.

When Storms or Floods hit Anaheim, SERVPRO is ready!

4/23/2019 (Permalink)

Whenever a storm or flood happens beyond control, we are right behind to help clean up the mess.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West specializes in storm and flood damage restoration.  Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition.

Faster Response

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost.

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms

When storms hit Anaheim, we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of 1,650 Franchises across the country and elite Disaster Recovery Teams that are strategically located throughout the United States.

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today (714) 533-1989 or contact us online here.

My Flight Was Cancelled During a Storm. Now What?

4/22/2019 (Permalink)

Make sure your home is prepped for a potentially severe storm.

Three Storm Tips For Dealing With A Flight Cancellation

Few things are as frustrating as a cancelled flight. A cancellation during a storm can be even more stressful. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help make the situation better. Here are three storm tips for dealing with a flight cancellation.

1. Seek compensation. It is possible that the airline that cancelled your flight will reimburse you for meals, connecting flights and other expenses you may incur as a result of the cancellation. This is up to the airline, but there is no harm in reaching out and seeing what you may be eligible for. Many times you will at least receive rebooking assistance.

2. Skip the rebooking line. You can do this by calling the airline after you learn about your cancelled flight. Even if the airline itself told you that you should get back in line, giving them a call is your best bet when looking for shorter or nonexistent wait times while rebooking your flight.

3. Don’t forget about your home. If you are at or near your home during the cancellation, make sure that it is prepped for a potentially severe storm and that you and your loved ones are able to stay safe in the case of an urgent situation. If you should suffer from any household damage during bad weather, a local Southwest Anaheim, CA, residential storm damage restoration company should be called for cleanup assistance. Some are even available 24 hours each day for emergency needs.

A cancelled flight is frustrating and often feels unfair. Stormy weather can make even the calmest person feel emotional on top of such a disappointment. Follow the advice above to help yourself find the best outcome from such a situation. Remember that reaching out for help - whether it is from restoration technicians or your airline - can really make a difference in the long run.

3 Easy Steps to Cleaning Your Building’s Content After Water Damage

4/16/2019 (Permalink)

Extracting water is one of the processes SERVPRO uses to get the water off the floor.

Three Easy Methods To Clean Your Items After Water Damage.

Dealing with the aftermath of a flooded company in Southwest Anaheim, CA, is no easy feat, and deciding where to start in the cleanup process can seem like an impossible task. Whether due to a broken pipe or a toilet overflow, flooding can take its toll not only on the building itself, but all the contents within. When you’re waiting on professional help to arrive but you’re hoping to start dry cleaning beforehand to save your belongings, follow these three easy methods for cleaning your items the right way after water damage.

1. Open up the building to get significant airflow moving throughout the space. After you’ve taken safety precautions by shutting off the power and water supply in the property, you can start to open windows and doors to let air circulate. If you’re uncertain about toxins in the water, depending on how the flooding began, it’s wise to put on protective clothing and avoid direct contact with the water.

2. Remove any important electronics, documents, furniture and more to prevent further damage. It’s vital to remove the dire items first, getting them out of any standing water to avoid further saturation. Once they’re safely out of the way of your flooded company, you can start to wipe down items with towels or cloths. Papers can be air-dried, while any furniture or upholstered items probably need dry cleaning to rid them of possible mildew and odors.

3. After a restoration team gives the go ahead, you can finish removing content. Once the qualified water damage repair team has come in to extract all the water, disinfect the area and help complete the drying process alongside you, you can remove and wipe down the remaining content.

Save the Important Things

Don’t let your flooded company in Southwest Anaheim, CA, spell the end of all your belongings. Remember these three easy steps to clean and restore your content as quickly as possible, and get back to normalcy.

An Overview of Mold: Toxicity, Causes and Cleanup

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Anaheim West professionally treated mold in this home and ensured not to spread.

Learn About Mold 

The phrase black mold strikes fear in almost every property owner, but it is especially nerve-wracking to business owners because they immediately envision bankruptcy and closed doors. While it’s reasonable to panic when you experience a disaster, if you catch a mold infestation early, then the resulting cleanup and remediation may only cause a minor business interruption, not closure. Also, while certain varieties of mold spur all kinds of anxious feelings, not all mold is toxic. Therefore, to help you control the urge to panic, learn about mold and its inevitable cleanup.

1. What is Mold?

Mold is a fungus, and it grows from small spores that exist almost everywhere. While some mold cleanup crews claim that they can eliminate mold 100 percent, this is not entirely true. Yes, you can remove an infestation, but you can never completely eliminate spores because they move on air currents and will enter your business through windows, doorways and even your clothing.

2. Is It Toxic?

The toxicity of mold is dependent on the species of fungus. Some variations of black mold are harmful while others are no more dangerous than common fungi. Some types will make you ill, and others will only make you sneeze or cough. Essentially, if you find mold in your facility, you should have it tested and seal off the area.

3. What Are the Common Causes?

A moisture problem is the most common cause of colonization. You may have a broken or leaky pipe that you are unaware of, the HVAC system is acting up or the basement in your facility is not vented correctly. Any of these issues and numerous others can lead to excessive moisture and humidity.

4. Can Anyone Handle the Cleanup?

Some mold problems are small enough for anyone to handle. However, most colonies should be treated by a mold remediation specialist in the Anaheim, CA, area to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Not every mold infestation, even those with black mold, will result in business closure. The truth is that most mold problems can be mitigated, remediated and buildings restored to their former glory with the help of an expert.

Commercial Water Damage Events Present Unique Challenges In Anaheim

3/29/2019 (Permalink)

Plenty of trucks, high tech equipment, man power and experience to get your commercial property back up to new.

Flooding and water damage events in Anaheim commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Whether we’re dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area. In many instances, normal operations can continue in a temporary space while we restore your facility.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damaged area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we’ll be there fast with the help you need.

About SERVPRO of Anaheim West

SERVPRO of Anaheim West specializes in the cleanup and restoration of commercial and residential property after a water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Feel free to see our work crew: Our SERVPRO Family

Seek More information about Commercial Services: Commercial Services

3 Common Sewage Dilemmas and Simple Solutions

3/23/2019 (Permalink)

Leaking pipes require the help of a professional water restoration team

Simple Solutions for Commonly Occurring Sewage Dilemmas

Sewage setbacks occur in Southwest Anaheim, CA, homes of all shapes and sizes. From studio apartments to large home residences, the need to address sewage problems at some point in your residency is almost a guarantee. When facing a water leak or tricky sewage cleaning question, try out these simple solutions for commonly occurring sewage dilemmas.

1. Overflowing Toilet

A toilet overflow can be a messy plumbing problem that most home residents will have to deal with at one point or another. Start by turning off the water valve at the base of the toilet fixture. Dry up as much water as possible using old rags and towels to prevent serious water damage. Use a good quality plunger to attempt clearing the clog. If your toilet water overflows often, you my have a more serious plumbing problem on your hands. Call a professional plumber to look for more severe issues, including:

  • Underground plant-root interreference
  • Corroded pipe lines
  • Pipe main blockage

2. Slow Draining Sink

Every homeowner has dealt with that one sink that never seems to drain correctly. Even with the stopper completely open, the water seems to stay stagnant in place. Without regular sewage cleaning practices, sinks can acquire buildup leading to a clogged pipe. After most of the water has cleared, try using a drain cleaning solution to break-down waste. A sink snake can also be used to remove hair and large debris that can’t be dissolved by a regular cleaner.

3. Leaky Pipes

Finally, tenants with dripping pipes may find that placing buckets to catch water is no longer working for their living space. If you can locate the source of the leak, attempt repair with drain tape. Over time, leaky pipes can become worse if they are not fixed. Some damage caused by leaks even requires the help of a professional water restoration team.

By tackling these and other sewage dilemmas as they arise, you may prevent more serious water damage repair needs down the road. While sewage cleaning problems may feel like a hassle, these simple solutions are doable first steps that any homeowner can try.

Service Claims Inventory: 3 Processes That Can Assist Insurance Agents After a Natural Disaster

3/23/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO run claims inventory centers that can help you find information through multiple means

Service Claims Inventory

As a Anaheim, CA, insurance agent, you are likely to be swamped with phone calls and claims from business owners in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Some of these calls might come from local business owners whose properties have been damaged and who now need to make an insurance claim. Handling multiple commercial filings can be difficult; however, there are a few helpful services that a storm damage and restoration company can provide for you, including the convenience of a service claims inventory center. 

1. Review of Individual Claim Files 

When a natural disaster affects many businesses in one area, you may find yourself handling multiple claims with similar circumstances, such as major water damage caused by a flood. Working with a claims inventory center could help you stay organized, as the service professionals review each individual file and ensure all the claim information is updated and accurate. This can also help business owners avoid delays in payment of their claims. 

2. Access To Updated Information 

The details of an insurance claim may change as new information about damage is discovered. This can be frustrating and delay the process. Working with a claims inventory center gives you instant access to updated claims information so you can stay informed. This may also be helpful if you are assisting other agents in the area and need to get up to speed on a file as quickly as possible. 

3. Multiple Filing Lookup Services 

Storm damage and mitigation services like SERVPRO run claims inventory centers that can help you find information through multiple means. You can look up a claim by the region, state or by the type of loss the business endured. Being able to access information easily can help you to better serve your insurance customers, even if you are processing multiple claims after a natural disaster. 

Assisting your business clients with an insurance claim after a flood or violent storm in Anaheim, CA, can be challenging. However, working with a storm damage company that offers claims inventory services through a national information center may help you do so efficiently. 

Watch for Mold Growth in These Five Key Places in Your Home

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Mold on window track

Nobody likes to find mold in his or her home in Anaheim, CA. The nasty black stuff, as unpleasant as it may be on its own, is a red flag that there is more going on than meets the eye. By the time enough mold growth is apparent on a wall to be noticed by you, it has usually spread to or come from a number of other places.

The Top 5 Places to Look for Mold in Your Home

Mold likes to hide and get well established before rearing its ugly little head. Check these locations in your home:

1. Mold on wood surfaces hidden from view, such as studs inside a wall or floor joists can or joists, can be a serious problem. It can lead to weakened or soft spots in your floors or walls.

2. Black “stains” coming through your paint are a sign of moldy drywall. The mold can spread and crawl through an expansive area if moisture content is sufficient.

3. Window tracks collect the condensation that runs down the glass during cold weather or when humidity is being produced inside the home from cooking, laundry, or long showers. This moisture can attract molecules of mold from the air, which begin to grow in the moist environment.

4. In your vinyl flooring. Sheet vinyl or linoleum by your tub, toilet, dishwasher, or entry doors is especially susceptible to mold. These areas may frequently become wet as the water seeps in between the sealed outer layers and take weeks to dry out, allowing mold growth. The same is true for cabinet floors beneath sinks.

5. Carpet and furnishings. After flooding of any kind appears in your home, it is important to make sure things get dried out properly to prevent wet fibers and fabrics from developing mold.

Even with all of the precautions in the world mold growth can happen. It is best to call a trained mold remediation specialist in Anaheim, CA, to access the situation and help remove the mold safely, using appropriate equipment and procedures. They can restore your home and give you peace of mind.

3 Ways an Electronic Claims Services Helps After a Disaster

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Electronic Claims Service Can Be Beneficial

The aftermath of a disaster in Southwest Anaheim, CA can be devastating to homeowners, and making an insurance claim can be complicated at times. However, choosing a restoration company that has an electronic claims service can be beneficial for many reasons.

1. Ensures a Timely Delivery

One of the first things that is required of homeowners after a disaster has affected their home is to make a claim. Unfortunately, items that are mailed can become lost in transit or can be misplaced upon arrival. Even if a physical copy of a claim makes it to its location, it can take time for the claims to be seen. Electronically filing a claim is generally quicker and easier than the alternative.

2. Receive a Quick Response

Often, a homeowner needs their insurance claim filed quickly. However, companies that do not have an electronic claims service may take longer to respond to a claim due to the time it can take to receive mail and review the paperwork. An homeowners and agents who choose to work with a restoration company that uses an electronic claims service can provide everyone involved with information about what to do next, quickening the process overall. If any papers are missing, agents and homeowners will also be able to see what else needs to be done.

3. Information Is Easily and Quickly Accessible

Sometimes, an insurance agent or a homeowner needs to make a major decision about restoration in a timely manner. Not having access to information about a claim can cause an agent or a homeowner to make uninformed decisions or can stall restoration until the claims are available. An electronic claims service, however, lets agents and homeowners view information about their claim anytime, anywhere.

Employing a restoration company with an electronic claim service ensures important documents are delivered, increases the likelihood that the insurance claim will be made quickly and makes important information readily accessible. If you or your clients need a restoration company with electronics claim, consider contacting SERVPRO, the restoration experts.

Emergency Preparation: What Every Property Manager Should Do

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

Every manager in Anaheim, CA should have an emergency plan ready!

4 Tasks to Ensure the Protection of Every Tenant

Property management is challenging and a tremendous responsibility, especially for buildings with multiple tenants and families. A significant part of a manager’s job is emergency preparation, specifically in the terms of storm preparedness. There are at least four tasks every manager should complete to ensure the protection of every tenant.

1. Create a Contact List

Every manager should have a master contact list. This list should include specifics about the apartment or complex and the tenants living or operating there. It should include names, phone numbers, email addresses, as well as the number of children, pets and whether the people have a disability.

2. Compile Emergency Services Numbers

Beyond knowing who lives or works in the building, basic storm preparedness means having a list of all emergency service numbers. This list should be copied and posted near every phone, ensuring that anyone discovering an emergency situation knows who to call.

3. Routinely backup Emergency Lists

It is not enough to make the lists because a list is only as good as the information on it. A list with tenants that are no longer tenants will only confuse emergency services and potentially waste time and risks lives. It is crucial that all number are routinely updated to ensure accurate information.

4. Prepare an Emergency Plan with Restoration Services

Beyond having up-to-date contacts, a property manager would be doing an excellent service to their tenants by calling a disaster restoration specialist in the Anaheim, CA, area and developing an emergency response plan. These plans ensure that quick action is taken to start the restoration process, minimizing the length of time tenants have to stat out of the facility.

Storm preparedness is one of the most important elements of a property manager’s job. If done right, a manager can potentially save lives. However, if done poorly, lives may potentially be put at risk.

When Can You Enter Your Home After a Fire?

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Board up on a door after a fire in Southwest Anaheim, CA

If a fire started unexpectedly in your home and you were able to successfully escape, you are likely thankful for your safety but eager to try and rescue your belongings. Even if the fire has stopped burning or your home appears safe to enter, it is important you wait until a fire damage cleanup team can come to the site and assess the situation. Continue reading to learn when you can safely enter your home in Southwest Anaheim, CA, again after a house fire.

Steps To Take as Soon You Evacuate Your Home

As soon as you and all your family members escape your home, follow these steps:

  1. Call 9-1-1
  2. Get in contact with your insurance agent
  3. Call a fire restoration company to board up your home

What Is Emergency Board Up?

After fire damage has affected your home, there’s no way to know for sure if the structure is safe enough for you to enter. You will be able to enter home after it has been assessed and safely secured with board ups and tarp overs wherever necessary. This process involves boarding up broken windows and doors and placing tarps over a broken roof and areas with stability or leakage issues. This prevents further damage to your home, someone getting hurt, or someone easily gaining access to your home.

Who Can Perform an Emergency Board Up?

You should never perform a board up on your own. While you might want to reduce costs by doing the process yourself, you can create extensive damage to your home and put yourself at risk. It is in your best interest to wait until the fire restoration team can come and determine what action needs to be taken.

It is important to take all the necessary steps after a fire occurs in your home before you trying entering your home. Once you get into contact with the restoration company and they board up your home, you’ll be able to safely enter the house.

When Does Mold Start Growing After a Leak?

