Commercial Photo Gallery

Office facility with water damaged the hallways. Dehumidifiers and air movers are removing moisture from the affected area.

Concentration of Air Flow

The water damage in this Anaheim office building has affected materials in large open spaces. 

By placing the tents over these affected areas and concentrating the air to flow into those spaces it sped up the drying process.

Extracting water from carpets

SERVPRO of Anaheim West has all the proper equipment to remove standing water from any surface! We train our employees to take care in using the proper equipment to get the job done right! 

Hotel water loss

After this Anaheim hotel was affected with a pipe busting in one of its bathrooms, they called our team in to come in and start the drying process. After setting air movers and dehumidifiers and monitoring them for 3 days, it was back to normal dry standards.

Duct Cleaning in California

This is a church our team was called to help clean the duct works. We have the equipment and training to make sure the air quality is at the best level for commercial facilities.

Commercial Water Loss

Our drying equipment is properly placed on this water loss. We responded after a call came in for significant water damage in this commercial facility. We extracted and placed equipment immediately.

Commecial Fire & Water Damage Cleanup

When a small kitchen fire caused damage to a 14 story hotel in Anaheim, CA we responded with a show of force. With over 115 employees we got the entire project clean, dry and ready to re open in 5 days. We weren't just about being quick, but also being correct in the process of how we helped. Fire is more than fire most of the time in businesses, it also usually includes water. See more about this and other type of fires here.

Flooded dentist's office.

Tustin Dental Office Clean Up

When a dentist's office flooded in Tustin, he knew exactly who to call. From the emergency extraction and dehumidification to the asbestos abatement and restoration. One call took care of it all. Let the professionals at SERVPRO help you make it "Like it never even happened."

Disaster Recovery Team Ready

The newest baby of the family. This trailer will be stocked and ready to go at a moments notice for any large disaster in an office or home community. Besides looking good for our job, we also come prepared for with the latest technology for any job we can encounter. See more about us regarding the most up to date technology and equipment in the water damage and drying industry here.

SERVPRO vehicles parked outside hotel.

SERVPRO of Anaheim West Helps with Large Loss

When a fire took place at this hotel over the weekend, it was disaster meets disaster. The quickest way to put out a fire is with water, so the fire damages soon met water damages. SERVPRO of Anaheim West was able to assist in the water drying, the fire damages, contents pack out and pack back. We were able to assist to making it look "Like it never even happened".