2/1/2019 (Permalink)

Mold found growing in a wall on a Anaheim, CA home

The length of time leading up to mold growth is a common concern after a leak or another form of residential water damage. Mold takes 24 to 48 hours to start growing if sufficient moisture and nutriment are available. Here are a few pointers regarding which measures should take place during this timeframe to prevent mold from becoming a major problem at a residence in Anaheim, CA.

12 Hours

It is important to extract all standing water within the first 12 hours after a leak. A water damage mitigation service may recommend several methods:

  • Using pumps or a wet vac
  • Tearing out porous materials exposed to contaminated water
  • Cutting holes in walls to promote ventilation

Getting rid of standing water is the first priority for limiting primary damage. Afterward, a homeowner should eliminate residual moisture that may support mold growth.

24 Hours

The first day after a leak is critical for preventing mold. It may be necessary to take several measures in this span of time:

  • Cleaning or disinfecting areas exposed to contaminated water
  • Promoting drying with ventilation
  • Running a dehumidifier to draw moisture out of the air and porous surfaces

Maintain humidity levels between 30 percent and 50 percent to discourage fungal growth. Even a small amount of residual moisture can support the growth of hidden mold behind baseboards, in or under carpet, or within wall cavities.

48 Hours

Drying should be underway within two days of water damage. Keep in mind that water may affect areas near the primary location of damage. Restoration experts should perform a thorough inspection to ensure that all moisture from a leak has been removed.

The more quickly an affected area is dried, the less likely mold will be to grow. Hiring water damage mitigation professionals is the best way to prevent mold growth after water damage at a home in Anaheim, CA.

If Your Water Heater Has a Leak, Read This

1/18/2019 (Permalink)

Leaking water heather in Southwest Anaheim, CA

4 Steps in How to Deal With a Failed Water Heater

Water is essential in every home in Southwest Anaheim, CA. When water stays where it is supposed to stay, you usually don’t have to think much about it. On the other hand, whether you have a small leak or a large flood, water can ruin the comfort, value and appearance of your home. As you may suspect, a leaking water heater can make a huge mess. If you have to deal with a failed water heater, consider following these four simple steps.

1. Disconnect Electrical Devices

Water and electricity do not mix. If your broken water heater causes significant flooding, you must be certain you do not leave electrical devices connected to sockets. When disconnecting them, you must take care not to shock yourself. If you are worried about your safety, ask for professional assistance.

2. Throw Away Damaged Items

Many homeowners use the area around their water heaters for storage. When a leaking water heater causes a flood, you must determine which of your keepsakes are salvageable and which ones are garbage. If some of your treasures have sustained damage, ask a reputable flood restoration specialist to help you make the determination.

3. Dry Wet Areas Immediately

Mold can grow in as few as 24 hours. As such, it is important to completely dry wet areas as soon as possible. If you already have mold growth, you may need to rely on a mold mitigation service to contain the spread of black mold.

4. Think About the Air

Floods usually cause the humidity in the space to rise significantly. Accordingly, you may need to use a dehumidifier to effectively remove water from the air. A hygrometer can tell you whether your house has abnormally high humidity.

Because a leaking water heater can wreak havoc on the condition of your home, you want to pay special attention to the area around your water heater. If you notice a leak, you must act quickly to contain damage, repair damaged areas and stop mold growth.

How To Safely Use a Fire Extinguisher

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Every business in Anaheim, CA should have a fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can be a valuable tool that every business in Anaheim, CA, should possess. Because battling a blaze can be extremely dangerous, it’s important to understand proper usage techniques before employing any extinguishing device. Keeping the following details in mind may help you and your staff avert serious injury in the event of a fire.

Verify Extinguisher Type

There are several different types of extinguishers and each is designed to fight a different type of blaze. To help prevent additional fire damage, you should check the device’s label to verify its composition before utilizing it.

While you can use a multipurpose fire extinguisher on a variety of infernos, others have limitations:

  • Class A: Suitable for paper, wood and cloth
  • Class B: Designed for use on flammable liquids, such as gasoline
  • Class C: Should be used only on electrical fires
  • Class K: Ideal for a kitchen fire sparked by combustible cooking fluids

Identify Evacuation Path

Before engaging a blaze, you should locate an accessible evacuation path. Position yourself as close to the escape route as possible and ensure that flames and smoke do not block your exit.

Complete the P-A-S-S Procedure

To successfully operate an extinguisher, you must complete four essential steps:

  • Pull the pin
  • Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze it
  • Sweep from side to side

Keep a Safe Distance

To be effective, you should employ the device within the designated range indicated on the label. Because a blaze can reignite, you should take caution and avoid approaching any extinguished flames. If the inferno spreads or you run out of fluid, you should immediately evacuate the building.

Safety Should Be a Top Priority

To help safeguard your business, minimizing fire damage may be a top priority. However, you should never jeopardize anyone’s safety to accomplish this goal. For this reason, it’s essential to follow key safety protocols when engaging any fire extinguisher.

How To Prevent Commercial Water Problems

12/31/2018 (Permalink)

Water-related issues are the second most common type of loss at commercial properties. Many problems are preventable with regular inspections and maintenance. It is better to resolve these issues before extensive water damage mitigation and restoration is necessary. Here are three ways to avoid leaking pipes and other water issues at a commercial building in Anaheim, CA.

1. Regularly Inspect the Building

Inspections on an annual or bi-annual basis can be one of the best ways to ensure that water problems do not occur. Building owners and managers should be aware of the age and condition of the plumbing system in a structure. This knowledge may make it possible to avoid a pipe break. Inspections of the roof and building envelope may prevent other causes of water damage.

2. Look For Signs of a Leak

A leak may not be immediately noticeable but can still result in significant damage. Look for any signs of moisture on floors or walls. A water leak detection service can also use thermal imaging or other expert methods to locate leaking pipes. Water damage mitigation and restoration may be necessary in addition to fixing the cause of the leak.

3. Keep Sewer Lines Clear

Sewer damage can be even more extensive than a supply line leak. Provide disposal guidelines and waste containers in commercial bathrooms and kitchens. A toilet backup will require disinfection and may also necessitate the disposal and replacement of porous building materials and contents. Have drain lines regularly cleaned to reduce the risk of a backup at a commercial structure.

Preventative measures are usually less costly than emergency repairs and damage mitigation. It may be possible to avoid leaking pipes or backups by scheduling regular inspections and maintenance. Building owners and managers should always be aware of the condition of the plumbing and building envelope at a commercial structure in Anaheim, CA.

If Your Water Heater Has a Leak, Read This

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Containment barrier in a Anaheim, CA home

Four Steps in How To Deal With a Failed Water Heater

Water is essential in every home in Anaheim, CA. When water stays where it is supposed to stay, you usually don’t have to think much about it. On the other hand, whether you have a small leak or a large flood, water can ruin the comfort, value and appearance of your home. As you may suspect, a leaking water heater can make a huge mess. If you have to deal with a failed water heater, consider following these four simple steps.

1. Disconnect Electrical Devices

Water and electricity do not mix. If your broken water heater causes significant flooding, you must be certain you do not leave electrical devices connected to sockets. When disconnecting them, you must take care not to shock yourself. If you are worried about your safety, ask for professional assistance.

2. Throw Away Damaged Items

Many homeowners use the area around their water heaters for storage. When a leaking water heater causes a flood, you must determine which of your keepsakes are salvageable and which ones are garbage. If some of your treasures have sustained damage, ask a reputable flood restoration specialist to help you make the determination.

3. Dry Wet Areas Immediately

Mold can grow in as few as 24 hours. As such, it is important to completely dry wet areas as soon as possible. If you already have mold growth, you may need to rely on a mold mitigation service to contain the spread of black mold.

4. Think About the Air

Floods usually cause the humidity in the space to rise significantly. Accordingly, you may need to use a dehumidifier to effectively remove water from the air. A hygrometer can tell you whether your house has abnormally high humidity.

Because a leaking water heater can wreak havoc on the condition of your home, you want to pay special attention to the area around your water heater. If you notice a leak, you must act quickly to contain damage, repair damaged areas and stop mold growth.

Candle Safety Tips for the Holidays

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

House fire in Southwest Anaheim, CA

The holidays are a time to shine your personal light! While you are sharing love and cheer, keep in mind some important fire safety tips to consider when decorating for the holidays. The National Fire Prevention Association reported that candles were the source of an average of 23 house fires per day during the years from 2012 to 2016, and that most candle fires happen in December. If you could take some small steps to prevent a candle fire in your house, wouldn’t you?

Candle Safety Tips

If you are going to use candles in your home in Southwest Anaheim, CA, check out these important tips to prevent a fire:

  • Blow out your candles instead of letting them burn out on their own.
  • De-clutter your candle area, keeping anything that can burn at least one foot away from the flame.
  • If anyone uses medical oxygen in the home, don’t use candles at all.
  • Children must be supervised at all times when a candle is lit candle. Extinguish the flame before leaving a child unattended.
  • Use stable candle holders that won’t tip easily.
  • Take care when lighting a candle, making sure that your hair is back and clothing is not in the way.
  • Bedrooms are the most common location for candle fires, so blow out your candles before going to bed.

Go Flameless

In recent years, flameless candles have become very popular. Not only are people recognizing the risk of candle fire, but the new flameless candles have become even more realistic. Here are some features of modern flameless candles, which are very natural looking:

  • Wax construction
  • Uneven tops to replicate melt
  • Warm, flickering flame-like lights
  • Timers
  • Remote controls
  • No mess

You know that candles pose some fire risk, but you can reduce your risk this season by staying alert and using proper precautions, or by using flameless candles.

If you have a candle fire, fire damage recovery experts can help you sift through the damage. They are knowledgeable about soot and smoke cleanup, as well as removal and repairs.

3 Steps To Identify Mold

11/29/2018 (Permalink)

Mold containment in an Anaheim, CA office

Identifying Mold

There are more than 100,000 types of mold. A building owner may be able to determine whether visible mold is present, but identifying mold can be difficult. If you are concerned that black mold may be growing in a commercial building in Anaheim, CA, hire an indoor environmental professional to perform a mold test.

1. Look for Visible Mold

Start by looking around the structure for signs of mold growth. Do not disrupt surfaces to look for hidden mold, as this may result in exposure to microbial volatile organic compounds or mycotoxin. If you find mold or smell a moldy odor, schedule a professional mold test as soon as possible. Using a consumer mold test or attempting to identify mold based on color and growth pattern may not lead to accurate results.

2. Schedule a Mold Test

An IEP will obtain an air or surface sample and send this sample to a lab to be processed. This is the only way to determine whether black mold or another type of mold is present. While the mold test may only take a few minutes, you may have to wait several days for test results.

3. Discuss the Results

The IEP should contact you to discuss the results of the mold test. The specialist may recommend a mold cleanup strategy depending on the extent of the growth and the type of mold involved. Work with a commercial remediation service to resolve the causes of the problem and eliminate all mold growth.

Professional testing is necessary to identify precisely which type of mold is growing in a structure. An IEP can confirm whether mold is present and point out the characteristics and risks of particular types of fungus. If a test reveals the presence of black mold or another type of mold, schedule a consultation with a mold remediation service in Anaheim, CA.

How Do You Estimate the Cost of Fire Damage to Your Business?

11/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in a Southwest Anaheim,CA business

How to Get an Accurate Estimate On the Cost of Damage to Your Business

When your business in Southwest Anaheim,CA, sustains fire damage, it’s common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how your financial losses will be determined. There are several steps you should take as a business owner in order to ensure you get an accurate estimate on the cost of the damage.

1. File an Insurance Claim

The first thing you should do after your business has been damaged by a fire is to make an insurance claim. When speaking with someone from your insurance company, don’t hesitate to ask questions. That person can guide you toward the next steps you should take in the process of restoration and can also give you a general idea of what costs may be covered.

2. Document the Losses

After filing an insurance claim, it is often helpful to provide evidence of what has been damaged or destroyed, especially if you find it necessary to fix something before an adjuster visits. It’s important to only enter a building if it has been cleared by your local fire department. If it is safe to enter and you find a major issue that could cause more problems if left alone, you may want to repair it, though you should document the damage before you begin any restoration to get an accurate estimate of your total losses.

3. Schedule an Adjuster Visit

Although it’s helpful to record the losses you have sustained on your own, especially if you must do major repairs, an adjuster sent by your insurance company will be the one who gives an in-depth approximation of the cost of the restoration. This person will thoroughly assess all aspects of your building to get an idea of what has been damaged. Once the adjuster has visited your business, he or she will provide the documentation to your insurance company.

Receiving an accurate estimate on the financial cost of a commercial fire is an important step in restoring your business. Once you know the approximate cost of the fire damage to your business, it might be helpful to work with commercial restoration professionals.

What to Know About Your Home and Lightning Strikes

10/24/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage in Anaheim,CA

Living in Anaheim,CA, can mean the risk of a lightning fire. It’s estimated that over 22,000 fires are started each year from a strike, and while the majority of these happen outdoors, they can still pose a risk to your home. Understanding the risks and what you can do to protect your property may help.

Some Facts About Lightning Fires

A number of facts and statistics exist that you may wish to know about this particular force of nature:

  • Lightning can strike 10 miles away from the generating storm.
  • If you can hear thunder, then you are within a possible strike zone.
  • Only 18 percent of strikes caused a house fire in 2004-2008.
  • Lightning-generating storms are most likely to occur late in the day.
  • Statistically, more strikes occur during June through August.

Lightning Safety

There are a few things that you can do to help prevent a lightning fire in your home. Many residential properties are equipped with a grounding rod that can help direct the electricity from a strike away from areas that could easily catch fire. It’s also a good idea to keep the vegetation around your home clear of dead branches and other debris to prevent an outside fire from spreading to your home.

What To Do If There Is a Fire

If your home is struck by lightning, the most important thing is to get everyone out safely and call the fire department. Once the house fire is safely extinguished, you can begin focusing on restoration. A qualified fire damage professional can help assess the damage to your residence and help you plan any necessary repairs.

If you’re worried about a lighting fire in Anaheim, CA, then understanding the statistics and what you can do to protect your home may help. If the worst should happen and your home does end up damaged, then a repair specialist can set everything right again.

4 Ways To Locate Shower Leaks

10/10/2018 (Permalink)

Bathtub leaking in your Anaheim,CA home can lead to water damage

When you suspect you have a bathtub leak in Anaheim, CA, you want to do whatever you can to locate the exact source of the problem. If you start taking apart your shower unit without knowing where the leak is coming from, you could end up spending more money in the long run. It is often necessary to work with a residential water damage expert to pinpoint the source of water damage. Keep these four tips in mind when searching for the leaking component.

1. Test the Showerhead

Some leaks may happen inside the walls of your bathroom. A professional may run a test on your showerhead by replacing the fixture with a hose valve fitting. This creates an equalized pressure in the faucet. If there is no leak in this fixture, the pressure will remain the same. Once the pressure is equalized, the water should be turned off.

2. Check the Drain

The drain is a weak point for a shower system and should be tested on its own. Try to run water down the drain without getting any other surface of the tub wet. This allows you to watch for signs of a bathtub leak caused by a rusted trap or an improperly assembled piping system.

3. Watch the Stem

If the faucet stem is the source of the leak, you will be able to see water dripping when the faucet is turned on. Simply watch the stem for leaks while the water is running.

4. Test the Shower Pan

When all of the other tests come back without identifying the source of the problem, the integrity of the shower pan may come into question. Your professional team can find a shower pan leak by plugging the drain and filling up the tub or shower with water. If the pan is faulty, the water will find a different way out.

Before you can fix a bathtub leak, you need to know where the water is escaping. Finding the source of a leak often requires extensive testing. Once the source of the leak is located and remedied, cleanup can begin.

What To Wear During Mold Remediation

9/12/2018 (Permalink)

Where moisture and warmth abound, mold has an increased chance of growing. If you have a problem with mold damage in your home in Anaheim, California, it most likely requires professional remediation. In the small window of time when the problem is not yet big enough to warrant expert help, you must still take the precautions that the experts take. Remediation specialists wear face masks, gloves and other protective gear when taking care of a mold problem.

Face Protection

The most important part of your body to protect when you are dealing with mold is your face. There are three types of protective equipment that are necessary for facial coverage:

  • Face mask
  • N-95 respirator
  • Goggles

Face masks cover your nose and mouth, protecting your air passages from contact with mold spores. You still need to breathe, though, and the respirator makes that easier to do. It traps the spores that are in the air around your face, preventing them from getting to you. Goggles protect your eyes, keeping mold away from those sensitive membranes.

Body Protection

You need to protect your hands and body when you are cleaning mold. Gloves need to be long enough to cover your hands and arms up to the middle of your forearm. If you are going to be working with mild detergent to clean mold, rubber gloves designed for household cleaning will suffice, but harsher chemicals require sturdier protection. Wear long-sleeved clothing and long pants. Cover as much of your body as possible, and wash your clothes immediately when you are finished cleaning.

A small mold growth in your home may not require professional cleaning, but it does require the same type of protective equipment, such as face masks and gloves, that the professionals use. It is undesirable for any part of your body to come into contact with mold, so keep everything covered.

4 Tips for Staying Safe Before or During a Flood

9/12/2018 (Permalink)

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to disaster. Be sure to have a safety plan ready when flooding is eminent.

When you’re facing the threat of a flood in Anaheim, California, it’s best to stay calm and consider all of your options. While this can seem impossible when a natural disaster is approaching, having some key ideas in mind for flood safety can prevent you and your loved ones from potential harm.

Here are four safety tips to remember before or during a flood.

  1. Create an emergency kit before such an event. Gathering supplies before the onslaught emerges head-on can be a crucial task for keeping you not only safe but level-headed once it happens. Knowing you have items such as bandages, flashlights, basic medicine, blankets, etc. can help keep your mind at ease, even before any flooding occurs.
  2. Store food and water resources in a nearby, easy-to-reach place. Whether you’re dealing with an impending storm or you’re already in the thick of it, having access to at least three days worth of food and water - up to one gallon a day per person - is essential for flood safety.
  3. Turn off your home’s utilities. When flooding begins in your neighborhood or water begins to build-up in your home, it can be vital to turn off your home’s main power switch and gas line to prevent any possible electrical shocks or other deadly mishaps.
  4. If flooding forces you out of your home, be on high alert when you’re traveling. Avoiding any areas subject to flooding such as canyons, low spots, water reservoirs and other potential red-flag points is vastly important, as is remaining vigilant when traveling across any submerged roads.

When a natural disaster such as a major flooding event hits your home in Anaheim, California, having these safety tips in mind and putting them to good use even before a flood occurs is the best chance for you and your family to remain safe and prepared. While professionals will always be available to help clean up the aftermath, taking flood safety seriously beforehand is crucial.

3 Drying Tips You Should Know When Dealing With Water Damage

9/12/2018 (Permalink)

Cleaning your commercial building after water damage can seem impossible. The professionals can help!

Whether it’s a pipe burst or a severe storm, you might have to deal with water damage in your commercial building. While this can be frightening or stressful, the damage can be restored by professionals. An important part of the restoration process includes drying all affected parts, which can be time consuming and tenacious.

With these helpful damage tips, you can develop a better idea of what it will take to dry out your building.

Water Conducts Electricity

When your building first floods, there may be several inches of water in the building. One of the first things you should do before removing the water is to completely turn off the electricity. This can prevent you from getting electrocuted while dealing with the problem.

Along with these damage tips, another thing to keep in mind is that any technology or appliances with electricity can get damaged after being exposed to water. Document everything that gets destroyed so that you can replace them after restoring the building.

Proper Ventilation is Key

After water damage has occurred, it’s important to act fast and start drying out the building. While it may be tempting to use heated air or air conditioning to dry out all affected areas, natural ventilation is the best option to avoid further damage. To completely dry the building, open windows and turn on fans for natural ventilation. Heated air can be used if there is a good amount of ventilation going on.

It Takes Time

Properly drying out your commercial building is an important step in the restoration process. With all the moisture completely absorbed, you can avoid further damage and mold problems. It will take time, but it will be well worth it.

With these damage tips, you can correctly dry out your building in Anaheim, California, and finish the restoration process. With the help of cleaning tips, professionals, and time, your business can get back to normal in no time.

Fire Damage and Rental Properties

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage on a Anaheim, CA home

An apartment fire in a rental property in Anaheim, CA, is an unfortunate occurrence for both the building owner and the tenant. Once the flames are extinguished and everyone’s comfort and safety has been looked after, thoughts are likely to turn to assessing damage, calculating losses and restoring or replacing belongings caused by fire damage.

Insurance Coverage for Owners

As the owner of the rental property, the insurance policy for the building is your responsibility. Unless you own the property outright, chances are very good that your lender will require property insurance. Policies of this nature generally offer coverage for:

  • damage to the dwelling caused by fire, wind, hail or lightning
  • damage to or loss of equipment used to maintain the property
  • damage to detached structures on the property such as storage sheds, garages and fences

Additional liability insurance, such as an umbrella policy for anyone injured on the property, is also available. Other coverages to consider protect against losses due to burglary and vandalism. Policies generally have deductibles and limits.

Insurance Coverage for Tenants

Any property insurance the owner of the building carries will typically not cover losses incurred by tenants due to an apartment fire, theft or vandalism. Some landlords require tenants to obtain renter’s insurance, which tends to be relatively low cost in many locations. These types of policies typically help with costs associated with repair and replacement of tenants’ belongings such as:

  • furnishings, electronics and other personal items
  • clothing

Moreover, renter’s insurance can help cover costs associated with alternative housing should you be displaced by damage to the rental property. Some policies also cover injuries sustained by your visitors.

Ideally, both the property owner and the tenant will carry sufficient insurance coverage in the event of an apartment fire. Understanding your financial responsibilities and discussing them at move-in time is important in establishing and maintaining a harmonious business relationship.

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying Business Interruption Insurance

8/21/2018 (Permalink)

Air movers on a storm damage in a Southwest Anaheim, CA home

No Southwest Anaheim, CA, business owner wants to find their livelihood has been affected by a disaster. In the event of such an occurrence, however, there are ways to protect your profits while you rebuild, repair or otherwise get your business running again.

1. What is business interruption insurance?

This type of insurance pays you for any lost income caused by a disaster or peril that is covered by your property insurance policy. If a storm or fire leads to a closed business, you would lose the opportunity to sell your goods and services. This coverage helps mitigate those losses. It also helps pay for extra expenses you might incur in the event you need to temporarily relocate your operations.

2. How is it different than property insurance?

While property insurance will help you rebuild or repair your building in the event of covered perils such as theft, storms, wind, fire or falling objects, business interruption coverage specifically focuses on lost income (minus any normal expenses). Be sure to read your property insurance policy carefully in order to fully understand what is and isn’t covered.

3. How do you purchase it?

This coverage is not offered on its own, but instead as an add-on to an existing property or business insurance policy. Because interruption coverage is not sold on its own, it only pays on perils that are covered under the original policy.

4. What does it cover?

Most often, a policy will cover any lost profits, fixed costs that continue regardless of a closed business, temporary operating locations and any “reasonable expenses” beyond fixed costs.

Business interruption insurance can be a great option for business owners who want to guard themselves against a big financial hit in the event of a peril. If your building needs extensive repairs or a rebuild, the coverage can keep your finances in good shape until you get back to business.

What To Do After a Flood in Your Home

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

Air movers on a water loss in an Anaheim, CA hotel

Your Anaheim, CA, home has been affected by some type of water problem. Maybe a leaky faucet went unchecked for too long and caused water to pool in your walls. Maybe torrential rain left two feet of standing water in your basement. No matter what caused the water issues, you need to know how to address the problem. Most homeowners want to make an insurance claim to help alleviate the financial burden.

Follow these steps if you're ever in this situation:

  1. Call Your Provider: One of the first things you want to do after a pipe burst is call your insurance provider. This will allow you to start the claims process as soon as possible. The agent may also be able to go over the details of your coverage to help you better understand what your policy will do for you.
  2. Document the Damage: Chances are you're going to have to start the repair before your claim is finished. You can easily document the amount of damage that was done to your home by the flood by taking pictures and keeping receipts of any work you have done. You may also need to fill out lots of paperwork. Remember to make copies of everything for yourself before you send in the documentation.
  3. Start the Repairs: Part of your insurance claim is going to be getting your home restored. You may want to work with a water damage restoration professional trusted by your insurance company. Try to work with a team that can help you through the claims process to make the entire situation easier.

When your home is damaged by water, you want to start an insurance claim as quickly as possible. Even though some companies may take a while to get a claim filed, you should start the repairs as quickly as possible to ensure the damage done to your home does not get worse.

Is There Mold on Your Property?

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Did you know that there are many different types of mold that might attack your Anaheim, CA, property?

Did you know that there are many different types of mold that might attack your Anaheim, CA, property? Although property owners are often aware of the concern over black mold, many don't realize that mold might also appear in white, pink, orange, or green. Mold is commonly found in moist or humid areas:

• In the shower
• Inside air conditioning systems
• On the back of toilets
• On painted surfaces
• Under carpeting

In addition to its unpleasant appearance, mold presents problems for property owners because it can cause odors and damage the structure of the building.

Lurking Out of Sight

How can you tell if mold is affecting your property and whether you should be concerned? The quick answer is that you're more likely to have mold than not. You don't need to have a water leak or any type of flooding for your building to be exposed. Whenever wood, carpeting, or insulation is exposed to water, there's an opportunity for spores to take hold. Even if you haven't noticed any visible signs of damage, it's a good idea to schedule a visit from an indoor environmental professional.

A Reliable Source of Information

Do-it-yourself mold tests are notoriously inaccurate for a variety of reasons, including the fact that spores are airborne. Ideally, tests should be completed in multiple areas of the property, but this still only shows that mold is present. These tests don't show where it is, whether it's black mold, or how much is present. The IEP report provides this information and includes a mold remediation plan.

Taking Preventative Action

Whether you have seen black mold around your windows, spotted a yellow stain on the wall, or simply suspect growth, your efforts at mold cleanup should begin with professional testing and only end with a consistent schedule for inspections. In between, follow the remediation plan established by the professional and take steps to prevent further moisture or humidity damage to your Anaheim, CA, property. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/.

3 Tips for Preventing a Natural Gas Fire

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Finding a gas leak in your Anaheim, CA, home can be frightening.

As an Anaheim, CA, homeowner, chances are you are familiar with all the sounds and smells inside your house. From the cycling of your HVAC system to the water heater pumping, these sounds might even be comforting. However, unusual sounds and odors might be a sign of danger, such as a gas leak. Undetected leaks can lead to a gas fire and even a powerful explosion, so it is important to keep a few safety tips in mind when you think there might be natural gas leaking inside your home.

1. Inspect Your Stove’s Burners

If you have a natural gas stove, make sure all the burner’s knobs are turned off. In small kitchens, it is possible that someone could bump one of the controls and turn it on enough for gas to flow. Listen for the hissing sound of gas being released before you test the knobs, as this is a sure sign that the leak is coming from an open burner.

2. Ventilate Your Home

If your home is filling with gas due to a leak, this can increase the chance of a gas explosion. Open all the doors and windows to ventilate your home and avoid buildup before you call the gas company. If you are concerned about sparking a gas fire, leave the home and call your local fire damage and restoration company for further advice and assistance.

3. Leave the Lights Off

Even the smallest spark can cause a gas explosion if the leak is large enough. The snap of a light switch might even cause this to happen, so use a flashlight, not your home’s lights, to look for the leak. Send your family to a safe location so no one accidentally flicks on a light switch.

Finding a gas leak in your Anaheim, CA, home can be frightening. However, you can prevent a gas fire by keeping a few simple safety tips in mind as you look for the source of the leak. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/.

How To Disinfect After a Residential Flood

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

The cleaning requirements for disinfecting after a residential flood in Anaheim, CA, can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

When a storm hits and your house floods in Anaheim, CA, you cannot simply dry the area out and move on. Storm water is contaminated and mud-ridden. Which areas in your home need dried and sanitized? What procedures get the job done right? Follow the cleaning requirements below to disinfect your home.

What Needs To Be Disinfected?

The short answer is, anything that touched flood water or mud necessitates sanitization. Not every item can be saved. Toss and replace belongings such as soiled toys, stuffed animals, mattresses and carpet padding. There are areas that can be restored with proper flood disinfectant procedure. They include:

• Ceilings, walls, plaster, paneling and insulation
• Floors, subfloors, rugs and carpeting
• Furniture, bedding and clothing
• Appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, televisions and vacuum cleaners
• Kitchen items including dishes, silverware, counters and cupboards
• HVAC and electrical systems

How Do I Sanitize the Items?

Cleaning requirements are dependent on the type of item. There are several methods to sanitize your home properly:

• For most surface cleaning, sanitize with a combination of ¼ cup bleach in a gallon of water.
• For non-metal kitchen items, use two tablespoons of bleach per gallon of water. Metal kitchen items should not be exposed to bleach, rather use boiling water. A good rule of thumb is to let the items soak or boil for at least 10 minutes to sterilize.
• Use two tablespoons of bleach per wash cycle to disinfect your clothing. Use the hottest temperature that the clothing can handle for washing and drying. Another effective method is to take your clothes to a professional dry cleaner.
• Upholstered materials and electrical appliances most often require professional cleaning.

The cleaning requirements for disinfecting after a residential flood in Anaheim, CA, can be overwhelming and time-consuming. You don’t have to go it alone. Work with a professional storm and flooding expert to help you properly flood clean your home. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/.

3 Important Steps to Take for Filing Flood Insurance Claims

6/21/2018 (Permalink)

Dealing with floods in your Anaheim, CA, home can be stressful.

You may be at a loss when flooding damages your Anaheim, CA, home. No matter what caused the flooding, you may be facing ruined floors or carpeting, electrical damage and the loss of personal items. Filing an insurance claim can help you recover and allow you to call in a flood damage and water removal service to make repairs, and there are a few steps you can take to ensure the claim is filed and processed efficiently.

1. Do Not Hesitate To Report Flooding

After flooding, it is important that you report the issue to your insurance company immediately after getting your family to safety. If the flooding happens overnight, use your smartphone app to report it and send photos of the flooded area if it is safe to do so. The next morning, call your agent back to discuss the claim and ask what else you need to do to complete the filing.

2. Ask for Claim Forms

Your claim may be time sensitive, which means it is wise to ask your agent for the proper claim forms as soon as possible. Your agent may be able to fax them to a local receiving office or document center. It is important that you do not assume the claim has been filed because you used your phone app, so follow up with your agent as soon as possible regarding any necessary forms.

3. Make a List of Losses

If a pipe burst in your kitchen and the water caused damage to your appliances, you may want to make a list of what was ruined. Being aware of what you need to replace can help you file an insurance claim with more efficiency. Remember to include cupboards and flooring if they were ruined by the flooding, especially in the case of category 3 flood waters, which are usually heavily contaminated.

Dealing with floods in your Anaheim, CA, home can be stressful. However, knowing which steps to take when filing an insurance claim can help pave the way for a quick payout. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/.

What's the Worst That Could Happen When Turning Sprinklers on for Spring?

6/19/2018 (Permalink)

Irrigation maintenance is a necessity if you want to keep your sprinkler system running smoothly.

As a commercial building owner, you've likely heard a lot of tips and tricks you can use to help you maintain your property. However, finding time to do all of the required maintenance can be a major chore. Sometimes you may want to skip a few steps to speed up the process. When it comes to irrigation maintenance, it's often best to follow the upkeep procedures. Typical maintenance for this system includes the following:

• Yearly efficiency audits
• Regular system cleanings
• Occasional system upgrades

By following these simple maintenance steps, you may be able to avoid major sprinkler problems when you turn the system back on for the warmer season in Anaheim, CA.

No Water

If you fail to do the necessary irrigation maintenance, you may find that the system does not function when you turn it on after winter. The water can fail to come out of the sprinklers for a variety of reasons. The pressure in the system may be too low to move the water out or the heads may be clogged.

Too Much Water

Sprinkler flooding is another possible side effect of improper maintenance. If a head is clogged, the water may spray out in a puddle and build up in one spot. If the water lines are broken, water may seep into the ground rather than get sprayed across your yard. This can result in standing water on your property or in your building. If the flooding reaches your building, you may need to work with a commercial water damage specialist to repair any of the damages.

Uneven Water

Another issue that may arise when you first turn your sprinkler system back on is that parts of your property are getting water and the rest are not. This zoning problem can happen if part of the electrical has shorted. Clogs and other breakages could also lead to this issue.

Irrigation maintenance is a necessity if you want to keep your sprinkler system running smoothly. Not doing enough cleaning, repairing or inspecting could lead to landscaping problems and flooding. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/.

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Business Interruption Insurance

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Whether you need to rebuild or repair your Anaheim, CA, business after a disaster, business interruption coverage can help.

There are many different insurance options to choose from when it comes to protecting your Anaheim, CA, business. However, one you may not have considered is a policy that guards against a business closure in the event of damage from a fire, flood or other natural disasters. Whether you need to rebuild or have repairs made, business interruption insurance can help guard your financial interests; however, there are a few questions you may want to ask yourself before you sign off on a policy.

1. How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Since many insurance policies of this type are flexible, asking yourself how much coverage you need can help you choose a plan that is both affordable and flexible. Before choosing a policy, consider factors such as the value of your building, whether you store inventory there or at another location and what risk factors you face for flooding, fires and winter weather damage.

2. How Do I Choose the Right Policy?

A closed business could potentially lose thousands of dollars in revenue, so reviewing your company records with your insurance agent may help you pick the coverage you need. You might also consider the nature of your business when it comes to building a policy. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may want to purchase enough insurance to allow you to rebuild in case of a fire and to hire a mitigation and cleanup service to clear away debris and deodorize your building.

3. Are There Any Limitations To Coverage?

Being aware of any limitations to a business interruption insurance policy can help you cover gaps before you need to use your coverage. For example, a plan may only cover lost profit based on your company’s financial history but not lost employee wages. Your insurance provider can inform you about the limits of any policy the company offers.

Whether you need to rebuild or repair your Anaheim, CA, business after a disaster, business interruption coverage can help. Remember to prepare a complete list of questions for your provider before you sign off on a policy. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/.

Quick Guide to Understanding Fire-Related Damage

5/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage isn't always the same from one building to the next.

After a fire in Anaheim, CA, it can be hard to know what the next step should be. As a commercial building owner, you need to call in a fire mitigation team to ensure your damage is taken care of in the best way possible. However, you also need to know what counts as fire damage. After all, flames can affect a lot, including:

• Structure
• Furnishings
• Equipment

Fire can even cause different kinds of damage, such as water and smoke damage. When you're making an insurance claim, what should be considered fire-related damage and how do you show it?

The Damage

While the fire itself may not have caused the water and smoke damage, your insurance adjuster will likely consider these issues as part of the fire-related damage. This means your water-logged equipment may be covered by your building insurance because the machinery was damaged in the process of putting out a fire. Any interior or exterior surfaces affected by smoke can also be lumped in with your fire damage.

As a general rule of thumb, you can include anything affected by the fire on your report. This means any structural issues, equipment damage or lost belongings may be covered by your insurance policy. Of course, the exact coverage depends on your specific policy.

The Documentation

Documenting the damage done by a fire can be tricky. The flames may have destroyed certain documents, furnishings and other belongings, making it hard to show your insurance provider exactly what was destroyed. If you have an inventory list, you can send that in with the pictures of the fire-ravaged area. You may also be able to send in before-and-after pictures to better indicate what was maimed during the blaze.

Fire damage isn't always the same from one building to the next. Your insurance adjuster may deem the building and everything in it as fire-damaged, but back up your claim with documentation just in case. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/.

Tips for Preventing Bathroom Mold

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Dark patches on the walls, or behind the sinks and toilets, can indicate leaking pipes and a ripe opportunity for mold to take root and grow.

Bathrooms are breeding grounds for mold. Even without significant water damage from floods or natural disasters, the pipes and fixtures can often leak – or just splashing and overflows can create standing water issues that lead to mold growth. For tips on mold prevention in your Anaheim, CA, home’s bathroom, let’s take a look at how to first keep your bathroom in proper working order.

Watch for Water Damage

Many people don’t think about the fact that water damage can still happen in a room where people constantly shower, wash their hands, and flush high volumes of water down the toilet. Yet damage from water can happen quite easily, and next thing you know there’s black mold creeping up your walls and surrounding the fixtures. To prevent mold growth, make sure you follow these tips:

• Dry up any bathtub or toilet overflows immediately. These overflows can seep underneath bathroom tile and cause it to buckle, creating pockets of standing water where mold can breed. Even if you have hardwood floors, water can cause the floors to warp and soften, allowing mold to grow in the cracks.
• Inspect any drips. Pervasive drips from faucets and shower heads or around the base of toilets can mean a problem with the sealant or with the pipes. Professional inspection is a must to ensure everything stays water-tight, or you may end up with a mold problem.
• Turn on the fans when you shower. Fans are designed to suck steam out of the bathroom so that the moisture can’t condense on the walls. When dampness condenses, it can not only ruin the paint but encourage mold growth.
• Watch for dark patches. Dark patches on the walls, particularly behind the sinks and toilets, can indicate leaking pipes and a ripe opportunity for mold to take root and grow. If these dark patches have black splotches in them, you may already have a mold or mildew problem. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/

Can Lightning Cause a House Fire?

5/9/2018 (Permalink)

Contact a damage restoration service in Anaheim, CA, if your home becomes damaged by a lightning fire.

Can Lightning Cause a House Fire?

Fire departments respond to over 20,000 fires caused by lightning every year. This weather phenomenon caused as much as $451 million in property damage every year between 2007 and 2011. Different types of flashes pose varying levels of lightning fire risk. Flashes may consist of

• One or more leaders
• Return strokes
• Return strokes and continuing current

A flash may be considered either hot or cold, depending on the type of current.

• A hot flash has continuing current and illuminates with varying levels of brightness. An object struck by a hot flash may heat and ignite.
• A cold flash has return strokes and tends to flicker
• Other flashes combine return strokes and continuing current

Flashes travel through air and do not require conductive objects, but the following conductors facilitate the trip from the clouds down to the ground.

• Downspouts and gutters
• Electrical wiring
• Gas lines
• Phone, cable TV, or internet wiring
• Water pipes
• Window frames

A flash may travel down more than one conductive path or jump through the air to a path with better grounding. This phenomenon, known as side flash, may ignite flammable building materials or increase the risk of fire along electrical circuits. A hidden house fire within the attic, roof, or walls is the major lightning fire risk. Contact a fire department after a direct strike using a cell phone or non-wired device.

Strikes also pose a risk of close-range shock wave damage. The same conditions that cause thunder may

• Blow out plaster walls
• Cause shrapnel damage
• Crack foundations
• Damage chimneys
• Fracture brick, cinderblock, concrete, or stone
• Shatter glass
• Make soil trenches

If you live in a region with frequent strikes, you may want to have protection system installed in your home or add specialized coverage to your insurance policy. Contact a damage restoration service in Anaheim, CA, if your home becomes damaged by a lightning fire. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/

What To Do When Mold Keeps Coming Back

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

Mold in a residential property.

For those of you who have had to deal with mold growth in your commercial facility in Anaheim, CA you may have noticed that mold often comes back in the same place as before. This is even more common if water damage has occurred at the location. It can be frustrating to clean out an area only to come back a little while later and see mold has taken over again.

Cause of Recurring Mold

Mold needs water to spread, which is why having an environment that is free of moisture is the best prevention for outbreaks. In a mold spore, hyphae are the root-like part of the fungus that grows and seeks out nourishment. Once it finds what it needs and takes root, colonies of mold can begin to build and take over an area. This means that it is difficult to get rid of a colony once it is in place.

Having a facility with high humidity can make it easier for mold to grow. When the air is damp, mold can draw the moisture from the air, just as it would from a surface that is wet. Too much mold growth can lead to the destruction of some parts of your building, so it is crucial to handle the situation as quickly as possible.

Mold Removal Options

If your facility has only a small amount of mold, scrubbing the area with soap and water may take care of the issue. However, if it grows back, or if you have a more pronounced amount of mold, professional cleaners are typically needed. These experts can inspect the mold, determine what is contaminated, remove the mold, and help to restore your building to its former glory.

Mold is something nobody wants to deal with, but handling it quickly is essential for the health of your building. Mold growth is not something to ignore or allow to spread. Take care of the problem now to avoid more trouble in the future. Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on mold. 

3 Tips for Proactive Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Flooded bathroom in a commercial property.

"Out of sight, out of mind" may be a fine strategy for cleaning your apartment, but it’s a terrible philosophy for plumbing problems. Whether you manage a hotel, an office, or the first cat café in Anaheim, CA there's a lot going on behind your commercial property's walls. Here are three tips for keeping things dry.

1. Keep an Eye on the Break Room

Managing a commercial property means you've got a lot on your plate. Still, it's important to inspect the break room from time to time to make sure your employees are emptying their plates in a way that's safe for your plumbing. Coffee grounds is one of your break room sink's worst nightmares. Installing drain screens can spare your sink from this and other common clogging culprits.

2. Keep an Eye on Everywhere Else, Too

Know how to spot the signs of plumbing problems before it becomes a plumbing catastrophe and you have a broken water main on your hands—or damp clenched fists. Contact a plumber if you notice

• sinks that drain slowly or won't drain at all,
• water that won't get hot,
• toilets that chronically clog or won't flush,
• low water pressure,
• standing water around your building,
• damp drywall,
• or unusually high water bills.

3. Treat Your Property Like Your Car

You don't wait until your beloved '93 Ford Tempo is spewing fumes on the side of the road to haul it into the auto shop; you have regular maintenance performed, such as oil checks and tire rotations. Treat your building's plumbing the same way. Scheduling regular inspections of your pipes and fixtures—inside and outside—can keep them working longer. A leaking or broken pipe that goes unnoticed loses an average of 3,000 gallons of water per year, and that can mean 3,000 gallons worth of water damage to your property.

Don't hesitate to call a professional commercial plumber in Anaheim, CA at the first sign of something wrong. Acting fast can prevent simple plumbing problems from turning into serious, "Hey, uh, does anybody have a rowboat?" problems. Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on commercial water damage. 

Prepping Your Business and Employees for an Incoming Thunderstorm

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

Thunderstorms are one of nature’s most astounding forces, and while they’re beautiful to watch, the can cause heavy damage to a business like yours in a mere instant if the right precautions aren’t taken beforehand. While it’s impossible for you to stop a thunderstorm before it reaches your building, you can prepare your premises and employees for when the threat arrives. There are some simple yet effective measures you can take in Anaheim, CA:

• Review the Be Red Cross Ready — Thunderstorm Safety Checklist with all of your employees
• Reach out to your fire department to inquire about installing lightning rods
• Invest in first aid training
• Pick a safe gathering place for your employees during an intense rain storm
• Discuss your local emergency weather warning system

Picking a Gathering Place

When a rain storm becomes truly dangerous, you should always relocate your employees to a safe space inside of your building. Ideally, the chosen space should be far away from any windows (especially if high winds are a concern), and any other types of glass that could be shattered from the incoming storm.


In the event that all of your prevention efforts fall short and you or one of your employees are harmed during a thunderstorm, it’s imperative that there’s a proper first aid kit on hand and that someone is present who knows how to use it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in first-aid training for yourself and selected “safety leaders” among your staff in order to respond to storm-related injuries more effectively.

Knowing When It’s Time to Take Cover

If you can hear thunder, then you and your employees should be inside. Audible thunder means there’s lightning close enough to do damage. You and your staff should stay in your gathering place or otherwise indoors for a full 30 minutes after the last thunderclap has been heard to ensure the coast is really clear.

Following these safety guidelines won’t completely eliminate all risks during a severe rain storm. However, such precautions can certainly help to reduce the chances of injury occurring in your building. Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on commercial storm damage. 

Handling a Flooded Basement: 3 Actions You Can Take Right Away

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

When unexpected flooding affects your Anaheim, CA home’s basement, it can be difficult to know how to proceed with finding the source of the water and how to drain it away. Unexpected floods can occur for an array of reasons, from sudden thaws to a plumbing mishap. Knowing which steps to take can help you handle a basement flood calmly, even if it was the last thing you expected.

1. Find the Flood Source

Thawing snow and ice and the resulting runoff may be a cause of basement flooding, especially if your roof has poor drainage or if your gutters and downspouts are clogged. Check your home’s drainage system and clear any clogs, then check to make sure runoff is being channeled away from your home, not toward it. If you find a broken water pipe in your basement, turn off the water to prevent further flooding.

2. Determine Safety Levels

If your basement is flooded with water because of burst pipe, the water should be relatively safe to enter if you want to retrieve stored items right away or attempt pipe repair. However, you may want to cut the power to the room first to avoid any risk of electric shock. If the flood water is coming in from poor drainage or spring flooding, it may contain microbes and pathogens that cause illness, and you should avoid touching this water. Seal off the room until help arrives.

3. Call In Flood Cleanup Professionals

A flood cleanup and restoration company can be your first line of defense against dangerous or standing water after a basement flood. Restoration techs can remove contaminated water safely and advise you about what kind of water damage it left behind. If you are concerned about mold, they can inspect and treat affected areas to ensure no growth occurs.

When your Anaheim, CA home’s basement is affected by flooding, the resulting mess can be hard to handle. However, when you know how to react, you can minimize the damage and get the cleanup process started right away.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on water damage. 

Potential Causes of Mold in Your Home

3/23/2018 (Permalink)

Mold has an unmistakable smell and can render your home in Anaheim, CA unpleasant and, in extreme cases, uninhabitable. Some molds, such as black mold, are particularly difficult to thwart once they have set into your walls or other components of your building’s structure. If the problem gets too bad, you will need to hire restoration specialists to rid your home of the growth. The best treatment, however, is prevention. The following issues could cause a moisture problem that leads to mold growth.

1. Floods

Whether your home floods as the result of an internal problem such as an overflowing washer or from an external problem such as a bad storm, the excess water that collects in places it is not meant to be can initiate mold growth. Hiring a professional team to extricate the water and dry out the affected areas can help prevent further damage. When your home floods, make sure the problem is resolved completely to avoid mold.

2. Leaks

Your moisture problem may not happen as the result of a one-time event but rather an ongoing seepage issue. If you have a broken pipe or if a supply line gets busted, black mold may grow before you even know that the moisture is there. At that point, you not only will have a pipe to repair but also will need to hire professionals to test the area and, if necessary, start mold cleanup.

3. Humidity

General humidity can lead to the growth of mold spores. If you live in an area that experiences high levels of environmental humidity on a regular basis, it is a good idea to have routine mold checks. Even if the humidity is seasonal or sporadic, taking measures to reduce it in your home is a good idea.

Excess moisture can lead to problems such as black mold. If you need mold remediation in Anaheim, CA the sooner you have the problem fixed, the less damage it is likely to cause. Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on mold. 

Don't Let Mold Growth Continue

3/10/2018 (Permalink)

The unexpected discovery of mold in the home can cause frustration, anxiety, and confusion.

More so, mold (fungi) damages your home and can spread. The discovery reveals how homeowners often live for years with its presence, unaware of potential fungi dangers and residual effects. 

There are sometimes warning signs, but often, either through ignorance or thinking it’s just mildew, homeowners believe the fungi will just recede, die, and go away permanently. Detection of fungi is serious and needs to be addressed immediately. Procrastinating on a mold issue allows the mold to spread thousands of tiny spores throughout the rest of your uncontaminated home. It potentially leads to costly replacement costs of sheet rock walls and ceilings, as well as microbial growth decontamination. The bottom line? Fungi growth will need to be remediated. The longer you wait, the worse it gets.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on mold damage.

3 Mold Points to Consider

3/10/2018 (Permalink)

Here are critical points for what to do when fungi, in the home, is detected.

  1. Mold grows on organic materials such as wood floors, drywall paper, baseboards, and fabrics.
  2. Contact a certified, professional detection company in Anaheim, California. Cleaning up fungus yourself without knowing the fungi type is a serious matter. Different fungi have varying levels of severity of the physical damage it inflicts on a home. Testing by a professional prior to removal and after assuring the homeowner of complete removal.
  3. Determine the source of the fungi. Leaks in pipes, the roof and around windows cause fungi grow. Fungi removal is delicate and requires care, so not to spread spores to other areas in the home.

Negligent removal and disposal can cause future damage to your home. Mold will spread it spores throughout the uncontaminated areas of your home if left unchecked.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West is available 24 hours a day. Give us a call at (714) 533-1989 for any of your fire damage needs.

Insurance Considerations for Mold Remediation

3/10/2018 (Permalink)

Homeowners in Anaheim, California are extremely prone to household mold.

Mold is not an issue not limited to just California it is a problem throughout the United States. Consult the Yellow Pages or Internet resources to locate professional removal specialists that service the city of Anaheim and surrounding areas.

When you find mold in your home there are some insurance information to consider.

  1. Review your insurance policy to see if fungi removal comes under coverage. Some insurances polices will not cover its removal. Others have a “cap” on how much money can be put towards its remediation.
  2. Get several fungi removal estimates. Ask the environmental hygienist about the safety of the removal process. Ask for certifications and licenses. Don’t be a victim of fungi removal scams.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on mold damage.

Control Mold Problems by Controlling Moisture Problems

3/10/2018 (Permalink)

Moist or damp home environments provide the perfect setting for the growth of mildew and microbial growth.

It's critical to control moisture content for eradicating the growth of organisms.

Fungi removal is a serious issue and should not be taken lightly. Homeowners located in Anaheim should hire a certified, licensed firm and consult an environmental hygienist. They are knowledgeable in the many forms of bacterial fungus. 

Homeowners shouldn't dismiss fungi as a form of wet dirt and a simple wiping off the wall will resolve the problem. The first sign of fungi infiltration requires the immediate attention of a homeowner. Be responsive to signs of fungal infiltrations by assuring that the moisture problem is fixed.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West is a certified mold remediation company. Give us a call at (714) 533-1989 for any of your fire damage needs.

Reasons Why You Need a Reputable Company to Perform Fire Damage Restoration

3/9/2018 (Permalink)

Fire in business premises, fire in homes are considered be very problematic and could cause disaster to the occupants as well as to the home or business owner. The most crucial thing to know is that you need a competent professional fire damage restoration company to handle your case. A great fire damage restoration company can decide to board up and get rid of all the soot damage and smoke damage, the horrendous smoke smell, and even the water damages which could occur after a fire.

Information on fire damage restoration

Fire in home or fire in business areas can cause tremendous loss, horrible smoke smell, and comprehensive soot damages leading to discolorations, smoke smell, among other critical results in any building due to Fire damage. Dealing with fire in home or fire in business can only be treated by the ablest restoration company in your area. Such a firm has the best equipment and machines to handle the situation as well as restore the house to its normal structure or design by using a smoke smell.

The experts take the time to board up, examine the fire damage, soot damage or even inspect the fixtures before starting the actual fire cleanup process. Hiring such commercial fire damage experts to undertake the fire cleanup process gives you confidence that the firm will handle all the kinds of procedures required.

Why hire experts for the restoration

The restoration company service providers understand the various steps to be followed in remodeling a house that had fire damages. Working with restoration companies is also important since your property will be in safe hands and every component will be handled most appropriately.

The Basics on Fire Extinguishers

3/9/2018 (Permalink)

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher can limit damage when a small fire breaks out.

The kitchen is one common room where fires can occur, so it’s important to make sure there is a working extinguisher near the stove. Physically checking the fire extinguishers annually can be combined with replacing smoke detector batteries. 

Types of Fire Extinguishers

Most homes use Class ABC extinguishers that are typically used to put out burning wood, paper, flammable liquids and electrical fires. They typically include the dry chemical monoammonium phosphate as the dowsing agent. While this may cause chemical damage in addition to the fire damage, the scope can be limited to the immediate area if the fire quickly subsides. 

SERVPRO of Anaheim West is available 24 hours a day. Give us a call at (714) 533-1989 for any of your fire damage needs.

4-Step Use Process for Fire Extinguishers

3/9/2018 (Permalink)

Although all fire extinguishers should have visual and written instructions printed on them, it can be quicker and easier to remember the acronym “PASS” when you’re preparing to put out a small kitchen fire. 

P - Pull the trigger on the top of the fire extinguisher.

A - Aim the nozzle at the source, or base, of the fire. 

S - Squeeze the trigger to release the dowsing agent.

S - Sweep from side to side across the source, or base, of the fire.

Types of Fires

Fire extinguishers are meant to be used on smaller fires, rather than raging blazes that put your life at risk. If the fire is taller than you are, immediately call Laguna Beach, California emergency services for help. Use your emergency exit plan to ensure that all building occupants safely and quickly exit the building.


Having a working fire extinguisher that is easily accessible, and knowing how and to use it should a small kitchen fire break out, can limit damage and the threat of danger as quickly as possible. Once the fire danger no longer exists, damage assessment and restoration can begin.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com/fire-smoke-damage-restoration for more information on fire damage.

What to do During a Fire Emergency

3/9/2018 (Permalink)

It is important to know the kind of restoration company you will be working with and evaluate whether the firm has the right commercial fire damage resources to do the board up restoration. In the case of commercial fire damage scenarios, the operations of a business can be altered, and they require quick response from any particular firm.

A qualified commercial fire board up and smoke damage expert will ensure that the soot damage or smoke damage is cleaned up and every uses the commercial fire damage machines to clean the various discolorations on the ceiling, walls or even on the floor. Commercial fire damage restoration experts also help in eliminating the signs of fire accidents on the commercial premises and make sure that the works get back to their work comfortably.

Visit our website for more information on 

Supply Line Information

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If you experience flood water in home because of a supply line break, the emergency can stress you, but the most crucial thing is not to waste time. You need to contact a home restoration and water cleanup company immediately!

The supply line break and water damage can lead to mold growth that affects the household items, produces an irritating odor, and weakens the building structures.?Damage to the furniture, carpets, wood flooring, tiles, and walls will continue as long as the flood water and moisture remain in your house.

The water in home can reach the gypsum board, sensitive personal documents, ceiling, or furniture through capillary action. However, quick, effective water extraction and a comprehensive drying process with the help of flood damage mitigation experts can save the day.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West can help you after flood damage. Give us a call at (714) 533-1989

Why you require water cleanup and flood damage experts right away

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Whether you have water in home or water in business buildings, it is only professional flood damage restoration that will help to prevent huge damage to your real estate property. The restoration of a flooded home is not something that you can effectively do without the experts. Experienced restoration company staff will follow the procedures below during the water damage mitigation:

Deactivate Electrical Services

Ensure the deactivation of all appliances and electricity connections at your gas valves, main breaker panels, or outdoor meter point. Your water supply might require turning off to prevent flows from the points with a pipe break.

Stop the source of Flooding Water in Business Premises

You can experience difficulties locating the source of the flood water in business buildings. The flooded home mitigation professional will find the supply line break that contributes to the gradual water damage, shutting off the domestic water supply, or seal the pipe break to allow for the drains unblocking exercise.

Give us a call at (714) 533-1989 for any of your fire damage needs.

Prevent Long-Term Water in Business Leakages

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The interest of the restoration company workers is not just to clean up the flood water bothering you currently. The flood damage mitigation technicians will ensure the long-term service of your plumbing system by finding the problems you are having and getting them restored. Further, the team will have certified plumbers fix the supply line break, and also clean the sewerage network to prevent future water damage.

Water Removal

It is easier to know the mode of water cleanup after categorizing the class of damage. Truck mounted extractors are employed for clearing water in home environments if the damage is minimal. They are also used to clear water in business environments. In the case of flood damage, sophisticated equipment is needed for water cleanup if flooding was severe.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on water damage.

Drying, Cleaning, and Restoratio

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It is a necessary step to ensure no moisture is retained in the home or business where flood damage took place. For damage of water in business environments, proper care is taken to ensure all material is dried up to prevent electrical shock. Depending on how bad flooding was, some items can be salvaged during drying.


Cleaning is important to ensure mold and bacteria do not grow on personal items that may have come into contact with stagnant water. These items are removed during water cleanup, dried and cleaned with microbial treatments again to eliminate possible contamination.


This the final and most important step as it involves rehabilitation of the area affected. Material such as walls and floors are replaced, depending on the severity of damage. Most cases of flood damage require complete replacement of floors, ceilings, and walls. In less severe case, drywall may be installed to eliminate moisture and bar spreading of mildew.

It is important to observe mitigation measures, such as installing waterproof materials in homes and businesses. Other mitigation tips include improving drainage within the area, for example slanting floors. This will help pour out water without sophisticated clean-up. Without mitigation of this damage, incidences will recur and costly methods employed once more.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West is available 24 hours a day. Give us a call at (714) 533-1989 for any of your fire damage needs.

Water Damages happen 14,000 Times a Day

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Coping With Water Loss In Anaheim, CA

The incidents of water damage emergencies in homes and businesses in the United States occur for around 14,000 times a day. It would come as a surprise to many, but it is a recorded fact. Just over three to four inches of water can cause damage upward of $7,800 and average loss due to the faulty water heater is anywhere between $3,600 to close to $6,000.

Most of the people are afraid of a fire breaking out in their home or office, but the fact is that the damage caused by water loss is more frequent, and more imminent, if not taken proper care of the water network in the building. In many cities of California, which are prone to floodings, such as Anaheim, and the surrounding areas, one must be careful about loss due to water.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West is available 24 hours a day. Give us a call at (714) 533-1989 for any of your fire damage needs.

How much could a broken pipe cost me?

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The leaks brought about in the bathroom fixtures can be severe and can cause damage of around or over $10,000. If the plumbing leaks occur, brace yourself for the costs amounting to over $17,000. There are many ways of mitigation of damage, but the key is to act quickly. Water leaks can cause damage in many different ways, such as –

  • The floor can get completely damaged and may need complete replacement or expensive refurbishment.
  • The walls can get damp, and the paint would get removed. The damage in walls would call for repainting of walls.
  • Carpeting on the floor would have to be removed and replaced.
  • Furniture in the house that comes in contact with the water would get damaged. It would either need replacement or substantial repairs.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on water damage.

Minimizing Business Interruption

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Water in business can cause losses due to the office shut down for few days until the repairs are made, and the situation is back to normal. It can cause a delay in projects, and other associated business issues would surface due to time loss. Water restoration services in such case should be hired on emergency services to get rid of the problem and get things back to normal.

  • The electronic equipment that comes in contact with the water would get immediately damaged and must be eliminated for safety purposes.

  • Water can cause mold growth, which can grow and expand rapidly, causing mold treatment to be done by professionals. It would add to the overall cost of handling water loss. Water cleanup services would help get rid of this issue and make the area seem as fresh as ever before.

  • Water in the home would attract many different types of insects and animals and would infect the environment negatively. It would cause a health risk to the people exposed to that environment.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West is available 24 hours a day. Give us a call at (714) 533-1989 for any of your fire damage needs.

Speedy Response for Water Damaged Electronics

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Water in business can cause serious issues if the computers or servers get damaged. It can potentially cause the hardware to malfunction, which can cause data loss relevant to the business.

In the event of a water damage emergency, one of the first things to do is calling the emergency damage restorative company for mitigation of negative impact water would otherwise cause to the area. Irrespective of the damage is caused due to flood or leaking pipe or damaged bathroom fixtures; the restorative company would ensure things get back to normal sooner. Electronics can be cleaned and restored the sooner the restoration company can be on the job.

It helps in ensuring that things don't get worse because more the water is allowed to stay on the property more is the extent of the damage.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on water damaged electronics.

Safety First after Flood Damage

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In the case of flood damage that is severe, protecting your and family member's life should be the priority.

If it is possible to leave the house, leave immediately and come back when the water settles down for damage control and repair.

In the case of significant flood damage, one should immediately locate the high-value items in the house and carry it with themselves in the upper area of the home and wait for the rescue team to arrive.

Non-salvageable materials, as well as items affected by water due to flood or plumbing mishap, should be removed. Try to extract as much as water possible manually.

After the situation is normal, it is important to clean and disinfect all the articles that have been affected. Also, drying all the articles in the sun or through drying tools is essential for disinfecting.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on flood damage.

Claiming For Storm Loss

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Document, picture and video evidence of the damage as well as the receipts of all the expenses incurred to get things back to normal. The restorative company in Anaheim, CA would guide you through the application process. In most cases, once the claim application is approved, customers just need to take care of the deductibles and rest of the bill amount is directly paid to the company by the insurance provider.

Handing a flood loss in Anaheim, CA whether it is for loss due to water in business or home can be a tiring and psychologically challenging process. However, a commercial/residential restoration services company can help get things back in order sooner than you imagined.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West is available 24 hours a day. Give us a call at (714) 533-1989 for any of your fire damage needs.

Steps to Smooth the Insurance Claim Process

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These are the few precautionary measures you should take to ensure maximum damage is rehabilitated and loss due to water in home or business is kept to a minimum. Water extraction and damage control processes not taking at the right time would only increase the loss further. Once the professional water restoration company comes to your rescue, there are few steps you need to take to make sure your insurance claim goes through smoothly –

Take Pictures and Videos

It is essential that you document the water loss in home or flood damage, whichever is the case, through support photos and videos. Take pictures and videos of the areas damaged by water. Furniture items or electrical appliances that have got damaged due to water should be clicked as well.

Keep Account Of Cost Incurred

Keep all the payment receipts in your dealing with the water extraction and restorative company. If you have hired any drying equipment or water extractor, the receipt for the same should be kept for the claim.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on flood damage.

3 Clues Your Business’s Air Ducts Have Mold

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Mold can develop almost anywhere inside your Anaheim, CA business. However, one of the most common places it can hide is inside your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. The moisture inside the ducts can provide a perfect environment for mold to grow. HVAC cleaning can eliminate this issue, and there are several signs that you may need these services right away.

1. You Consistently Smell Musty Odors

If you get complaints from your employees or customers about musty odors in your building, especially during the summer, your HVAC system might have a mold issue. When mold grows unchecked and out of sight, it can cause a musty, dirty odor as it spreads. It also releases mycotoxins that can cause an unpleasant smell. If this smell grows stronger when you use the air conditioner in your building, you may want to call to have your air ducts inspected and cleaned.

2. Visible Ductwork Is Discolored

Mold can appear in several different forms and in different colors. If you suspect your building has a mold issue, it is a good idea to check external drip pans, vent covers and other visible HVAC areas. If you see any kind of discoloration that is not rust, you may want to call in a mold remediation company to perform HVAC cleaning instead of trying to do it your own.

3. You Find Mold in Other Areas

Humid, rainy weather and minor floods can cause mold to take hold inside your business. Because this fungus can spread when spores are released, the ductwork inside your HVAC system might be vulnerable. Cleaning vents can help slow the spread, but you may want to get your building’s system checked to locate and eliminate the source of any mold in the ductwork.

HVAC cleaning can prevent the growth and spread of mold in your Anaheim, CA commercial building’s ductwork. Not only can it provide you with peace of mind, your employees and customers will enjoy a clean, healthy environment each day.

Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on mold.

Restoring Damaged Electronics After a Fire

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Once you’ve been through the stress of an electrical fire in Anaheim, CA there’s a lot on your mind. You have calls to make, plans to arrange, a solid restoration service to hire, etc. When it comes to the damage done by a fire, not all of it is obvious. In fact, if you have damaged electrical equipment, you may not even know it without the help of a professional.

1. Damaged Electronics

Smoke can damage your electronics. Not only can extreme heat from the fire itself hurt your computer or electronic devices, but also the smoke itself can cause extensive damage. Take a computer, for instance, the smoke can maneuver through the vents and enter the inside components. Once in, it may form a film-like insulation that will lead to overheating. While this is common in computers, televisions, game consoles and other electronics can also suffer this way. Keep in mind that smoke can also cause devices to short. Additionally, soot is acidic and can disintegrate metal over time.

2. Restored Electronics

If fire damages your electronics, how can you fix them? The first line of business is to make sure that they can be restored after an electrical fire. Always consult a professional when dealing with electronics. This is how you can prevent electric shock or another fire. Once a professional checks the electronics, he or she may wipe them down and, in some cases, take them apart to clean them. Once clean, new working parts can be fitted for them. If everything is salvageable, then the devices should be in working order.

After an electrical fire, most people don’t consider that they may need a computer cleanup. Like any other appliance in your business, your electronics can be damaged by smoke and soot. It’s important that you have them cleaned by specialists to avoid the risk of further damage or danger. Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on commercial fire damage.

Deciding What Goes and What Stays After a Flood

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Dealing with the cleanup after a flood can be overwhelming, discouraging and frustrating, as it’s difficult to tell what is salvageable and what is not. Fortunately, your storm restoration team in Anaheim, CA is experienced in content cleaning and knows how to decide what should go and what can stay. If your home was recently devastated by extreme weather, this guide will serve to help you determine what goes and what stays.

Items That Have To Go

If black water evades your home, you need to take every precaution to remove contaminated material. Unfortunately, this means throwing out some items. Items that are usually unsalvageable after a flood include:

• Books
• Many toys
• Mattresses
• Carpets
• Rugs
• Any food that touched the water
• Drywall and insulation
• Clothes worn during cleanup

The CDC warns that frugality can be dangerous after a flood and that homeowners should ditch items that cannot be disinfected, such as those mentioned above.

Items That Might Be Salvageable

Depending on the extent of damage and where, exactly, the damage occurred in the home, you may be able to clean and salvage the following items:

• HVAC systems
• Heating units
• Refrigerators
• Canned goods

Items That Are Salvageable

Any hard-surfaced items such as wood flooring, tiles, backsplash and countertops are salvageable, as they can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Beyond that, however, any items or materials that were touched by black water need to go. A team that specializes in content cleaning should give the final say, however, as members are trained in identifying contaminated objects and determining what can be saved and what usually poses a risk.

If your home in Anaheim, CA was in a severe storm that resulted in flooding, don’t take any chances, and reach out to your storm damage restoration team for help. Though the thought of having to repurchase several items in your home can be daunting, the cost will be nothing compared to the potential damages of not replacing damaged items. Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on storm damage.

Cleaning Up Your Business After a Flood

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Cleaning Up Your Business After a Flood

A flood in your commercial building can have devastating results on your business, which is why it’s important to turn to a team of remediation professionals as soon as the waters subside. Once the contractors finish pumping fluids out of your Anaheim, California property, the real restoration work begins with the content cleaning process. Here’s a brief overview of the steps you should expect to take in the aftermath of flooding in your structure.

Replacement of Porous Components

When a flood comes from rivers, oceans or sewer systems, the industry term is black water damage, as the liquid could potentially contain fecal matter, bacteria or chemicals. Even if the accumulated fluids leaked from “clean” sources such as potable drinking supplies, it’s only a matter of time before they seep into porous surfaces and create an environment favorable for growth of mildew and mold. To keep this from happening in your commercial building, restoration specialists will rid the affected area of permeable materials:

Upholstered furniture

Removal and Restoration of Non-Porous Materials

While your contractor will generally tear out porous surfaces, there are some non-porous materials that can be saved in the content cleaning process. Since these items are impermeable by contaminated liquid, they usually only need to be removed to a cleanup facility and treated with detergents and disinfectants. Salvageable products are normally made out of glass, metal and hard plastics, and could take multiple forms:

Hand tools
Window panes

Cleaning Thoroughly Is Essential

A flood can have a lasting effect on your business and you want to be back up and running as quickly as possible, but it’s important to undergo complete content cleaning before you repopulate the affected area. You’ve invested a lot of time and money developing your company from the ground up, so why put it at risk by cutting corners during the disaster recovery process? Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on storm damage.

How to Rid Your Home of Mold

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How to Rid Your Home of Mold

Mold can cause extensive damage to your home in Anaheim, California if it doesn’t get cleaned up as soon as possible. For the mold cleanup process, it is recommended to reach out to a local cleanup and restoration company that has the expertise and equipment necessary to successfully rid your home of black mold. Here are the steps for handling your mold issue.

1. Immediate Actions

The moment you or a professional notice mold, the HVAC system and fans need to be turned off. The airflow could spread mold spores into rooms that are not affected and cause even more damage. Should you notice water damage, turn off water immediately so that the moisture problem doesn’t grow unnecessarily. After that, stay out of the affected areas. The next steps should only be handled by experts who are trained in cleaning up mold.

2. Possible Repairs

If your issue with mold is due to a problem with water, then you need to have trained individuals fix the issue right away. The longer you wait, the bigger your problem will be. They will dry the water-damaged areas before starting with the cleanup. Mold thrives in moisture and that’s why any moisture problem needs to be addressed in conjunction with ridding your home of mold. After all, you don’t want the mold to return in the future.

3. Mold Cleanup

The problem with mold is that you can’t know if hidden areas in your home are affected. A restoration specialist knows how to detect black mold in your home that you didn’t know about. Examples for hidden areas are drywall, paneling, condensate drain pans and roof materials. Your chosen cleanup expert will also inspect your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system for signs of mold.

The process of mold cleanup is best left to a professional. In order to prevent black mold in the future, address any moisture problem immediately, make sure that your home gets inspected on a regular basis and don’t neglect any maintenance.
Visit http://www.SERVPROanaheimwest.com for more information on mold.

Restoration Company Red Flags for Anaheim Residents

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Give SERVPRO of Anaheim West the first chance to help you because we won't need a second chance to keep your business.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West Point recently had the opportunity to go out to a job site in Newport Beach as a consultant for an insurance company. We arrived at the customer’s home to inspect the work of another restoration company that on been on site for several hours. The customer had a supply line to the toilet in the upstairs bathroom burst earlier that day. The water flooded the bathroom and a family room below. The carpet on both levels was soaking wet. The furniture was sitting on the soaking wet carpet.

 The restoration company (Service First Restoration) had not even bothered to extract the water from the carpet or move the furniture from the carpet itself. When I asked them why, the technician in charge on site stated that the extractor was too heavy for him to lift by himself.  They had sent over only one technician to the job site. I recommended to the customer to get extraction immediately. Then the story changed. The technician said he didn’t even have an extractor on his truck. He said he would use a “shop vac” to extract the water from the carpet. These "shop vacs" are cheap and inexpensive and never get the job done properly, especially for the large loss this customer was going through at this time. That should have been the first red flag for the insured. The “restoration company” didn’t even have the correct tools to correctly remove the water.

The customer also had an extensive collection of displayed Fine China and figurines worth thousands of dollars each. This is where the second red flag was waved. The restoration company didn’t do contents handling. They were going to call another company to handle it for them instead of having their own employees be trained and handle it right away.

Red Flag number three came as an extension to red flag #2; the “contents company” (Alpha) that was being brought on started talking about taking all the contents off site and wanted to bill thousands of dollars to store goods that the homeowner could have stored right on site. 

After all of these red flags the customer decided she had enough and asked the other restoration company to leave. SERVPRO of Anaheim West took over the project, started extraction of the moisture from the carpet straight away with the correct equipment.  Expertly packing the fine China and figurines and leaving them on site in the customer’s care and to the customer’s liking. We minimized the amount of damage and cost involved. Then we set up containment for drying and dust control and properly dried out the structure. Once this was complete, the restoration and repairs estimate was prepared and executed on time and on budget so as to benefit the customer entirely.

Give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call at (714)-533-1989 or contact us online here. SERVPRO of Anaheim West will make it "Like it never even happened".

SERVPRO of Anaheim West Cleans Office Space

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Never a down ay at SERVPRO of Anaheim West

Our hardworking warehouse and contents cleaning crew never have down time here at SERVPRO of Anaheim West. If they are not going from job site to job site they are at our office site making sure everything is in top shape.

Our contents crew usually have a day to day of working on a variety of job sites. They will arrive to a job site and start to organize, separate and pack out contents from a person's home or office. This requires having both the knowledge and experience to be able to tell what is potentially a total loss and what can be saved. Everything from large furniture pieces to tiny Knick knacks of collectables, our crew is well informed and well prepared to handle whatever might be on site.

Once a job is packed out, we bring the contents back to our office for cleaning and/or disposal. We take every precaution to make sure that the contents are well wrapped and kept safe during the transportation from job site to our warehouse and back again. Contents are fully inspected and cleaned so upon return they are practically new. Give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call for your next contents or cleaning at 714-533-1989 or visit our website here.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West Does More Than Water, Fire & Mold

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Give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call today for your appointment.

It is often that when people hear the name SERVPRO, they think one of three things: Water, Fire or mold. This is great! However, SERVPRO of Anaheim West provides a large variety of services that are often overlooked. Here are just a few of the many services we offer in hope that the next time you run into one of these issues, you will give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call.

·         Crime Scene, Biohazard and Vandalism Cleanup-We are trained to clean the potential blood borne pathogens at a crime scene and have the technology to handle all the sanitation needs of a biohazard affected area. We do so in accordance to OSHA, EPA and the state and local health regulations to ensure you are safe upon return to the site.

·         Contents Claim Inventory Services- SERVPRO of Anaheim West has a large storage facility to help accurately track the contents of your home or office should you wish to store items off site.

·         Air Duct & HVAC Cleaning- For offices year round, rain or shine, it is important to make sure that the HVAC system is running smoothly. We have a commercial cleaning department just for the job.

·         Carpet & Had Floor Cleaning-Not all water or fire damage results in having to completely remove and get new flooring. We can help determine this and if need be clean on restore on site. SERVPRO of Anaheim West uses the latest IICRC training and technology to help with a variety of flooring needs.

·         Stain Removal- Not all carpet floors are created equal. We are well aware and trained for just that and with a variety of pet, child and eco friendly chemicals for cleaning, we can help remove and even provide stain resistance application to your home or office flooring.

·         Odors-We help locate and remove unknown sources of odors that could come from a variety of places. SERVPRO of Anaheim West has helped remove odors involving everything from smoke damage to that of the deceased.

·         Upholstery & Drapes- Not everything should be cleaned with water and soup. We are familiar with a variety of fabrics that various furniture and home décor can be made of and we made sure to take every step possible to keep out cleaning both in depth but safe to the items themselves.

These are just a few to name of the many things SERVPRO of Anaheim West has to offer our customer. We hope the next time you hear our name, you remember that there is more to us than Water, Fire and Mold. Give us a call at 714-533-1989 or contact us here.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West Employee of the Month July 2016

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Great job Mr. Ramon on being the SERVPRO Employee of the Month July 2016!

It doesn’t go without saying that all of our employees are hardworking individuals who strive daily to bring forth the best customer service in water/fire restoration and mold remediation.  In the month of July 2016 we asked our Crew Chiefs and Project Managers to put forth the name of one of our technicians who was going above and beyond the call of SERVPRO Ready.  With unanimous vote and second thought, there was a clear winner that our July Employee of the Month would be Mr. Ramon. Among the crew members the stories shared of just how far he goes to care for customers belongings and how quickly and effectively he is able to perform his work duties on the daily really made it clear that Mr. Ramon was an employee we are lucky to have. Thanks Mr. Ramon for being the hard worker you are and we hope you enjoy the special SERVPRO goodies.

What is Lurking in Your Anaheim Office Air Ducts?

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Before and After your Anaheim West Air Ducts.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the ventilation system is often the biggest issue when it comes to poor unhealthy air quality. Most offices HVAC systems have been operating for long periods of time without any attention for maintenance or cleaning. This is a HUGE mistake, since dirty air ducts can circulate foul odors and spread contaminants such as mold and dust throughout the building.

  • SERVPRO of Anaheim West provides routine inspection and cleaning services for these HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) systems you often don’t think twice about. Unlike many other duct cleaning services, we think about HVAC systems all the time and use a Portable Ventilation & Air Duct Clean System to help example ductwork. This allows us to provide a clean sweep to remove years and years of dust, grime, mold and dirt. The process itself is rather easy:
  • The process starts with using patented equipment including a roto-scraper, which will automatically adapt to any air duct shape and diameter while traveling throughout the system. It removes unwanted debris as it moves through the duct system.
  • Next, we perform a powerful push-pull air delivery and collection to transfer debris out of the air ducts and into a large 16-gallon container.
  • As air is filtered through a HEPA filtration system, roughly 99.97% of particles are cleaned from the air stream.
  • An optional process provided would be to add a sealant or coating product that can be sprayed to attack and address any foul odors or microbial concerns.
  • Finally, any filters for the ducts can be either cleaned or completely removed and replaced with new filters.

It is important to understand that SERVPRO of Anaheim West offers this service with customers in mind for several preventative reasons. One includes the fact that during a fire these unclean air ducts give more fuel for the fire that is engulfing your home or office. With clean air ducts we can help give your home or office building a better chance at containing fire to a centralize location. So the next time you smell something uneasy in your home or office, give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call at (714)-533-1989 so we can schedule an air duct inspection. You can also contact us here.

To learn more about other cleaning services we offer, check out our cleaning services page here.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Services

8/1/2016 (Permalink)

Be sure to check these most common sources for water damage.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
Call Today - (714)-533-1989

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of [[Franchise Name]] has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Anaheim West

SERVPRO of Anaheim West specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property. Check out a list of our certifications here. Or feel free to see our SERVPRO family here.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West Gives Back to Local Charities

7/28/2016 (Permalink)

Just a few medals won, but the bigger picture is the people we helped.

At the start of every year SERVPRO of Anaheim West lays in front of us a list of community services we would like to be involved in, either as sponsors, volunteers or organizers. With the year half over we have to go back and see our list and start checking some off. So far, we are happy to report that we have quite a few checked off our list:

  • Race on the Base 2016 in Los Alamitos proved to be both exciting and helpful. Some of our employees were challenge to run in a 10K (6.2 miles) to help benefit the Wounded Warrior & Rock for Vets Charity projects through the Los Alamitos Air Force Base.  Check out the pictures here.
  • OC Trail Run in Irvine pushed out employees even further to help raise awareness and funds to support the Irvine Ranch Conservancy. Running a total of 7.1 miles through the trails of the Irvine wild life really helped our SERVPRO of Anaheim West employees connect with Mother Nature.
  • Continuing with the theme to pushing the limits, a few of our employees ran in the Southern California Terrain Race in Lake Elsinore. It was a 5K (3.1 miles), but it included over 15 obstacles such as rope climbing, wall jumping and getting down in the dirty mud. This community services was purely driven to help promote healthy life styles for everyone in our communities.
  • Finally coming back closer to home, SERVPRO of Anaheim West took part in the Los Angeles City of Anaheim Angels 5K and Fun Run to help benefit the Angel fund. The Angel fund included involvement with the improvement of Education, Healthcare, Art & Sciences and community related involvement for the youth in the Anaheim area.
  • After helping kids in Anaheim we went to Long Beach to do the Wrigley River Run 10K that helped raise funds for at risk youth in the Long Beach area through the Long Beach Neighborhood Foundation (LBNF).
  • Finally we recently were able to zone in on helping a community of people that is really close. The Hemophilia Walk in Los Angeles was amazing and helped to raise funds and awareness for those with various levels of Hemophilia.

We have many more community involved runs, charities and events coming up through the next couple of months, so be sure to check in on our SERVPRO team and our events here. If you would like to get involved with us feel free to contact us at 949-831-6201 or online here. We would love to be more involved with our communities in and outside the Anaheim Area.

Anaheim Board Up Leads to SERVPRO Cleaning Up Blood

7/27/2016 (Permalink)

Using the proper safety equipment, SERVPRO of Anaheim West is always prepared for whatever disaster is thrown our way.

Recently SERVPRO of Anaheim West was called out to a pretty standard emergency board up as part of our building services we provide. A drunk driver had driven his vehicle into the garage of a random home owner in his neighborhood. These damages from the impact caused the entire garage door to come off its railings and required a board up for the entire two car garage. Upon arrival, the vehicle was being towed; the drunk driver was being cuffed and, to SERVPRO's surprise, bandaged up. It would appear that this board up was more than just the garage; it would seem that we were now stepping onto a biohazard crime scene.

After talking with the home owners, our onsite technicians were able to explain that the needed cleaning for the blood that the driver had dropped sporadically throughout the garage, was indeed needed to be cleaned up by professionals. Blood Borne Pathogens can cause some of the highest health risk, and improper cleaning of blood can leave behind these said risks. Given that the driver was completely drunk, the alcohol in his system made his blood thinner, and it cause it to spread and spill more than the average non-inebriated citizen.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West cleaned up the blood with our pet friendly and environment friendly chemicals and upon leaving also made friends with the officers on site so if they should need our services in the future, we will be just one phone call away. We at SERVPRO provide a variety of cleaning services, and it is always an option when dealing with a variety of emergency conditions.

Give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call today at (714)-533-1989 or contact us online here.

If Your Anaheim West Home or Office Has Odor Issues, Give Us a Call

7/25/2016 (Permalink)

When everything smells around you, give us a call to see if SERPVRO of Anaheim West can help.

As experts in deodorization, SERVPRO of Anaheim West is trained to identify and eliminate offensive odors. These odors can come from a number of sources ranging from pet odors inside your home, to unwanted wild like pets coming from outside your home. We will help identify and locate whatever the case may be. SERVPRO teaches IICRC technical classes in the proper removal of odors. Face it, Fabreeze won’t always work and sometimes opening a window just makes it worse. By identifying and locating the odor it can often be removed over time without a trace. Our technicians have access to several odor removal products capable of penetrating surfaces to neutralize an unpleasant odor thoroughly. These same products are also environment friendly and pet safe. The next time you can’t figure out the stench that is tickling your nose, give us a call at (714)-533-1989 or contact us here.

Anaheim Firefighters: Thank You!

7/20/2016 (Permalink)

Thanks form SERVPRO of Anaheim West to all the hard working men and women involved with the Anaheim Fire Department.

California based natives have to endure hot sweaty summers with the sun blazing down on long hot days while the night’s heat is still smoking throughout the long May through September months. It is too often that we forget that there is some one our community who fight the heat all year round and do so at any given moment. We at SERVPRO of Anaheim West would like to take a moment to thank all of our local Firefighters for their hard work, sacrifice and endless effort throughout the year. It is through them and their resources that we are able to better understand fire safety for our community.  Be sure to take a moment to visit the Anaheim local Fire Department page here.

Based upon information from our local heroes, there are eleven main fire stations in Anaheim.  These eleven stations work year round to be ready at a moment’s notice in case an emergency should arise, but to be better prepared, these stations went that extra step to care four our community by providing to us a Organization Chart that helps know who is in charge and who to contact if you become interested in knowing more about the. They also provide regular follow ups to Public Service Announcements that help keep the community informed and involved. As if that wasn't enough, you can easily keep in touch with the hard work people by following them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. They pull out all the stops to keep in touch with their community and to keep everyone safe and well informed.

After all is said and done, with all the information provided to us as a community, what it boils down to is that we wants to say THANK YOU! Thank you to all involved in helping our community stay safe. To the fire fighting crews, the dispatchers who take the emergency calls, to the first emergency responders, the volunteers and the online information teams...THANK YOU! We are proud to work with you those endless hours to help keep our communities safe and disaster ready.

Anaheim Residents: Follow These Mold Safety Tips If You Suspect Mold

7/14/2016 (Permalink)

If you think you do, please give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call immediately!

If you see visible mold, do not disturb it. You can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. When mold is disturbed, the mold can release microscopic mold spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your home.

What to Do:

  • Stay out of affected areas.
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans.
  • Contact SERVPRO of Anaheim West for mold remediation services.

What Not to Do:

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold.
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself.
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold.

About Our Mold Remediation Services

SERVPRO of Anaheim West specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, in fact, it’s a cornerstone of our business.  Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today – 714-533-1989 or Contact us here.

Taking Care of Anaheim West Antique Glass, Crystal & Various Items

7/6/2016 (Permalink)

From saving clothing onsite, cleaning soot from ceilings/walls, to boxing up and sending pack precious items, we do it all.

When it comes to disaster, we at SERVPRO of Anaheim West understand and are all too familiar with the fact that fires don’t just affect a person’s physical home or place of business, but also the contents within it that are also tied to a person’s emotional state of being. It is why when we are chosen to pack out, clean, restore and pack back items from a person’s home or business, we take extra care of each and every item. We go the extra mile to pay attention to items such as antique glass or crystal. The reasoning behind this is that during a disaster, like a fire, the exposure of glasses and crystal to high heat can reduce the stability of the items to stay in form. Lifting an item without checking it for cracks or damages can cause further damage than the fire itself. Items such as the inherited family couch or your favorite t-shirt are cleaned according to the fabric involved and not just brushed aside with soap, water and Fabreeze. We use washing chemicals that are hypoallergenic, pet friendly, child and elderly safe and ensure that each item we send back to you is clean in both smells and stains.

When we arrive on a scene we take pictures of everything we see as we see it initially. From there, for contents, we take a photo inventory of where items are, where the items are being placed in certain marked boxes, and then we take them back to our warehouse for cleaning and restoration. When we do this, we do so at an even pace because there are times we must slow down in order to review individual items for cleaning. For example, a crystal or antique glasses that are lined with or involve gold will be placed aside and cleaned differently than some of the other items. Gold items are never cleaned with ammonia, due to the fact that it will ruin the item entirely. We’ve been known to restore dining room sets, original pieces of artwork and even cleaned and stored grand pianos while the home or place of business was in the process of getting back to “Like it never even happened” status.

Even though there are a variety of ways to assist in packing out and packing back contents for a person’s home or place of business, we at SERVPRO of Costa Mesa like to be on the safe, healthy and cautious side for all your items. We understand that sometimes the value of an item isn’t the money it cost, but the sentiment tied to it that makes it priceless. Beyond items we also offer a variety of cleaning services you can view here. We hope that for any future contents needs, you consider SERVPRO of Anaheim West. If you have questions feel free to give us a call at 949-533-1989 or online  here.

Pin Hole Leaks in Anaheim West

6/29/2016 (Permalink)

One tiny hole does more damage than you could imagine. Give us a call to help at 714-533-1989

SERVPRO of Anaheim West just finished a water damage in Laguna Niguel at the Phillips residence. This is the 8th time this family has had a water leak caused by a pinhole in a copper pipe. If you live in south Orange County you are probably all to familiar with this scenario. Even if your fortunate enough to to have not had this happen to you, someone you probably know, a friend, a neighbor or colleague has had a pin hole leak in their home. These little leaks that often go unnoticed have caused millions in damages to home owners in the South Orange County area. So much damage in fact that homeowners, homeowners associations and builders have sued the water district in an effort to re-coupe their losses. They alleged that the water district knew about the corrosive nature of the chloramines used to disinfect the water.  In 2015 a just tossed out the class action lawsuit. "The judge ruled that the districts can’t be sued because they’re following state and federal standards for safe drinking water" (Refer to this article

http://m.ocregister.com/articles/water-675410-homeowners-leaks.html). To add insult to injury, homeowners insurance companies are choosing not to insure homes that have had multiple water leaks. Labeling these homes as high risk, even non-renewing current policy holders. If they do insure these homes they are excluding water damage on the policy for the first 5 years and sometimes requiring proof that a re-pipe or epoxy coating of the copper pipes has been completed. In addition the cost of insuring these homes has gone up. According to some insurance agents 5 times the normal premiums. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse, even the real estate market is feeling the strain. The added expense of insuring a high risk home has caused many buyers to walk away from a purchase.  So what's the solution? Be an the look out! Performing a weekly or bi-weekly walk thru of your home can help you to catch leaks before they cause to much damage. Be sure to look in those hard to see closets and walk behind the sofa and furniture. Look for bubbling of the paint above the baseboard line. Or discoloration to the flooring or walls. If you think that you may have suffered a pin hole leak in your home call SERVPRO of Anaheim West right away for a free inspection. Turn off the water to your home when on vacation or even when your not home  during the day. If you have had multiple leaks look into getting your home re-piped or epoxy coated to prevent future pin hole leaks. For further reading, feel free to check out our Water Information Page here or check out our credentials for solving these matters here. Se habla español

SERVPRO of Anaheim West Called to Perform Commercial Water Damage Restoration

6/22/2016 (Permalink)

Don't go disaster after disaster before giving us a chance.

 When a large property manager had a fire sprinkler line crack in a building they manage, they knew to call SERVPRO of Anaheim West. The pipe had cracked on in the ceiling of the third floor flooding the third level. The water then followed the path of least resistance and found the pipe chases in the concrete floors in between levels. This allowed the water to quickly travel down to level 2 and eventually level 1. As the water reached the ceiling of the level below it quickly began to spread out across the firewalls. It also used the piping from the plumbing and electrical conduit to quickly transport it to other areas of the building. The water cascaded into light fixtures, AC duct manifolds and registers. From there it landed on computers, desks and furniture damaging work product and sensitive documents that were the work of professionals like doctors and attorneys. Fortunately the building engineers were able to shut off the fire sprinklers within 10 minutes of the break.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West responded in force. Within 20 minutes of getting the call our crews arrived with 9 extraction units to quickly remove the standing water from the carpet and terrazzo flooring systems. Once the major water was removed the electrical systems were checked for safe operation. Fortunately the buildings electrical system was not compromised and we were able to pull auxiliary power from a nearby electrical panel. Once the electricity was secured a project manager walked the job with the building engineer showing him the building materials that had soaked up the water and needed to be thoroughly dried to prevent and inhibit mold growth. A drying plan was constructed and the equipment began to make its way to the building.

Initially refrigerant dehumidifiers and air movers were used to quickly remove the excess humidity in the building. However once they reached their maximum drying efficiency, they were quickly replaced with desiccant dehumidifiers. In addition air movement was reduced as materials reached their moisture equilibrium (fancy word for dry normal).

The property manager was shocked. You see, not too long ago they used to use a company that would always demolish any wet building materials, this would result in expensive demo bills, prolonged restoration projects and upset tenants. The property manager would then have to discount rents in order to appease unhappy tenants. Some were even released from their leases. But why was this job any different? This time they selected SERVPRO to perform the mitigation and drying. At the end of the day, once everything was dry and the repair process was to begin, all that was needed was a few drywall patches and to replace the baseboard. The carpets were then cleaned and the final walk through completed.

How long did it take? From the initial call to completion of the restoration was only 7 days. The tenants were happy, the property manager was happy and the building owners were happy. The property manager remarked "from now on I will only call SERVPRO".

Here at SERVPRO it's a pleasure to be part of a team dedicated to making customers happy! Feel free to see our SERVPRO of Anaheim West family here.

For further information regarding our commercial services, please check us out here.

Creating Happy Customers in Our Anaheim Community

6/14/2016 (Permalink)

Our goal is always to leave behind no mess and no stress.

Just recently a few managers in our office had the opportunity to travel back to the SERVPRO corporate for a five day long training course. We were warmly welcomed and made to feel at home very quickly. It was easy to see the amount of time and energy that went into the numerous presentation and workshops that we attended. There is a reason why SERVPRO has become the number one water damage restoration company in the nation and continues to further distance themselves from the competition.

It is because the purpose of SERVPRO corporate, and the over 1,700 franchises, has remained the same year after year, "happy customers", It's a message that the franchises do not take lightly. Sure, we were reminded of the importance of building the brand and being professional. We were kept up to date on technical advancements and the newly revised IICRC S500 standard for Water Damage. We were given advice on how to properly staff and grow our business. But at the end of the day all of that information was for the sole purpose of creating a happy customer. Although each franchise is independently owned and operated, I truly believe that most of the franchise owners have the sole purpose of creating happy customers.

It's easy to get caught up in the day to day operations and employee drama that exists in every workplace, but our customers rely on us to make a disaster better, not add to the stress of it all and make it worse. To take the damage of a fire, sewage backup, water loss or mold situation and make it better, to make it "Like it never even happened", that is what our goal is at the start and end of each job. After a hard day of cleaning soot from walls, extracting water from carpet or removing sewage from a flooded crawlspace, all of us here at SERVPRO take pride in the true purpose of our company...creating happy customers.

If you don't want to take our word for it, feel free to check out the words from our some of our previous happy customers here.

Or there is always the voice of YELP that will help you hear just how well we treat our customers.

Call us today-714-533-1989

Se Habla Espanol

Our Highly Trained Restoration Specialists can restore your Anaheim Home

5/26/2016 (Permalink)

Mold (top left), Water (top right), Sewage (bottom left) or Fire (bottom right)...we are trained for it all!

SERVPRO of  Anaheim West is an IICRC firm. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) creates the standards for the restoration industry and provides training and certification to restoration companies. IICRC Certified Firms have the right to display the IICRC Certified Logo.

IICRC Certified Firms must

• Present accurate information to consumers and conduct business with honesty and integrity.

• Require a technician on all jobs who has been formally trained and passed all required tests.

• Require a continuing education program to keep technicians up-to-date on the latest changes in the industry.

• Maintain liability insurance to protect all parties in the event of an accident.

• Maintain a written complaint policy and agree to Better Business Bureau or similar arbitration to resolve disputes, and accept the conclusions and recommendations of arbitration.

The IICRC Develops The Standards For The Restoration Industry

The IICRC has been the driving force in establishing the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation. These IICRC standards take years to develop and require the coordination of experts in the field: manufacturers, industry organizations, insurance professionals, training schools, contractors, and public health professionals.

Every five years, the standards are reviewed and updated. The water damage restoration field changes rapidly with advancements in technology and science, and therefore the standards must evolve to keep pace.

About SERVPRO of Anaheim West

SERVPRO of Anaheim West specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration and we are an IICRC Certified Firm. We believe in continuous training: from initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet our SERVPRO family.

See our company profile.

Does Your Anaheim Home Have A Mold Problem?

5/5/2016 (Permalink)

In Anaheim, mold can spread through a home in as little as 48 hours.

Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Therefore, mold remediation reduces the mold spore count back to its natural or baseline level. Some restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is a fallacy. Consider the following mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today –  714-533-1989

Meet Our Crew!

Our Credentials!

DIY Water Damage Restoration & Why It's A Bad Idea

4/7/2016 (Permalink)

We maintain all drying equipment and have the latest in technology for any water damage job.

Nowadays more and more people are becoming do-it-yourselfers. It seems that everyone with an Internet connection is on YouTube trying to figure out how they can save money by performing services themselves.

While that is a excellent idea when you have to hook up a home theater system or mount a TV to the wall, attempting to perform your own water damage mitigation drying or mold remediation it's definitely not something that should be attempted on your own. Sure you can rent dehumidifiers and fans, maybe even air filtration equipment, but the consequences for not performing mitigation for the candy bar outweigh the cons. SERVPRO recently arrived to a project in which the homeowner had rented a few dehumidifiers from Home Depot to attempt to dry out his home from a major plus size water damage. While we applaud his efforts, he did not have the proper training, knowledge and or tools to successfully perform this work. In fact when we tested the dehumidifiers that he had rented from the Home Depot only one of them was actually working. The other two were not removing any moisture from the air. In fact they were actually putting moisture back into the air. This doesn't help drying in the least bit and ended up causing more harm and money than the homeowner had anticipated. 

Next time you get a new appliance, YouTube a DIY video, but the next time you experience water damage in your home or office, give the SERVPRO professionals a call. We'll help make it Like It Never Even Happened.

Why Hiring a Water Damage Restoration Franchise Is a Good Call For Your Orange County Home or Business

3/25/2016 (Permalink)

24/7/366....here to help

I recently went to the CACM Seminar and Expo in Anaheim where I was fortunate enough to interact with several property managers and HOA representatives. Most had nothing but good things to say about SERVPRO.

“Yeah, we use you guys all the time!”

“Man, you guys were great! I don’t like using anyone else.”

And then of course, my favorite,

“Are you with SERVPRO of _______?”

We ARE individual companies that abide by a certain set of guidelines, but every business can be affected by one bad employee. After talking with a few individuals regarding why they don’t or won’t use a franchised company, I decided that it might be the time to address a few of their concerns. I received the objections of how we as a franchise don’t have back up from corporate, how we as franchises only buy a name and bank on that, or how we have no insurance to cover if a mistake should be made. One objection really dove into how we don’t get any training or continuing education whenever a franchise is bought. Well let’s look at how that isn’t the case for SERVPRO.

  • Whenever a person chooses to become part of the SERVPRO family by buying into a franchise branch they are also choosing to live up to a set standard by SERVPRO. Upon establishing their branch, they go through extensive training and courses to understand not only the why of water and fire restoration and the mold remediation, but also they are required to take continuing classes to stay up to date on the latest technology and information in order to make sure every customer is properly helped.

  • The continued training extends beyond the owners, where in SERVPRO the Water and Fire Restoration courses are even extended to other restoration companies, insurance adjusters and property engineers.

  • To say that a SERVPRO branch doesn’t have corporate to back them up is extremely misguided. SERVPRO Corporate specifically designed levels to the franchises in order to ensure that there is always back up in case it is needed.  We have three levels, and each level helps the other depending on the emergency needs.

    • Level 1 is the local franchise branch for residential and some commercial losses

    • Level 2 is Large Loss Recovery Certified and can handle larger jobs for a variety of commercial properties and natural emergency disasters.

    • Level 3 is the Extreme Team which is able to handle large natural disasters at the drop of a hat. Events like tornados and hurricanes are what these teams are made for.

  • When it comes to insurance that is one thing SERVPRO is always careful to have when on a job. For example, the average pack out or contents moving company will have standard insurance that covers items packed away by the pound. SERVPRO does this differently. We offer insurance by the item that is inventoried, not the weight of the item itself. Clearly a bowling ball weighs more, but it cost far less than an iPhone or laptop. We take things like this into consideration when helping our customers because there is already enough stress from the emergency that the last thing we want any of our customer to worry about is how well of a job we will do for them.

At the end of every day we at SERVPRO do our best to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes. How would we want to be helped when we are need? How would we like to be treated when stressed out and worried over a million items after a disaster in our home or office? Hiring a franchise isn’t the best option for every job, but for water and fire restoration, mold remediation and contents moving SERVPRO is the best option because our individual families will look out for your family as if you were our own.

Mold is EVERYWHERE in Anaheim

2/29/2016 (Permalink)

Mold is found all over homes and offices.

There’s mold everywhere!!!

No really, there is mold everywhere. Think of mold as a microscopic dandelion. It needs a food source, water and time and soon enough it releases its seeds or spores into the air in order to reproduce at other locations. These seeds or spores then stick to surfaces and when they detect water and begin to grow thus repeating the cycle. This is nature’s way of getting rid of dead cellular organisms like plants and trees.

Every environment on earth has a natural level of mold spores in the air. You are breathing them into your respiratory tract as you read this blog. So what is all the hype about? Wouldn’t it already be there? The answer is yes it is already there. It sits there waiting for water, food and time to grow. Once all those ingredients exist voila! Mold begins grow. Individual spores mature form colonies, which then become visible to the human eye. Up until then mold is invisible to the human eye. Most mold spores are from 3-20 microns. To put this into perspective the diameter of one hair on your head is about 50 microns. Even gravity doesn’t have the same affect on spores. Spores can hang in the air for hours before settling on a horizontal surface. Only to be whisked back up into the air from the breeze of a passerby.

So when does mold become a problem? Mold becomes a problem when you have water intrusion into your home or business with or without your knowledge. Even excessive humidity can be enough for mold to start to colonize. Wet organic materials such as drywall, particle board, OSB plywood, wood framing, tack strip, cabinetry, wool, leather, cotton and other cellulosic materials are the perfect food for mold. Then sprinkle a little time into the equation and there it is. Green, Black, blue, pink, purple, yellow and brown are just a few of the color’s that mold can decorate your walls with. Health concerns may arise when excessive mold grows indoors. Concerns are more likely to arise for “at risk” people, which might include immune suppressed or compromised individuals, young children and individuals with chronic inflammatory lung diseases such as asthma and severe allergies. However, anyone may experience health problems associated with exposure to mold in damp buildings.

How to return mold levels back to normal. Returning the environment back to original mold levels requires the help of a mold remediation contractor and an IEP (Indoor environmental professional). Mold remediation contractors remove the mold and IEP’s test to make sure the mold remediation contractor has performed his job properly. They also create a clearance report for the building (often times referred to as a mold certificate).

Basic Steps of Mold Remediation

  1. Identify the source of the water and fix the problem.
  2. Containment of the work area.
  3. Negative air pressure and HEPA filtration.
  4. Removal and cleaning of salvageable items.
  5. Removal of affected materials. (ie. Drywall, Baseboard, cabinetry boxes etc.)
  6. Removal of double bagged & gooseneck sealed debris.
  7. Sanding and cleaning of salvageable materials. (Wood framing, concrete and other non porous materials).
  8. Cleaning of the affected and non affected areas inside of containment.
  9. HEPA vacuuming of all surfaces inside of containment.
  10. 24 hours of air scrubbing.
  11. Post remediation clearance testing to verify normal fungal ecology is present.

Warning: This work should not be performed by anyone who does not have the proper, certification, personal protective equipment (PPE), experience and  in this field.

Fire Statistics in America & Tips To Keep Anaheim Residents Safe

2/23/2016 (Permalink)

Top left is a commercial fire kitchen fire, then the remaining three are house fires.

Every year homes, churches and office buildings catch fire. The numbers of reasons are endless as to why. Whether intentional or by accident, the statics for fires in America has been increasingly higher each year. Per www.nfpa.org (National Fire Protection Agency), the statistics below show the 2014 year (2015 has to be collected) for what is at cost when a fire occurs.

In 2014, there were 1,298,000 fires reported in the United States. These fires caused 3,275 civilian deaths, 15,775 civilian injuries, and $11.6 billion in property damage.

  • 494,000 were structure fires, causing 2,860 civilian deaths, 13,425 civilian injuries, and $9.8 billion in property damage.

  • 193,500 were vehicle fires, causing 345 civilian fire deaths, 1,450 civilian fire injuries, and $1.5 billion in property damage.

  • 610,500 were outside and other fires, causing 70 civilian fire deaths, 900 civilian fire injuries, and $237 million in property damage.

    Beyond the numbers of what fire cost, the frequency in which fire occurs is listed below, also cited from www.nfpa.org.

    The 2014 U.S. fire loss clock a fire department responded to a fire every 24 seconds. One structure fire was reported every 64 seconds.

  • One home structure fire was reported every 86 seconds.

  • One civilian fire injury was reported every 33 minutes.

  • One civilian fire death occurred every 2 hours and 41 minutes.

  • One outside and other fire was reported every 52 seconds.

  • One highway vehicle fire was reported every 3 minutes 8 seconds.

    So now that we know the numbers that affect us in America, what can we do to decrease such statistics listed above? For starters, having the knowledge of how to identify the risk of potential fires will help everyone stop a fire before it starts.

  • If outdoors, keep dry brush away from camping fires or BBQs. When done, be sure to water down any flames or embers that were burning, even if they have stopped smoking. Always keeping abucket of water nearby would be wise as well.

  • Keep front lawns and bushes cut to reduce potential fire hazards. Just because California is in a drought and we are limiting water, doesn’t mean you should let the wild brown grass or bushes grown wildly.

  • Home rooftops and exterior attic vents with metal wire mesh should be checked seasonally at the very least.

  • If driving a vehicle, pull over as quickly as possible, turn off the engine, get everyone out of the car and move at least 100 feet from the vehicle. Call 911 right away.

  • If indoors, keep plants and loose cloths/curtains aware from fire places, gas stoves and candles. Any open flame is a risk for a potential fire. Have a small fire extinguisher in the kitchen, garage, and hall closet to be extra safe.

  • Make sure that those around you know how to use a fire extinguisher.

  • Have an escape plan. Whether outdoors or inside, always plan an escape route in case a fire should occur. Two story homes could be just as dangerous as an open field. Keep in mind that fires can spread quickly and are more often than not, unpredictable. Inside a home or office can spread just as quickly as being in an open field and then being surrounded by flames.

  • Know how to read if a closed door is a safe exit away from fire or if it just a barrier between you and further flames. Place a hand on the door. If it is warm or bloated, it isn’t safe. If it is cool, it is ok to go through and should be closed behind you. Every door when leaving a fire should be closed behind you if possible.

  • Keep fire alarms operational and frequently check the batteries. If an alarm goes off, leave the premises immediately. If you must exit through smoke, sty low and crawl to your nearest exit. Each room should always have two escape routes.

  • Never use elevators if you live in a high rise apartment complex or are at a hotel. Stairs will be your go to in order to leave a building. 

There will be times we won’t be able to avoid fires, accidents do happen. If that is the case, once everyone is safe, let us come help you get everything back to like it never even happened. SERVPRO has years experience in a variety of fire claims. From natural disasters involving lightening storms to electrical fires to fireworks and Christmas Trees taking over a person’s home, we have seen it all and we know how to help. Contact your local SERVPRO straight away.

SERVPRO Top 5 Franchise for 2016

2/12/2016 (Permalink)

Climbing our way to the top, one spot at a time

We are moving faster than ever by staying in the top 5 for 2016 Top Franchises from Entrepreneur's Franchise 500 List. It is always great to see that we are part of a company that is truly about growth in business by providing great work, excellent community connections and professional communications for both residential and professional emergency needs.

This list included but wasn't limited too:





Dunkin Donuts

Anytime Fitness

ACE Hardware

Jack in the Box

And many more.

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Top 5 Reasons Water Damage Restoration Claims are Denied in Anaheim

1/29/2016 (Permalink)

The following is a list of the most common causes for denial that we encounter here in southern california.

1Long term damage. Most homeowners policies will cover a sudden and accidental escape of water. This can be caused by a pin hole leak in a pipe. A sink or toilet that over flows due to a stoppage in the drain or bowl. A toilet supply hose that bursts. Hot water heater that bursts. Cast iron or ABS drain line crack and other similar sudden accidental escapes of water. However, most people do not know that a small drip under the dishwasher or a leaking angle stop valve that causes damage over a long period of time is not covered by most homeowners insurance policies. These types of leaks are the most damaging because they go unnoticed for long periods of time until suddenly someone notices a musty odor, or some mold like staining. At which point its to late. The damage has been done and there is no insurance coverage. This type of denial happens more often than any of the others combined. So make it a regular routine to check those angle stops and supply lines for leaks, drips or corrosion of the pipes. After all an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

2. Late reporting. This goes hand in hand with long-term damage. The longer you wait to turn in a claim the more the water is eating away at the building materials and finishes of your home. Most insurance policies require that a homeowner mitigate (fancy word for try to minimize) their damages. Which means if you have wet flooring or cabinetry and decide to just wipe up the water that you can see with a towel and assume everything will be fine you may lose out on potential coverage. Water Damage can cause mold growth, wood rot and other microbial amplification. Some of the additional policy coverage for mold and bacteria amplification could no longer be available to you if you decide to wait!

3Ground or Rising water. Typically homeowners insurance does not cover flooding or ground water issues. Flooding would be caused by water outside the home steadily rising until it reaches a level high enough to enter your home. This may be caused by heavy rain fall, improper drainage or ground water issues such as a spring under the home or a neighbors over watering. Sometimes leaves get lodged in the drainage system during the fall then the heavy rains cause the water to back up into areas it shouldn’t.

4Construction Defects. Your homeowners insurance may not cover the shoddy work performed by your discount handyman. Often time in an effort to save costs on showers, plumbing fixture installations, roofing and other problems. Homeowners may select to use a handyman or a friend of the family. Everything may appear fine and even look great until you find out its leaking water or wasn’t constructed properly in the first place. This can be a difficult situation. Always use licensed, insured and bonded contractors to perform work on your home. If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.

5. No resulting damage. This sound silly right? Why would anyone report a water damage claim if they didn’t have any damage in the first place? Here in California majority of homes are a slab on grade type construction. Which means the ground (dirt) is graded, the plumbing is laid in the ground and then a concrete slab is laid right over the top of the grading (generally speaking). One of those pipes may spring a leak under the home causing water to escape under the home. Sometimes these are detected by the homeowner or occupant because of loss of water pressure or a hissing noise coming from the wall or floor. Sometimes the occupant may notice hot flooring or tile, in the case of a hot water pipe leak. The water however just dissipates into the ground, not affecting any of the building materials. When the homeowner finds out how much it is going to cost to reroute the under ground plumbing, or even jack hammer into the flooring and concrete to access and fix the leak, a call is made to the insurance company to cover those cost. In certain situations those costs may be covered. However, in order for those costs to be covered resulting damage must have occurred. What does this mean? It means that the water that escaped must have affected one or more of the building materials. (i.e. Flooring, Drywall, Framing, Cabinetry, baseboard etc.) If none of those materials are affected, then the claim may be denied.

If you have any questions regarding these situation or would like and estimate for the cost of restoring you water damaged home please do not hesitate to contact SERVPRO of Laguna Beach / Dana Point / Aliso Viejo / Anaheim West for a free consultation. SERVPROLagunaBeach.com SERVPRODanaPoint.com SERVPROAnaheimWest.com

Kitchen Water Damage Restoration in Orange

3/5/2014 (Permalink)

A kitchen fully restored means, to us, a customer fully satisfied, which is the end goal for SERVPRO of Anaheim West.

When a customer came home to a broken pipe in his brand new kitchen he felt helpless. He immediately called SERVPRO of Anaheim West to clean dry and rebuild the damage. Upon arrival, SERVPRO of Anaheim West had extractors, air movers and dehumidifers to help get the affected area dried out. We used our years of experience and most current to date technology to make sure we left no corner un-checked. Moisture meters in hand, we were able to locate the areas affected beyond what was visible to the naked eye. We helped the home owner walk through every step to ensure he felt comfortable with every turn of the road to restoration. 2 weeks later the entire home looked even better than it had before and the home owner has since called upon us for help for general cleaning of both his home and his various properties through out the Orange County area.

If you should find yourself in a similiar situation, please give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call at (714)-533-1989 or contat us here.

Hotel Fire Causes Damage to 44 Rooms in Anaheim!

2/4/2014 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire & Water Damage

When small fire in a Hotel room caused a fire sprinkler to go off on the 10th floor. Water affected a total of 44 rooms. The Hotel manager did not think any one company could handle the damage so she called three companies out to clean up the mess. After seeing the show of force and response that SERVPRO provided the Hotel quickly awarded SERVPRO the contract for all of the affected rooms. The Hotel Manager was so happy with the worker she said "even the guests are giving your crews compliments"!


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